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This Powerpoint was my enrichment project presentation, at Western Connecticut State University\'s (WCSU) 2009 writers residency. The enrichment project is a component of WCSU\'s Professional Writing Program. For my enrichment I wrote, produce, and directed the short film, After the Headlines. After the Headlines, is about a mother\'s struggle to move past her emotional trauma after the tragic death of her teenage daughter. The film is currently in post-production.


  • 1.Enrichment Project: After the Headlines A short film written and directedby Aaliyah Miller

2. Unfortunately the scheduled short film is not ready for viewing at this time. 3. My Creative Process

  • My Inspiration for After the Headlines
  • Writing the script(an outline and timeline)
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production(Still in the process)

4. My Inspiration

  • ATH (After the Headlines) is loosely based on a series of articles I read in the Hartford Courant.
  • Initially I wanted to develop the script as a feature (which I still plan on doing).
  • I found a short scriptwriting contest online in which writers were given a week to write a screenplay 15 pages or less. My genre was drama and my subject was newspaper clippings.
  • After the Headlines was born (See handout).

5. Pre-Production

  • Develop film budget
  • Plan three-day shoot
  • Storyboard the script
  • Find film locations
  • Hire cast and crew
  • Develop scene breakdown, shot list, and shooting schedule
  • Set design
  • Read-thru of script with cast
  • Rewrites to the script

6. Production of ATH 7. Production: First Day

  • Crew arrives and everyone loads in
  • Set-up location (props, furniture, and wardrobe and lights for first scene of the night (this can take a while)
  • Check sound (absolutely crucial)
  • Six scenes were shot on the first night
  • Two locations (AFT studios in Rocky Hill, CT and Kim Dorfmans home in New Britain, CT
  • We started at 6 p.m. and finished at 2
  • a.m

8. ATH Production Stills Day One 9. First scene: The script supervisor checks the talents clothing. News background will be added in post-production. 10. We watch the scene playback on the monitor. 11. Since there was no directors clap board, Lawrence, a co-producer, gets creative and makes his own. 12. Sound rolling.lights, camera, and then action. 13. Tim (location sound) records audio for news anchor scene. 14. I talk to actors about the support group scene. 15. I check out the support group meeting in the monitor. 16. Cast and crew in AFT studios parking lot for exterior scene. 17. Cast and crew watch a playback of the scene on the monitor. 18. Brandy begins to apply Mikas special effects make-up. 19. The finished product. Now Mika has to wait for the crew to set up. 20. Mika patiently waits for action. 21. More special effects make-up for Alexis slit wrists scene. 22. Production: Second Day

  • 10 a.m. call time for cast and crew
  • Eat breakfast and set-up first shot
  • 15 scenes were shot on the second day(a very long day)
  • Our two set locations included Brandy Devoids residence (Claras house) and Black Rock Center (coroner scene, hospital waiting room scene, sessions with Dr. Braxton, and exterior shots)
  • Changed shot list due to rain

23. ATH Production Stills Day Two 24. A shot of the table for film continuity. 25. Looking over the script with Brandy (assistant director) and Melissa (script supervisor). 26. Crew standing by.. 27. I am not sure what Im looking at. 28. Brandy with Mika in make-up for the coroner scene. 29. Mom takes a picture of Mika before she shoots the coroner scene. 30. Mika plays dead. 31. Clara meets with the doctor. 32. Watching the scene on screen. 33. Jaye (Clara) catches a nap. 34. Time to eat, wheres the grub? 35. Alex sets up a light for the final scene of the night. 36. Production: Final Day

  • Crew call was 9 a.m.
  • Shot 13 scenes
  • Locations were Brandys residence, Bridgeport, CT and Kims residence, New Britain, CT
  • Kim made the crew lunch (kudos)
  • Martini shot (last shot of the production) happened at around 7:30 p.m.
  • Plan to log and digitize the DV tapes

37. ATH Production Stills Final Day 38. Clara walks through Alexis room. 39. Jaye with Mika before they shoot a scene. 40. Melissa and I are in Kims hallway waiting for the next take. 41. Alexis messy bedroom (actually Mikas brothers room). 42. Tim caught in the messy hallway. 43. Keith, Elvis, and I watch the take in the cold. 44. Neal and Melissa look at footage. 45. Jaye and I talk about the last scene to be shot. 46. Its a wrap.. 47. Post-Production

  • Footage has been logged and digitized for the editor (with the exception of the coroner scene)
  • The editor is working on the first cut of the film (hopefully it will be doneby the end of January)
  • Ive begun to work with Dmitry, the storyboard artist, on the artwork for the DVD cover
  • I may need to re-shoot some scenes for continuity and better production value.
  • Develop a media kit for film festival submissions

48. 49. THE END.. FOR NOW