ethiconnect for kids! ethiconnect: a gift- of kids, from kids,… to the world!

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  • Ethiconnect for Kids! Ethiconnect: A Gift- Of kids, from kids, to the World!
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  • Why Ethiconnect? A note from a grown-up Some of the adults in the world believe that were not doing a very good job of taking care of the world. The world will be yours for a long time and we think that its fair for you to have a say in what happens to the world. Some adults have been talking about a global ethic. This is kind of a pact-- for people to agree to treat other people the way that theyd want to be treated (like the Golden Rule). The problem is that it is only adults that are talking about this global ethic and a lot of times adults are way too, well adult. Sometimes, we forget some of the most important things and sometimes we are so busy that we feel overwhelmed and sometimes were just so used to the way that things are that we cant see that they dont have to be that way. Sometimes we forget that there is magic in the world. A lot of times we think that we know whats best and we know how to protect and care for our children. But a lot times we dont and some of us really want to tell you the truth about that. We need your help and the world needs your help. If you kids decide that you can show the world that you are one group of children across the whole planet and that that group of kids is your family too. then you will grow-up knowing a different truth than the adults now do. And like the rainbow, which some say is only an illusion, that truth will change the world. All that you have to do is try your best and believe in the connection between you and all of the other kids in the world. Some of you may understand this and some of you may not. You can be part of ethiconnect whether you think you understand it or not. You only have to be willing to try!
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  • Ethiconnect: Just the Basics Ethiconnect is the an invitation: From two kids To all children on earth To form the largest group of kids in the world To have the power to change the world To do something about what you see is not good in the world To ensure the world has the one thing that you most need To protect the earth for when you are grown-up To do something interesting right now! To help you be the person that you want to be
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  • First, Lets Talk about Rainbows! We are going to use rainbows to help you understand and to remember some important things about Ethiconnect. Ethiconnect is just a word that we came up with to describe a pact between kids all over Earth to belong to the largest group of kids in the world. All the kids on the planet are invited! The Ethi part stands for the word ethics. Ethics is kind of a grown-up word that means how people think we should behave. Did you know that no two people see or can see the same rainbow? It looks different to every single person who sees it, depending on exactly where your eyes are when you see it. So even if someone is standing right next to you when youre looking at a rainbow, they see a slightly different rainbow. That word, ethics, is a lot like rainbows in that way. Everyone has a different meaning for ethics. Not even a dictionary can tell you what ethics really are because each person has their own definition and they are all a little (and sometimes a lot) different from one another. The most important part of the word Ethiconnect is connect. Im sure that you know what connect means even though you may never have really thought about it. A connection takes one thing and attaches it to another, right? The Rainbow is a connection or at least shows a connection! It shows the connection between three things-- sunlight, water and air. This is why we chose the rainbow as a symbol of the connection between children all over the world. The beautiful colors of rainbow show how magical connections can be. We will talk about those colors too and how the magic of those colors is just like the magic that you have! One more very important thing about rainbows that has to do with Ethiconnect is that its what you believethat makes it real! Some people say that rainbows are only an illusion. Do you believe that? Some people will say that a connection of kids all over the world is an illusion-- or even that its impossible. We dont think so. We think that If youre willing to try, we can show those people that we have the power to change the world! Even if you dont understand all of the ideas were going to talk about, or if you are not sure about whether this can be real, we hope that youll be willing to try anyway. Thats truly all that you can do-- be wiling to never stop trying.
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  • Taking Apart the Rainbowjust for a minute! Ok It gets a little harder here but dont worry! You can take your time and read this many times if you need to and if you have someone to talk with about this, that would be great! And remember all you have to do is keep trying. We promise that one day you will understand even if you dont right now. And, if you do understand now, you will probably understand it differently as you get older. (you see it differently every time you look at it just like a rainbow!) Were just going to talk about the three things that are connected in a rainbow. Do you remember them? Sunlight, water and air. Ok, Think of these parts of the rainbow as being those things in life that are free and that you cant touch. Think of Sunlight as all the best ones! Some that we thought of are love, joy, laughter, kindness, acceptance, smiles, sharing. Can you think of more? There are lots and lots of them. Think of Rain as the worst like meanness, hatred, fear, hunger, loneliness, pain. There are a lot of these too. And then theres Air. Think of Air as all of the in-between stuff. Everything else. Theres probably a lot of in- between stuff that doesnt seem really good or really bad to you. Were going to think of this as air. Are you Confused? You dont have to remember this to be a part of Ethiconnect. When we were trying to even understand what we would like to see happen in the world, it was hard! And it was even harder to put into words. Then we realized that there were lots of things about rainbows that somehow gave a picture of what we were trying to say. Once we had tied our thoughts together with the picture of the rainbow, we could understand it better. Were hoping that by having a picture of a rainbow in your mind, youll be able to understand and remember ethiconnect more easily. You can come back and read this any time you want if you forget. Just like the rainbow shows the beauty of the connection between air and rain and sunlight, we believe Ethiconnect will show the beauty of the connection between the BEST things and the WORST things and all the other things in life that are free and that we cannot touch.
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  • The Rain We just wanted to say a couple of things about rain. These helped us to understand some things about the bad things in our world and why they have to be a part of Ethiconnect even though we wanted Ethiconnect to be just a good thing. Heres the deal! There cant be a rainbow without the rain. There has to be water in the air to reflect the light in order to make a rainbow. Remember that were using rain to be the picture of the bad stuff in life for Ethiconnect. This means that there cant be ethiconnect without the bad things in life. { It seems to be part of the deal for everyone! } Also, rain drops are not all one shape or size. In fact they are all different shapes and sizes and they are always moving. This means that the bad stuff in life doesnt look one way. No one can say exactly what bad looks like. It always looks different to different people and even the same person sees the bad stuff as being something different at different times in their life.
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  • The Sunlight! Yeah! Sunlight is only out about half of the day on most parts of the planet. But when you go to bed at night, wed bet that you still know that the sun is out there and will shine again (even if the clouds block it) the next day. We do. And, we know that even when its pitch dark where we are, somewhere in the world there are kids playing in the sunlight! Again, were thinking about sunlight as the best free things in life that you cant touch. So, even during times that we cant see very many really good things out there, we can trust that, like the sun that gives the light, the source of them is all around, all day, every day. And that somewhere, other kids in our group who are connected to us are seeing them.
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  • Heres the Action! Finally! The Ethiconnect Pact: 2 Steps 1.Think about what sunlight you most need in your life right now remember this is something that is free and that you cannot touch! You are going to ask yourself this question every day. Are you willing to do this? It is important! We will talk about why it is important very soon. HINT: (This need might change all the time or it might stay the same your whole life! As long as you ask yourself the question each day what do I most need?, it is ok either way) And, you can ask yourself many times each day if you want to. We think there are good reasons to. 2. Try your best every day to GIVE that sunlight to the world! Thats right! We said GIVE. So, youre actually going to figure out what you really, really need in this world. And then, instead of trying to go get it from other people. You are going to try your hardest to give it away in the world. At this point, you might think that this is really strange! But please give it a try. We wouldnt ask you do this if it wasnt important!
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  • Its time for the Colors! All of this talk of rainbows and not one sentence about the magical colors. We saved this for the end because we knew that you