equine organism id week 2. equine encephalomyelitis (eastern and western) scientific name: aka...

Download Equine Organism ID Week 2. Equine Encephalomyelitis (Eastern and Western) Scientific Name: aka “Sleeping Sicknessâ€‌ Classification: Viral (mosquito borne;

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Equine Organism ID

Equine Organism IDWeek 2Equine Encephalomyelitis(Eastern and Western)Scientific Name: aka Sleeping SicknessClassification: Viral (mosquito borne; birds are the hosts)

Equine Encephalomyelitis(Eastern and Western)Symptoms1-5 days (fever, anorexia, depression)5 on (neurological, involuntary muscle movement)TreatmentEEE higher death riskSerology (Virus neutralization)Vaccines to preventFluids & ElectrolytesSalmonellosisScientific Name: Salmonella entericaClassification: Zoonotic (bacteria)

SalmonellosisSymptomsDirect contact or contamination (water, feed, environment)Fever 6-24hrs diarrhea (soft, watery, foul smelling), abdominal pain, anorexiaTreatmentIV fluids & electrolytes, bacteria in feces for days-monthsIsolation is keyUntreated FatalGiardiaScientific Name: GiardiaClassification: Intestinal protozal infection

GiardiaSymptomsIntestinesCarrier (contagious)Infected (Bloody/Mucous diarrhea with gas)**Pass to humansTreatmentFecal sample to checkIsolateTreat with Nitromidazole metronidazole for 10 days

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