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Emperor Penguins. BY: ISAAC SCHEFER Period 1 Biology Miss Confer. Background Information/ What Will Be Covered In This Slide Show!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Emperor Penguins

Emperor PenguinsBY: ISAAC SCHEFERPeriod 1 BiologyMiss Confer

1Background Information/ What Will Be Covered In This Slide Show!In this power point presentation I will talk about the life, journeys and many other facts and information that I may find out about the Emperor Penguin. Also I will try to find out where in the food chain the penguins might be. I hope you enjoy the presentation and enjoy the show!

Mother and Father with The baby Penguins.Size, Height and, Weight Full Grown Male And Female1.2 m (4 ft) tallThey Can Be 66-88 pounds when fully grown.

This is the comparison from a full sized E.P to a Human.Size, Height and, Weight Cont.Baby/Infant PenguinsThey can be 1 to 55 pounds until they are considered to be a matured penguin.Usually they are about one to two feet high before they care for them selves.They eat the same food that the adults eat.

The Diet Of Emperor PenguinsThe diet of an Emperor Penguin Is usually as we know fish. They eat a type of fish that is called Arctic Silver fish. But their diet also consists of krill.

Both of these pictures are examples of what these penguins eat!Process of Mating Part 1Usually there is a giant but very easy search when the Emperor Penguins mate.The males usually perform a type of dance but it attracts the female penguins pretty quickly.When the female arrives to the male she joins in on the dance and they usually continue it for at least another 20 minutes.This is part of the mating dance.

Process of Mating Part 2

After the penguins finish their dance they begin their physical part of the mating process.The Birth Of the Baby Penguin.After the physical part of the mating process it usually takes about a couple of weeks for the egg to form inside the mother. During this process they both will prepare the den/hole. When the egg come out of the mother the father has a pouch and cares for it while the mother goes fishing for about a week. When she arrives the baby is usually born(it is very hard to find their mate after the fishing trip). Now the two penguins raise a little penguin. (Next Slide Part 2)

Part 2When the little penguin grows it is usually kept on a close watch by the parents of the penguin. It usually spends it adolescent time with the parents until the penguin grows up completely and then it just survives within its pack of penguins.

The life Cycle of a Penguin.This picture show all of the steps of the penguins life cycle(from birth to death).

Environments'The emperor penguin lives in Antarctica. They like the cold environment. They live in little dens that they dig from the ice.

Food Chain

This is a picture of the food chain that the emperor penguin is in or the Antarctic food web. Predators The emperor penguins only predators are really humans, killer whales, Leopard Seals and, The Southern Giant Petrel.

Emperor Penguin FactsMales do not eat anything when they take care a their eggs.Emperor Penguins can live up to 20 years.They are only found on Antarctica.Male penguins stand together in a big huddle for up to 9 weeks.Do not make nests but make dens.They have short wings to help them dive.They have brown eyes.EP Facts Part 2Eps have a black head, chin and throat.Eps have brown eyes.This penguin lives in the harshest weather by using its own adaptions.Mother penguins hold their eggs in their pouch to keep it warm.Males lose half their body weight while keeping the egg warm.Ep penguins can fight of one leopard seal together.DocumentariesThe arctic is one the most widely used to make documentaries. Usually they film penguins and all the other animals there. One of my favorite documentaries is called the March of The Penguins.

MoviesOne of the new movies out there is Mr. Poppers Penguins. It is based on an award winning book. The movie is about a person that inherits penguins from his grandpa and lives with them in his home.

Television ShowsOne television show that is on nickelodean is The Penguins of Madagascar. It is about emperor penguins that lived in the arctic and were brought to New York City Zoo and cause many diversions with lemurs from Madagascar.

Websites/ Articles Where I Received My Information.http://www.mbgnet.net/salt/oceans/animals/penguin.htmlhttp://www.aquaticcommunity.com/penguins/emperor/babyfact.phpwww.google.com http://www.buzzle.com/articles/emperor-penguins.htmlThank You For Watching!!


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