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  • 7/26/2019 Engineer's Guide to Canbus


    Sensor-Technik UKThe CANbus Technology, Pressure and Force Measurement Spec ia l is t

    The EngineersGuide to CANbus

  • 7/26/2019 Engineer's Guide to Canbus


    21st Century vehicles where modular

    sensors and controls are connected to a

    network ba ckbone a re now poss ible

    thanks to the w ide ly us ed CANbus . You

    ca n throw aw ay the wiring loom and

    replac e it with two wires! S mart ga uges

    and sensors can be directly connected to

    the CANbus. Control modules can

    rea d/send da ta, display sys tems ca n

    rea d/log da ta a nd b eca use it is a

    netw ork, it is irreleva nt wh ere

    compo nents a re phys ica lly loca ted.

    Information display panels show the

    driver/ope rator wha t he need s to know.Log g ing of informa tion feed s the se rvice

    sys tem a nd pane ls display information

    where req uired, for example next to the

    valves on a tanker. CANbus also has the

    ba ndw idth to c ope with real-time c ontrol

    as well as da ta co llection.

    Feature Benef i t

    Software set-up Flexible, lower production cost

    Standard protocol Able to connect to different equipment

    Comm unication Comm unicate with other equipment

    Fault diagnostic Err or detection for faulty components

    Data logging No more false warr anty claim s

    Monitor ing Misuse protection

    Memor y Repeat working functions

    Inform ation Operator can make decisionsImproved logistics

    Electronic controls Better operator working conditionsLonger working hours

    Hydraulic remote No vibration, no hazardsBetter viewing

    Single system Combined controlsInformation servicing, etc.

    Safety Close down facility and error protection

    Standard units International regulations and laws approved

    Fewer mechanical parts High reliabil ity, minim um failure rates

    Standard hardwar e Exclusive to Sensor-TechnikLower cost Reduced wir ing, weight

    Low servicing costs, fast repair

    Data sheets,

    brochures and even

    websites cant explain

    the full advantages of

    moving to CANbus

    Why CANbus?

    Sensor-Technik UK Ltd Te l : 0 1 2 3 4 7 8 2 0 4 9 F ax : 0 1 2 3 4 7 8 2 0 5 6 s a l es @ s e n s or- t e c h n i k . c o . u k w w w . s e ns o r- t e c h n i k . c o . u k

  • 7/26/2019 Engineer's Guide to Canbus


    Lowe r cost production, one set of

    so ftware, one sys tem and o ne supplier

    on a standard communication system

    g iving you flexibility: The s a me a ss emb ly

    can be set-up via the software to

    individua l custo mer a pplica tions without

    having to c hange any ha rdwa re.

    Communication systems: DifferentCANbus co ntrollers a re ab le to

    communicate with each other over the

    sa me b us, i.e eng ine to trans miss ion,

    to the operator panel or to a ny other


    Easily controlled and consistently

    precise w ork: C AN Controllers c a n b e

    linked together. For example, a controller

    on one vehicle can talk to another youca n a dd mac hinery on a trac tor and it will

    wo rk tog ether. Repe a t wo rking functions

    ca n be logg ed b y simple se lection,

    g iving hig h repea tab le q uality of work.

    Better operator working conditions and

    long er working hours: P ush s witches a nd

    joysticks replace heavy or difficult levers,

    g iving be tter driver comfort and be tter

    viewing as valve blocks, pipes etc areelimina ted from the c a b. No vibration,

    mechanical shocks, fatigue, white finger

    etc., and the operator interfa ce c an b e

    se t up to individua l applica tions .

    Reduced mechanical components,

    minimum fa ilures: As the o perator pa nel

    electronically talks to the controller, the

    removal of the hydraulics in the driver

    ca b ca n be a chieved des irab le as new

    European regulations come into force.

    The c ontroller ca n be mounted close to

    the hydraulic system, allowing pipework

    to be reduced.

    Elimina ting being in the wrong pla ce ;

    remote view ing : C ANbus ca n b e linked

    with other equipment such as remote

    controls, video ca meras and GP S

    (Global Positioning System) to track a

    vehicle a nd to ens ure it only wo rks whereit has b een a lloca ted.

    Information the key to improvement

    and sa ving money: C ANbus ca n bring

    together several systems, such as

    weighing systems, information logging,

    sta tistics , s ervicing reports, time per job

    and others.

    Fast a nd low cos t servicing a ndba ckup: No mo re w a sted investig ation

    into why a vehicle has a problem; the

    fault diag nos tic with c omplete error

    mes sa g e w ill hig hlig ht the problem and

    its also available by mobile telephone.

    Low cost servicing, fewer warranty

    claims: S a fety features/error d etec tion

    can b e ad ded to ensure eq uipment

    cannot be overloaded or misused andonly co rrect co mma nds are executed. In

    the event of misuse the process will be

    stopped and logged.

    High reliability where it counts, use of

    standa rd s ensors at low c ost, no need

    for special senso rs or new technology:

    The input/output mo dules a llow you to

    use yo ur alrea dy proven sens ors which

    are tried and tested although yo u ca n

    of co urse c omb ine them with up-to-da te

    CANbus sens ors too!

    M aking the move to

    bus-based control is

    a big step, but it

    neednt be a difficul t

    one. Whether you

    need fully approved

    components with a

    proven track recordor com plete system

    designs, we can

    meet your

    requirements. And

    well be with you

    every step of the way

    The bene f i t s of CANbus

    Te l : 0 1 2 3 4 7 8 2 0 4 9 F ax : 0 1 2 3 4 7 8 2 0 5 6 s al e s @ s e ns o r- t e c h n i k. c o . uk w w w . se n so r- t e c h n i k. c o . u k Sensor-Technik UK Ltd

  • 7/26/2019 Engineer's Guide to Canbus


    CANbus co ntrol units a nd HMIs (Huma n

    Machine Interfaces) are used in a wide

    variety o f functions in mo bile a nd

    sta tiona ry ap plica tions . Via the va rious

    co nfig urable inputs a nd outputs it is

    pos sible to c onnec t all types of se nsors

    a nd a ctuators d irectly to the co ntrol

    unit; the us er-prog ramme d co ntroller

    monitors the sys tem inputs a nd allowseither clos ed loop or open loop control

    of the outputs. This w a y, compo nents

    suc h as proportiona l valves c a n be

    controlled directly.

    Tog ether with extende d d ia g nos tics

    functions a nd the C AN interfa ce , the

    system offers unmatched in-service

    fac ilities . In ca se of failure (suc h a s

    broken c a bles or sho rt circuits) it a llow susers to restore the vehicle to safe

    co nditions and provides service sta ff

    with the right tools for quick and easy

    diagnostics. With the additional

    possibility of remote (wireless)

    maintained diagnostics, CANbus is

    ca pab le of ma king a significa nt

    co ntribution to increa se d ve hicle

    availability and productivity.

    More and more vehicle manufacturers

    a nd a utomotive c ompone nt suppliers

    a re realising the b ene fits o f the CANbussys tem. This technology ha s now

    reache d a sta ge where internationa lly

    a greed sta nda rds exist, so that different

    ma nufac turers electronics ca n

    communicate together. A typical

    mod ern truck might ha ve se pa ra te

    electronic modules controlling engine,

    automatic gea rbox, ABS brakes and

    on-bo a rd hyd raulic co ntrol. The eng ine

    mod ule ha s a sens or rea ding RPM. Allthe other mod ules, s uch a s the

    gearbox, need to know the engine RPM

    to o pera te c orrec tly. The e ng ine m od ule

    will broadcast the engine RPM message

    on the CANbus , and a module

    connected to the bus can receive the

    mes sa g e a nd us e that informa tion. This

    means that the engine RP M senso r

    need only be connected to one of the


    The versa tility o f CANbus mo dules is

    evident from the wide rang e o f

    a pplica tions in which they a re us ed:

    sp ec ia lise d civil eng inee ring ; m ob ile

    cra nes ; a g ricultural/ha rvesting

    machinery; forklift trucks; refuse

    co llec tion ve hicles; stea mrollers; a ircra ft

    towing vehicles; road sweepers;

    exca vators; fire eng ines ; military

    eq uipment; b oa ts; s hipyard cranes;

    digg ers; a nd ma ny others

    Wha t c an CANbus do?Applications include:

    Engine management

    Electro-hydraulicsteering systems(steering-by-wire)

    Hydrostatic drivecontrol


    All control functionsof working hydraulic s

    Transmission control

    Automatic levelling

    and positioning ofplatforms

    Sensor-Technik UK Ltd Te l : 0 1 2 3 4 7 8 2 0 4 9 F ax : 0 1 2 3 4 7 8 2 0 5 6 s a l es @ s e n s or- t e c h n i k . c o . u k w w w . s e ns o r- t e c h n i k . c o . u k

  • 7/26/2019 Engineer's Guide to Canbus


    The Controller Area Network (CAN) was

    originally developed by Bosch for use in

    the a utomotive indus try, but has

    esta blished itself as the s tanda rd b us

    system for mobile applications, and is

    defined under ISO 11898. CANbus

    sys tems exhibit hig h tra nsfer ra tes up to

    1Mbit/se c a nd high d a ta trans miss ion

    reliability. A number of differentcapab