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  • Growing a Community of Leaders

    Our People, Our Home

    EspoirA publication of Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School Issue 2 2014

    Celebrating Our Youths

  • Principals Message

    Give thanks with a grateful heart

    For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

    1 Corinthians 3:11

    Mdm Teo Ching LingPrincipalKuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School

    This year, the school celebrates our 90th anniversary as an educational institution growing men and women of godly character. We gave thanks to the Lord by organising a Founders Day walkathon in Semester 1, an event which saw our staff and students remembering different aspects of the KCPSS history from its very first days as Presbyterian Boys School and Kuo Chuan Girls School, right up to its amalgamation as Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School. We also celebrated this joyous milestone by organising a massively grand Anniversary Gala Dinner held at the Mandarin Orchard, hosting many notable alumni members, including our Guest-of-Honour, the First Lady of Singapore, Mrs. Mary Tan, former student of Kuo Chuan Girls School. During the dinner, we launched our 90th Anniversary Commemorative Book, which details the many significant contributions and well-wishes of alumni members, every individual an important member of the KCPSS history. We also launched a time capsule with the help of the First Lady, which held the 90th Anniversary Commemorative Book - an important artefact of the KCPS history.

    However, we do not just remember the recent work and contributions vested into the lives of current KCPians. We want to remember its entirety. Indeed, it is an act of being grateful. Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, it is the parent of all others Cicero1. It is this heart of gratitude in which we remember how the KCPian spirit was forged 90 years ago. The KCPian spirit of a dogged pursuit for excellence which saw one of our founding Principals, Bernarr Atherthon, scouring for financial resources to build our very

    first library and Science laboratories, so that our students can eke a future career in the Sciences; The KCPian spirit of a relentless desire to help others which saw Ms Margaret Dryburgh organising Fun Fairs so that students can be given milk for nourishment. And the KCPian spirit of death-defying resilience to ensure that all KCPians receive care, which saw Mrs Lee Choon Neo setting up a counselling service for students in the 1970s, this would be an area of student well-being which most schools had not started offering. And Mrs. Lee did this, and more, in spite of her failing health.

    It is with these painstaking efforts planted into our history that has allowed KCPSS to develop into an educational institution which offers sound programmes to grow every KCPian.

    But what can we do with a heart of gratitude? How can we make our blessings count? It isnt enough to just store our blessings in a time capsule, or to encapsulate our blessings

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    Publishing Team:Editors: Mrs Debbie Chua, Mrs Ravi, Mdm Fazliana Pairin, Mr Ambrose Goh, Ms Tessie Tan

    Reporters and Contributing Editors: Derek Tan(3 Faith), Timothy Lopez (3 Faith) , Rhiannon Mei-Ling Jones (3 Truth) , Anica Onlg Li Teng (3 Love) , Wong Wen Ting , Amanda (3 Love) , Chong Hui-Qi Olivia (3 Joy), Lay Yock Sin (3 Faith) , Kuo Eugene (3 Faith), Leong Tzi An (2 Joy) , Raymond Lim Wei (2 Joy) , Joelle Tan ( 2 Faith) , Deng Xueqi (2 Faith) , Ong Zheng Ting (2 Faith) and Jacqueline Ng Jing Ning (2 Faith)

    Photography: Mr V S Muthucumar and Photography Club

    Design & print: The Print Lodge Pte Ltd

    We should certainly count our blessings, but we should alwaysmake our blessings count.

    in a book these artefacts help us to remember, but it isnt enough. We need to make our blessings count. We need to be the best we can be, to grow our talents so that one day, we can be useful citizens and contribute back to the school and society. We need to grow our character so that we can purposefully and righteously, direct and channel our talents to do good. And in growing in stature, we will not be tempted as our inner compass will remind us to always be humble. We need to grow in leadership leadership of self and others, so that we can make courageous decisions to lead others, to help others. As John F Kennedy in his 1963 Thanksgiving Day Proclamation said, As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. We remember, so that we know how to live. And in knowing how to live, we will know how to give. Let us not allow the efforts vested in the past 90 years diminish and dwindle by being complacent. Let us forge the next 90 years with humility, gratitude and a desire to transcend beyond ourselves to live out our God-given potential and apply ourselves meaningfully to better the lives of others.

    1Marcus Tullius Cicero Roman philosopher, statesman, lawyer, political theorist and Roman constitutionalist. Cicero is considered one of Romes greatest orators and prose stylists.

    Neal A. Maxwell.

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  • GrowingCommunity of


    Leadership was bestowed upon a man who was by nature a servant. It was something given, notassumed, that could be taken away. His servantnature was the real man, not bestowed, and not to be taken away. He was servant first.

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    Servant Leaders in Uniformed Groups

    (The Servant as Leader by Robert K Greenleaf)

    Cover Stories

    In keeping alive our founders passion to serve the needs of the less privileged, we KCPSS students are given several platforms to be groomed as resilient and responsible servant leaders. Traditional leaders exercise power, however, the servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and achieve success. In KCP, we create, in partnership with the Ministry of Education a pervasive culture of Community and Youth Leadership, across the curriculum and especially in Co-curricular Activities. Student leaders serve as role models and mentors to peers within their CCA and through meaningful contributions to their community. Through leadership expedition camps, service learning and competitions we become aware of the needs of our community and are ready to make a difference by transforming ourselves as the catalyst for change. In this issue of Espoir, we have interviewed CCA leaders from some of the Uniformed Groups (UG) to get an insight of the brand of servant leadership in each of these CCAs.

    Haniel Pang was just a follower during Boys Brigade activities. A chance to lead his juniors in the BB Leadership Development Course brought about a monumental change in his attitude. As a shy and timid Sec 1 student, Haniel was afraid to take up leadership roles. His inability to express himself coherently and fear of being ridiculed made him shy away from taking up leadership roles. In BB, everyone has equal opportunity to grow and they always draw on your strengths to mould you to become a good leader. The officers and the teachers-in-charge saw my interest in sports and entrusted me to lead my batch mates in the games during the BB Camp. With the encouragement of the officers, I understood my responsibility and gave my best in planning and executing the games for my juniors. I learned that one should not lead for recognition but for the desire to serve others.

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    Lead ourselves before we lead others Haniel Pang (3 Truth , Boys Brigade Company Sergeant Major)

    S7532799DSticky NoteAdd Caption - Haniel Pang BB Sergeant Commandant is the Flag Contingent Leader for the parade.

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    Cover Stories

    In BB the Boys are groomed to be leaders of the company with the philosophy of Servant Leadership in mind. During the BB Blaze, Haniel learned to endure frustration, disappointment and pain to accomplish the goal. The BB Blaze is where Boys from different companies compete against each other in a physically and mentally challenging, but thoroughly fulfilling adventure race. It promotes characteristics of leadership, teamwork, endurance and sportsmanship. As a leader, Haniel pushed himself to the limits of his will and endured the pain of having to micro navigate through parks, kayak and also run to complete the race. To encourage one another as the race got gruelling and work together to leverage the strengths of my team members was something I learned to do as a leade