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Employee Self Service HRS Unclassified Leave. Reggie Brown Randi Case Lorenzo Jackson Angela Stuckey. What is HRS? UW System's Human Resource System (HRS) An integrated system for all human resources , benefits and payroll operations across all UW Campuses. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Employee Self Service HRSUnclassified LeaveReggie BrownRandi CaseLorenzo JacksonAngela Stuckey

What is HRS?

UW System's Human Resource System (HRS)An integrated system for all human resources, benefits and payroll operations across all UW Campuses.Went live on April 18, 2011.Electronic Absence Management Module.Full implementation of Employee & Manager Self Service (ESS/MSS) will be completed by May, 2013.What does ESS/MSS Mean to Me?Unclassified staff will now report absences online.

No more paper leave reports for the current month. Late reports will still be reported on the paper forms.

Supervisors will review and verify absence entries.

Supervisors will approve reported absences.What does ESS/MSS Mean to Me?Each division or department will continue to use its current method of requesting an absence.

The HRS Request Absence screens are used the same as reporting absences on your paper leave report.

A leave report is due monthly, regardless of whether or not any leave time is used.

Leave Reporting InformationYou must establish a standard work week for reporting purposes.Your official schedule should include:ClassesOffice hoursOther regularly-scheduled obligationsTime for research or other self-directed work required by your appointmentLeave Reporting InformationFor full-time employees, leave is to be reported in 4-hour increments as follows:

Less than 2 hoursReport 0 hours

2 to 6 hoursReport 4 hours

Over 6 hoursReport 8 hours

Part-Time Employees report actual leave used.

How Do I Enter Absences in HRS?

How Do I Enter Absences in HRS?

How Do I Enter Absences in HRS?

How Do I Enter Absences in HRS?How Do I Enter Absences in HRS?Will have to login again. Request Absence Screen:

Entering LeaveLeave Reports are due monthly, regardless of whether or not any leave time is used during the month, per the UW-System Administration Policy outlined in UPG #10. Employees will report No Leave Taken to indicate they do not have any absences to report.Entering LeaveEnter leave usage for the month either by:Entering No Leave Taken, orEnter leave used on specific days.

When entering No Leave Taken, use the first day of the month, and you only make that one entry.Example of No Leave Taken

03/01/201203/01/2012Enter the Start Date (use the first day of the month.Select No Leave Taken from the Absence Name drop-down menu.Enter the End Date (same as the Start Date).Submit form to complete request.Example of Entering an AbsenceEnter Start DateSelect appropriate Absence Name

Example of Entering an Absence

Enter End DateSame as start dateSelect Entry Type as Hours Per DayEnter 4 or 8 hours in Hours Per Day fieldClick Calculate End Date or DurationClick Submit Example of Entering an Absence

Click OK to go back to Request Details page. If done, click on Sign Out.View Absence Balances Link on Request Absence Screen:

View Absence Balances

Enter a Full Week of AbsencesEnter a full week of Absence on day by day basis:

Follow the instructions to complete absence entry for each day of absence.

The system cannot properly calculate leave usage if not entered using the daily method.What Happens After I Submit an Absence?Once you click the Submit button you do not have access to edit your request until your manager has pushed back the absence.Your supervisor will receive the absence request, and either:Approve: Supervisor has approved your absence request.Push Back: Supervisor has reviewed your request, and determined it requires editing.Employees are responsible for reviewing the Portal to see if your absences have been Approved or Pushed Back.How Do I Check the Status of My Absence Request?Select the View Absence Request History link on Request Absence page.

How Do I Check the Status of My Absence Request?

Saved: Employee saved this request; requires submission to route request to supervisor. *not recommended action*

Submitted: Employee sent this request to supervisor; awaiting for supervisor to take action.

Approved: Supervisor approved request.

Push Back: Employee must edit the absence request

What does the Absence Request History Status Mean?Edit the AbsenceSelect View Absence Request History link on Request Absence page.Click the Edit button to the far right of the entry that says Push Back.

Edit the AbsenceUpdate incorrect fieldClick Submit

What if I Submitted an Incorrect Absence Request in HRS?Reminder - once you click the Submit button you do not have access to edit your request unless your manager has pushed back the absence.

Best practice: check your balances first, by clicking on the View Absence Balances link, and review your request before submitting it for approval.

If an absence is incorrectly submitted, please contact Human Resources for assistance.How do I Report Leave If I Have Multiple Jobs?Multiple jobs, with only the primary position earning leave:Ex. 100% Faculty employee has an ad-hoc position for one month in the semesterReport leave to the primary positionEnter No Leave Taken to the secondary position

Multiple jobs, with more than one job earning leave:Ex. 50% Lecturer & 50% CoachSplit leave across positions, as appropriate for FTE

Summer Session/Summer Service Positions (Faculty & Academic Staff-Instructional only):Please contact Human ResourcesHow Do I Report Legal Holidays?Legal Holidays are loaded for all Unclassified Employees by the UW Service Center.

Employees do not report leave for a Legal Holiday.

Managers do not need to approve the Legal Holiday absence.

When UW Service center loads Legal Holiday, it will automatically be approved.Will HRS Warn Me If I Do Not Have Enough Leave Left?HRS will NOT warn you if you do not have enough leave.The current balance for a particular leave type is displayed on the Request Absence page when requesting an absence.Or, select the link on the Request Absence page titled View Absence Balances which displays available hours for each of your leave types.If leave type is overused, will result in Leave Without Pay.

ESS Employee ExpectationsEnter ALL absences by the 1st of the next month- failure to comply will result in inaccurate leave balances and sick leave may be reduced.

Submit No Leave Taken using the first day of the month.

Enter Absences as taken After the fact!

Review Earnings Statements on the Portal to ensure payments and leave balances are correct.

QUESTIONS?Lets Get Started!SUPERVISORS/BACKUP SUPERVISORS- APPROVING TIMETo log in to the My UW System Portal, you need to go to https://my.wisconsin.edu/On the Select Your Organization page, choose University of Wisconsin Whitewater.

You will be taken to your campus login page where you can enter your campus username and password.Login Page

Locate the Manager Self Service Module and Click the Absence Request Link. This will take you to the Absence Request page which shows any Pending absence requests for classified and unclassified.Choose the absence you wish to approve by double clicking on the employees name. The Absence Details page will appear.

Make sure that the hours requested does not say 0. If it does, push it back.

If you would like the employee to change something (for example, the employee picked No Leave Taken for the month, when in fact the employee did call in sick), click push back.

Approving LeaveApproving Unclassified LeaveIf correct and you approve, click on the Approve button.

You can optionally leave comments for the employee in the Approve Comments Box.

You can also select Deny if you deny this request.

Approving Unclassified LeaveYou will need to also approve No Leave Taken.All unclassified leave should be approved by the 5th of the month.Best practice--approve leave on a weekly basis.

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