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This presentation explores 5 future trends, personal learning environments and challenges that coming along with them.


<ul><li> 1. EmpoweringPersonal LearningEnvironments<br />Zaid Ali Alsagoff<br />http://zaidlearn.blogspot.com/<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Hi!<br />Learning can be FUN!<br /> 3. Contents<br />5 Future Trends<br />PLE <br />LMS Vs PLE<br />Essential PLE Tools<br />Challenges<br />Conclusion<br /> 4. 5<br />5 Future Trends<br />Future <br />Trends <br />We Cannot Ignore!<br /> 5. Social Media &amp; Web 2.0<br />1<br />Connect<br />Interact<br />Collaborate<br />Share<br />Learn<br />create<br /> 6. Facebook Stats (27/05/2011)<br />1<br />16. Malaysia<br />Source: http://www.facebakers.com/countries-with-facebook/<br /> 7. Facebook Users in Malaysia?(11/05/2011)<br />1<br />Facebook Users: + 10.85 Million<br />Penetration: 41.47 %<br />Source: http://www.socialbakers.com/facebook-statistics/saudi-arabia<br /> 8. Demographics Malaysia (11/05/2011)<br />1<br />Male/Female User Ratio <br />User Age Distribution<br />Source: http://www.facebakers.com/countries-with-facebook/MY/<br /> 9. Social Media Revolution?<br /> 10. Openness in Education<br />2<br />Open Educational Resources (OER) <br />Assessment<br />Online Facilitation<br />Credits<br />Teaching<br />Massive Open Online Courses <br />(MOOC)<br />Open Source Software <br />Accreditation<br />Open Textbooks <br />OER/OCW list: <br />http://tiny.cc/r6xb0<br />Open Courseware (OCW)<br />MOOC: http://tiny.cc/2eger<br /> 11. Examples<br />Creative Commons: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/<br />Khan Academy: http://www.khanacademy.org/<br />Academic Earth: http://academicearth.org/<br /> YouTube EDU: http://www.youtube.com/edu<br />Einztein: http://www.einztein.com/<br />TEDTalks: http://www.ted.com/<br /> 12. Khan Academy<br /> 13. Wolfram Alpha<br /> 14. Quora <br /> 15. Social Curation<br />3<br />Today there is a new wave of social bookmarking tools in the name of 'Social Curation', which are empowered with some really innovative collaborative sharing tools to make sense of the overloaded web by organizing discoveries and resources into mind-stimulating topics, stories, collections, etc.. <br /> Zaid Ali Alsagoff<br />Article: http://tiny.cc/5245h<br /> 16. http://www.delicious.com/zaidlearn/PLE<br /> 17. Scoop.it!<br />Create your topic-centric media by collecting gems among relevant streams.<br />Publish it to your favorite social media or to your blog. <br /> 18. OER Glue<br /> 19. Mobile Learning<br />4<br />Source: http://tiny.cc/6wu04<br /> 20. Connectivism<br />5<br />knowledge is distributed across a network of connections, and therefore that learning consists of the ability to construct and traverse those networks... <br />George Siemens &amp; <br />Stephen Downes<br />More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Connectivism<br /> 21. Personal Learning Environments<br /> 22. Personal Learning Environments (PLE)<br />Steve Wheeler, University of Plymouth, 2011<br />Source: http://steve-wheeler.blogspot.com/2010/07/anatomy-of-ple.html<br /> 23. But, what about the LMS?<br />PLE<br />LMS<br />Rather than integrating different tools into a centralized system, the idea is to provide the learner with a myriad of tools and hand over control to her to select, combine and use the tools the way she deems fit.. - Mohamed Amine Chatti<br />Adapted from: http://tiny.cc/ozffg<br /> 24. Alternatives?<br /> ELGG: http://www.elgg.org/Mahara: http://mahara.org/Schoology: http://www.schoology.com/<br /> 25. PLE<br />Where to Start?<br />Source: http://www.pamorama.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/artoflistening.jpg<br /> 26. Example of PLEs<br />A collection of PLEs: http://edtechpost.wikispaces.com/PLE+Diagrams<br /> 27. EssentialPLE Tools?<br /> 28. My Essential PLE Tools?<br /> 29. With RSS You Can Create Your Own Online Newspaper<br /> 30. Ways RSS is being used:<br />RSS<br />Newsfeeds <br />Blogs<br />Wikis<br />Podcasts<br /> 31. Google Reader<br /> 32. Twitter for Learning?<br />Dont just follow ENGAGE!<br />#edchat - Education##edutech - Educational Technology#web20chat - Web 2.0#DistEd Distance education and e-learning#innochat Innovation in education#Lrnchat Learning issues for educators#ellchat English Language Learners<br />http://twitter.com/zaidlearn<br />Article: http://tiny.cc/lp0b0<br /> 33. Looking for Learning Professionals?<br />Here: http://tiny.cc/llihj<br /> 34. Useful Twitter Tools<br />http://monitter.com/<br />http://paper.li/<br />http://twitpic.com/<br />http://www.tweetdeck.com/<br />http://www.polleverywhere.com/<br />More Twitter Tools: http://tiny.cc/jqaqa<br /> 35. Facebook?<br />Facebook is a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, families and coworkers.<br /> 36. Facebook for Learning?<br />Formal Learning (LMS)<br /></p> <ul><li>Course Notes </li></ul> <p> 37. Assignments 38. Quizzes 39. GradesSocial Learning (Facebook)<br />Informal <br />Easy-to-Use<br />Sharing<br />Communication <br />Collaboration<br />Communities<br />Mobile Learning<br />Always Connected!<br />Facebook Legalized for teaching &amp; learning only!<br /> 40. Facebook Groups or Pages<br />Source: http://www.vanderbilt.edu/publicaffairs/webcomm/vu-resources/social-media-handbook/appendix-b/<br />Slidecast: http://tiny.cc/3p5ye<br /> 41. Blogging<br />is an amazing tool for<br />Lifelong Learning!<br /> 42. Blog is the perfect _______ tool!<br />Web <br />Tools<br />E-Portfolio<br /> 43. Integrating your PLE?<br /></p> <ul><li>iGoogle: http://www.google.com/ig </li></ul> <p> 44. Netvibes:http://www.netvibes.com/ 45. Pageflakes: http://www.pageflakes.com/</p>