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# Copyright 2015 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.Welcome to ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage 2.0)

This presentation is a 4 part story:

The explosive growth of unstructured dataHow modern born-in-the-cloud applications are driving changes in both application development and storageHow this change is creating challenges for IT managersIntroduction to ECS 2.0, use cases, benefits, and new features


Student Guide & Workshop & Internal Training & Confidential Update Dailyhttps://goo.gl/VVmVZ0

# Copyright 2015 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


Total Capacity Shipped, WorldwideUnstructured Data

80%106 EB133 EB71 EB201520162017


Source: March 2014, IDC Structured vs. Unstructured Data, The balance of power continues to shift

# Copyright 2015 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.The growth in unstructured data in this IDC forecast shows that by 2017, of the 133 exabytes in enterprise storage shipped, 80% of that will be storage for unstructured data. That 80% will be made up of both scale-out file and object storage. Todays presentation will focus on how EMC is meeting customers object storage needs with a solution called EMC Elastic Cloud Storage.#TITLE

Scale-Out Object MarketSource: IDC Worldwide File and Object Based Storage 20142018 Forecast, Oct. 2014Revenue (in $B)

4 Copyright 2014 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. Copyright 2014 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 28% CAGR

# Copyright 2015 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.Feedback- Total market numbers rather than object. #TITLE

Modern Apps are Driving ChangeREQUIRE A DIFFERENT ARCHITECTURE/NEW CAPABILITIESMulti-tenantUniversal Access/Geo-DistributedExtremely Scalable Cloud-like Attributes

# Copyright 2015 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.Whats driving this Tipping point of explosive growth in unstructured data are modern applications. Modern or cloud applications have different needs than traditional platform 2 applications (ie Oracle or Microsoft enterprise apps).

Multi-TenantModern applications require multi-tenancy. In many cases the business is operating as a service provider so customers need the ability to manage and report on various tenants while keeping the data segregated and secure. Besides requiring a multi-tenant architecture, customers also need the ability to easily provision tenants and report on usage and service levels.

Universal Access/Geo DistributedModern applications are different from traditional apps in that they need to be accessed from anywhere and on any device (preferable mobile). Its no secret that cloud applications like Uber airbnnb, and Dropbox are designed for cloud and mobile use, but this universal access is driving an entirely new app development model where common APIs are being used to deliver this accessibility. To keep service levels high, these modern cloud applications need to be geo-distributed to get the data as geo graphically close to the consumer as practical.

Cloud-like AttributesSelf-service portals have become a very convenient method to enable application developers to easily prototype, test, and proof of concept modern applications. IT requires a cloud storage platform that delivers this self-service convenience which developers have become accustomed to with public cloud services. The days of waiting weeks for storage to be provisioned for a new application are gone. The popular Dev/Ops model empowers developers to self-serve from provisioning to production and launch.


change creates Challenge


Private CloudPublicCloudHybridCloud



# Copyright 2015 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.This sea-change has created a significant challenge for IT Managers:

1) How am I going to manage this explosive data growth being driven by the cloud?

2) What is our companies official cloud strategy? Many IT managers have elected a no public cloud allowed strategies to keep company data safe and secure behind the corporate firewall. Unfortunately, developers are bypassing this strategy by opening public cloud accounts because they dont have a similar or better company sanctioned option. This is known as Shadow IT

3) As customers consider their options for a cloud storage platform, is their new solution Hadoop ready, allowing customers to leverage their data for it most significant value?#TITLE

Hyper Scale - Sales Out to Billions of Objects Public Cloud-Like Secure Access, Anytime, AnywhereComprehensive Multi-Tenant Management Active/Active Geo-Distributed ArchitectureMultiple Protocol Support REST and HDFS ReadyCompelling Economics Appliance or SW Only (DIY)ECS Hyperscale Cloud Storage

# Copyright 2015 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.EMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage) is a hyper scale, object-based, cloud storage infrastructure which leverages commodity components and software-defined intelligence to deliver a turnkey solution.

ECS delivers the benefits of the public cloud in a solution that can be purchased as a turnkey system, or as software which can be deployed over an EMC approved 3rd party storage. #TITLE

ECS Use Cases

Cloud Modern/ AppsGlobal Content RepositoryArchive

AnalyticsGlobal Namespace

Internet of ThingsSensor data


# Copyright 2015 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.ECS supports 4 primary use cases:Global content repositoryCloud/modern applicationsHadoop Analytics and Big Data IOT applicationsCost Effective Archive#TITLE


# Copyright 2015 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.ECS 2.0 features a host of improvements and new features.

To start ECS 2.0 is now controller-less and does not require the installation of a ViPR Controller instance. In addition ECS 2.0 can now be installed via bare metal installation or with VMware virtual machine. New packaging scripts have been included for a simpler deployment experience.#TITLE

GLOBAL CONTENT REPOSITORYON-PREMISE UNSTRUCTURED STORAGE PLATFORM PROBLEMCant cost-effectively manage or scale storage to support explosive growth in unstructured contentTraditional storage not suited for new Web, mobile and cloud applicationsDifficult and costly to manage data lifecycle and retention policies across archive silos and sites

SOLUTIONEMC ECS Appliance (Object and HDFS)

VALUEReduce complexity and costone globally accessible, geo-efficient archive that serves multiple applications and content types at lower cost than public cloudAnywhere data access All data globally accessible by Web, mobile and cloud apps Enterprise-grade data protection Efficient geo-protection and policy-based retention for basic compliance and governance





ApplicationsTiering, Archiving, Backup

#EMC CONFIDENTIALINTERNAL USE ONLYEMC CONFIDENTIALINTERNAL USE ONLYSituationUnstructured content repositories containing images, videos etc. are currently stored in high cost storage systems making it impossible for businesses to cost-effectively manage massive data growth.Desire for on-premise clouds to manage and store cold/archive data with ease.Newer applications e.g. Uber, Instagram are being written to take advantage of massive data availability, anytime, anywhere through open APIs.Enterprise developers are creating shadow IT by deploying applications in public clouds. Other 3rd party solution not enterprise production ready.

SolutionECS Object Appliance






PROBLEMTraditional storage architecture not optimized for multi-site, mobile access to contentWriting to multiple file systems and proprietary APIs complicates developmentCant access or process large data sets

SOLUTIONEMC ECS Appliance (Object and HDFS)

VALUEAnywhere access - Provides anywhere access to geo-replicated contentSimpler, faster development - Supports multiple industry standard APIs/protocols and anywhere access with strong consistency Unmatched access and efficiency - Geo-protection, active-active architecture optimizes both access and storage efficiency for Big Data large and small files

#EMC CONFIDENTIALINTERNAL USE ONLYEMC CONFIDENTIALINTERNAL USE ONLYOur next use case is really just a sub-category of the complete cloud storage platform. In addition to analytics, enterprises and service providers can use their complete cloud storage platform to support Web, mobile and Cloud applications.

Problem: Traditional storage was never architected for new Web, mobile and cloud applications. They were built for access over a LAN for specific applications. Provisioning and access is driven by IT, its difficult if not impossible to provide self-service access to traditional storage in an IT-as-a-Service model. Writing to multiple file systems and proprietary APIs increases development time and costData locked into on-prem file systems is not accessible by Web-based and mobile applicationsDevelopers find ti easier to go to public cloud alternatives

Solution: ECS HDFS Appliance, with support for industry standard APIs

Value: ECS supports multiple access methods and a very simple geo-capability. Developers only have to worry about the apps, not the ops. ECS is made to support next-gen Web, mobile and Cloud applications. Multi-site read/writes with strong consistency mak


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