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Security, Productivity & Efficiency Increase using Enterprise PDM

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Security, Productivity and Efficiency are three cornerstones for any Manufacturing Industry in terms of Success and Profitability. This presentation provides for ways and means to address these challenges using SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.


  • Security, Productivity & Efficiency Increase using Enterprise PDM

  • To-day's Challenges Prevent Data Theft Drawing Revision & Version Control Search, Find and Re-Use Company Data CAD & Non-CAD Data Storing & Retrieving Shop-Floor Current/ Updated Drawing Release &

    Online View Bill of Materials/ Quantities for Cost Estimation by

    Sales & Purchase Departments Supplier Data Exchange & Control

  • How to Prevent Data Theft? Ensure Data Security Control Who accesses What Data Protect Company Intellectual Property Provide Information & Data to employees

    according to Roles and Responsibilities Prevent Accidental Deletion of Files that are

    Critical to the Organization Control Printing & Release of Drawings Protect Data accessed by Employees leaving

    the Organization

  • How to Manage Drawing Revision & Version Control?

    Ensure availability of latest Version/ Revision of Drawings for Manufacturing

    Right Data @ Right Time to Right Person in Sales, Design, Manufacturing, Quality, Material Planning & Logistics

    Remove Obsolete Drawings to Safe Location Provide Expiry Dates on Drawings Automatically Automatically notify concerned person(s) about Drawing

    Revisions/ Versions Audit Report of Drawing Changes Ensure Availability of Older Versions of Drawings for

    Warranty Services

  • Where to Search, Find, Re-use Company Data?

    EPDM Search for Company Data ( Similar to Google Search for Internet Data)

    Prevent Duplication of Data Increase Productivity by Re-using existing

    Data Put Company Knowledge to Effective

    Utilization Commonize Parts across Multiple

    Products/ Projects Information on Demand at Finger Tip

  • How to Manage CAD / Non-CAD Data? Critically Controlled Data Access such as Purchase

    Orders, Design Drawings, Costing data, Quality Issues, Customer Details & others

    2D & 3D CAD Drawing Data control Catalogues, Presentations, Correspondence,

    Spreadsheets, Reports, Animations, Tender Specifications, Customer Particulars Storing, Retrieving and Updating for latest information

    Single Source for All information with Controlled Access with Timely Automatic Back-up

  • How to Co-ordinate with Shop-Floor? Prevent Wrong Drawing Usage Avoid Re-Work and Rejections due to changed

    drawing Specifications View Drawing On-line Incorporate Paper-less Process Ensure Supplier Gets Updated information

    Automatically, if required

  • Can We Generate & Use Bill of Materials/ Quantities ?

    Automatic BOM/BOQ Estimates directly from CAD

    Integrate with ERP/MRP Systems seamlessly Facilitate Latest Data Availability for Costing

    and Material Procurement Teams Segregate Parts List by Cost, Weight &

    Material Types for Inventory Management Avoid Wastage in Procurement/ Usage of

    Materials by providing Correct Information

  • How to Ensure Supplier Data Exchange & Control ?

    Controlled Copies of Drawing Access Restricted by Specific Rights & Privileges

    Automatic Notification of Drawing Changes Management of Supplier Drawings and other data

  • Something Extra? Workflow Automation Microsoft SQL Floating License Customization API Reporting Tools Automatic Back-Up & Replication

  • Additional Value Added Services Dashboard Creation & Maintenance Work-flow Customization MS Project Integration MS Office Integration Crystal Report Customization

  • Summary of Achievements Data Security & Preventing

    Theft Right Data @ Right Time to

    Right Person(s) Increased Team Efficiency &

    Productivity by incorporating a Streamlined Approach

    Elimination of Duplication, Wastage & Wait States in Process

    Peace of Mind !

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