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Innovative real estate investment network franchise


<ul><li> 1. Franchise and Affiliate<br />Program<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Objective<br />Our objective is to expand The Empower Group, Inc. unique brand, proven business systems, distinctive models and intellectual ideals through franchise offices on a national and a global scale.<br />Mission Statement<br />We view this moment in history as a time of great opportunity, a time to be proactive, a time to empower ourselves and those around us.A time to flourish personally, socially, intellectually, spiritually and financially, and to be dedicated to sharing these ideals with individuals of all backgrounds in effort to lift and empower people to a higher standard of their own best selves.<br /> 3. Empower Group is a group of real estate minded professionals with a tested success model for profitability, a management team with a track record of successful business systems, and 55 years of combined industry experience looking to empower investors, clients, and our partners and affiliates with simple, yet proven, strategies and opportunities in real estate. <br />Our corporate offices are located in the Orem, Utah in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, just south of Salt Lake City.<br />We have developed a unique and successful model through our web based system which allows for portability and adaptability into any market worldwide.<br /> 4. Franchise Partner<br />Owns the local Empower Group <br />Global office.<br />Affiliates<br />Assist in building the client base of the local Empower Group Global Office.<br /> 5. Why Franchise?<br />You are interested in real estate.<br />You are an entrepreneur.<br />You have an established network.<br />You are an agent or broker.<br />With Empower Group, you can <br />leverage your own established<br />network and give them a new <br />and exciting opportunity<br />to own real estate in an historic<br />time in the market. <br />YOU.<br />Your Own Established Network.<br /> 6. The Web Based System<br /> 7. Front Office<br />Selling the Business.<br />Back Office<br />Running the Business.<br /> 8. Front Office<br />Selling the Business.<br />Virtual Office<br />Custom Replicated Website<br />Property Inventory Database<br />Point of Sale<br />Joe Johnson<br />(801) 345-5676<br />joe@empower.com<br />1234 W. Main St.<br />Boston, MA 01234<br /> 9. Virtual Office<br />Custom Replicated Website is a personalized local franchise<br />faceplate, backed by the entireProperty Inventory,Point of Sale, <br />Customer Database, Marketing <br />and Training Materials of <br />the Empower Group Global centralized website.<br />Joe Johnson<br />(801) 345-5676<br />joe@empower.com<br />1234 W. Main St.<br />Boston, MA 01234<br /> 10. Joe Johnson<br />(801) 345-5676<br />joe@empower.com<br />1234 W. Main St.<br />Boston, MA 01234<br />Property Inventory Database<br /> 11. Property Inventory Database<br />Provides ALL pertinent and necessary due diligence for <br />purchasing investment property through the <br />Empower Group Global site.<br />Including:<br /></p> <ul><li>Address </li></ul> <p> 12. Parcel ID 13. Legal Description 14. Zoning 15. Estimates 16. Maps 17. Photos 18. Demographics 19. Additional Information</p>