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Esteeming & Empowering Environments Goals. Philip Collett Founder and MD GOALS UK cic Twitter @ Voiceofgoalsuk G helping people to become independent . Who are we?. one of largest providers of resilience and emotional wellbeing training and consultancy in the UK - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>The Work Programme</p> <p>Esteeming &amp; EmpoweringEnvironments Goals</p> <p>Philip CollettFounder and MDGOALS UK cicTwitter</p> <p>1</p> <p>Ghelping people to become independent 2Who are we? one of largest providers of resilience and emotional wellbeing training and consultancy in the UK supporting many prime and sub-contractors to deliver employment programmes 23 years experience with staff and hardest-to-help groups of clients experience of what works and what doesnt!over 180,000 people benefited from GOALS 900+ group trainers licensed in UK over 9000 staff trained </p> <p>Who do we support? </p> <p> Charities and training Providers Colleges 80 Prisons and YOIs Police IOMs Local Councils and regeneration organisations Leaving care / Connexions New Deal/Work Programme providers JCP Housing Associations</p> <p>4Long term Unemployed/Disabled ESA</p> <p>Lone Parents/ Troubled familiesOffenders &amp; ex-offenders Who do we work with? </p> <p>Clients and staff working with: - Homeless </p> <p>Disadvantaged young people Drug and/or alcohol issues 5Commonality Low Self-esteem/Resilience - 75% sufferNot taking responsibility Mental health challenges often low grade and undiagnosedReceiving more than contributingFear staff and clients</p> <p>6Where are we now individuals too often failing/being failed value of work underestimated school a painful experience fear of learning prison 70% re-offending 250,000 people on probation cynical media bad news/soaps tougher sanctions In Work ConditionalityWork Programme returners Onslaught no where to hide</p> <p>Deep fault lines in the fabric of society people are isolated, alienated and scared lack of healthy role models old certainties diminishing - a secure job, family support, sense of community blame culture (whiplash 300% rise 3 yrs) WCA appeals up from 68k to 250k -80m low aspirations learned helplessness - dependency benefit culture safety net/safety blanket </p> <p>8Deep fault lines contd immediate gratificationUNICEF research UK one of worst countries in developed world for young people to grow up 48% men 43% women will be obese by 2030 approx 100,000 troubled families low levels of emotional resilience higher targets and cost cutting</p> <p>Mental Health challenges 1 in 4 of us will have some sort of mental health problems in one yearMixed anxiety and depression most common disorder in UK50% people with common mental disorder recover within 18 months Long term sick and unemployed - much worse IAPT waiting listsdeep seated psychological problems needing proven psychological solutions</p> <p>Mental Health challenges over 70% prison population have 2 or more mental health disordersmale prisoners 14 x female 35 x suicide most common cause of death in men under 35 huge investment in skills SFA very little investment in Mental Wellbeing despite good evidence</p> <p>Staff taking brunt of PBR unrealistic caseloads cherry picking high burn out/staff turnover higher targets and cost cutting well meaning rescuing often rescuing need for tough love proven psychological solutions and healthy staff</p> <p>Hamster syndrome</p> <p>GOALS Model </p> <p>14</p> <p>Esteeming &amp; EmpoweringEnvironments Goals</p> <p>Philip CollettFounder and MDGOALS UK cicTwitter</p> <p>15Insanity</p> <p>Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different outcomes!Physical versus psychological</p> <p>Investing in Mental Health and Resilience</p> <p>GOALS as part of the solution the most effective screening tool in the UK fully integrated approach embedded GOALS teams training trainers for group CBT courses training Job Coaches for 1 on 1 consistency message and behaviour top quality training and materials re-engineering process consultancy and ongoing support</p> <p>Esteeming and Empowering Environments</p> <p>Psychologically Aware</p> <p>Placing the clients emotional and practical needs at the heart of operations</p> <p>Esteeming &amp; EmpoweringEnvironments Goals</p> <p>Philip CollettFounder and MDGOALS UK cicTwitter</p> <p>22Buy in at all levels</p> <p>Staff Development Short sharp interventionFor clients Consistent GOALS Job Coaching Senior Management Understanding/Support23 Evidence over 500 young peopleNACRO/SERCO/Catch 22 between 2010-2012</p> <p>64% of Young Male Offenders entering employment or education71% of Young Female Offenders entering employment or education70% of NEETS entering employment or education</p> <p>24 Evidence - DWP JCP Essex and Leicestershire120 clients to date</p> <p>71% Job Starts90% Sustain rate</p> <p>25Motivated to achieve what I want </p> <p>26Positive about the future </p> <p>27Flexible about work (short term) </p> <p>28Ready to work </p> <p>29Ready to work </p> <p>30</p>