Esteeming & Empowering Environments Goals

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Esteeming & Empowering Environments Goals. Philip Collett Founder and MD GOALS UK cic Twitter @ Voiceofgoalsuk G helping people to become independent . Who are we?. one of largest providers of resilience and emotional wellbeing training and consultancy in the UK - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Work Programme

Esteeming & EmpoweringEnvironments Goals

Philip CollettFounder and MDGOALS UK cicTwitter


Ghelping people to become independent 2Who are we? one of largest providers of resilience and emotional wellbeing training and consultancy in the UK supporting many prime and sub-contractors to deliver employment programmes 23 years experience with staff and hardest-to-help groups of clients experience of what works and what doesnt!over 180,000 people benefited from GOALS 900+ group trainers licensed in UK over 9000 staff trained

Who do we support?

Charities and training Providers Colleges 80 Prisons and YOIs Police IOMs Local Councils and regeneration organisations Leaving care / Connexions New Deal/Work Programme providers JCP Housing Associations

4Long term Unemployed/Disabled ESA

Lone Parents/ Troubled familiesOffenders & ex-offenders Who do we work with?

Clients and staff working with: - Homeless

Disadvantaged young people Drug and/or alcohol issues 5Commonality Low Self-esteem/Resilience - 75% sufferNot taking responsibility Mental health challenges often low grade and undiagnosedReceiving more than contributingFear staff and clients

6Where are we now individuals too often failing/being failed value of work underestimated school a painful experience fear of learning prison 70% re-offending 250,000 people on probation cynical media bad news/soaps tougher sanctions In Work ConditionalityWork Programme returners Onslaught no where to hide

Deep fault lines in the fabric of society people are isolated, alienated and scared lack of healthy role models old certainties diminishing - a secure job, family support, sense of community blame culture (whiplash 300% rise 3 yrs) WCA appeals up from 68k to 250k -80m low aspirations learned helplessness - dependency benefit culture safety net/safety blanket

8Deep fault lines contd immediate gratificationUNICEF research UK one of worst countries in developed world for young people to grow up 48% men 43% women will be obese by 2030 approx 100,000 troubled families low levels of emotional resilience higher targets and cost cutting

Mental Health challenges 1 in 4 of us will have some sort of mental health problems in one yearMixed anxiety and depression most common disorder in UK50% people with common mental disorder recover within 18 months Long term sick and unemployed - much worse IAPT waiting listsdeep seated psychological problems needing proven psychological solutions

Mental Health challenges over 70% prison population have 2 or more mental health disordersmale prisoners 14 x female 35 x suicide most common cause of death in men under 35 huge investment in skills SFA very little investment in Mental Wellbeing despite good evidence

Staff taking brunt of PBR unrealistic caseloads cherry picking high burn out/staff turnover higher targets and cost cutting well meaning rescuing often rescuing need for tough love proven psychological solutions and healthy staff

Hamster syndrome



Esteeming & EmpoweringEnvironments Goals

Philip CollettFounder and MDGOALS UK cicTwitter


Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different outcomes!Physical versus psychological

Investing in Mental Health and Resilience

GOALS as part of the solution the most effective screening tool in the UK fully integrated approach embedded GOALS teams training trainers for group CBT courses training Job Coaches for 1 on 1 consistency message and behaviour top quality training and materials re-engineering process consultancy and ongoing support

Esteeming and Empowering Environments

Psychologically Aware

Placing the clients emotional and practical needs at the heart of operations

Esteeming & EmpoweringEnvironments Goals

Philip CollettFounder and MDGOALS UK cicTwitter

22Buy in at all levels

Staff Development Short sharp interventionFor clients Consistent GOALS Job Coaching Senior Management Understanding/Support23 Evidence over 500 young peopleNACRO/SERCO/Catch 22 between 2010-2012

64% of Young Male Offenders entering employment or education71% of Young Female Offenders entering employment or education70% of NEETS entering employment or education

24 Evidence - DWP JCP Essex and Leicestershire120 clients to date

71% Job Starts90% Sustain rate

25Motivated to achieve what I want

26Positive about the future

27Flexible about work (short term)

28Ready to work

29Ready to work



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