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11201 N. 26th PlacePhoenix, AZ 85028(616) 990-3467elvin_chun@yahoo.com

Summary of Qualifications

Led consumer marketing and sensory research programs that led to successful new products for ARTISTRY, ARTISTRY Men, Purex, Combat, Dove, Caress/Lux, AXE, Degree, Lever 2000, Q-tips and Avon brands Expert in the application of consumer, sensory and market research techniques (e.g., photo-ethnography, network analyses and metaphor elicitation to understand consumer insights) to new product development

Quantitative and qualitative research guru in product, consumer and market research

Vast experience in advanced univariate, and multivariate statistical analyses as well as analytics and text mining

Well versed in all aspects of product testing, rapid prototyping, sensory evaluation, discrimination testing, human-centered design, and claims substantiation procedures

Expert in research design, experimental designs, applied psychometrics and human factors engineering

Experienced in concept product testing, package testing, concept testing, volume forecasting, strategic research, business intelligence and Stage Gate/Innogate methodologies

Developed new research tools and methodologies that either streamlined and improved productivity

Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access), Lotus Notes, SPSS, XLSTAT, Statistica, SYSTAT, JMP, Minitab, R, Rstudio, SIMS, Compusense, Keysurvey, IFPrograms, Unscrambler, KH Coder and PathfinderExperience



Ada, MI

Principal Scientist (Beauty, Personal Care)

Beauty Lead in Consumer Product Research group that partners with Product Development and Marketing to identify new product opportunities and ensure successful launches of products that enable ABOs (Amway Business Owners) to succeed in their independent businesses

Developed Rapid Sensory Screening and Prototype Development tool that is currently the standard method to screen product prototypes and to ensure sensory integrity during plant trials (now part of stage gate process)

Conducted ground-breaking research at the Asia Beauty Innovation center in Korea by working with Marketing, Market Research at the global and local levels to identify trends and opportunities that fed into corporate strategy in terms of new product launches and Marketing language

Leading cross-functional team to develop global ABO feedback tool to capture the voice of the ABO

Leading cross-functional team to screen product ideas and prototypes using emotional and physiological measures

Developing new method to identify drivers of sensory liking globally with limited resources

Conducted internal and external consumer home use and central location tests globally

Analyzed data and report writing for all studies conducted

Developed new claims methodology for measuring anti-aging benefits (sagging and years younger)

Part of a team that filed a patent for a portable photo capture booth that can be used in clinical studies


Henkel Consumer Goods, Inc.

Scottsdale, AZ

Principal ScientistSensory

Sensory Lead in Consumer Marketing Insights group that interfaced with Marketing and Product Development to ensure successful launches of new product innovations and line extensions

Developed new methodologies to evaluate fragrance intensity more efficiently and consumer perception of softness

Responsible for all data analysis and report reporting for Purex, Purex Soft and Combat brands

Aided in the development of a consumer advisory board for the laundry category

Supervised two sensory scientists who were responsible for all aspects of sensory, consumer and clinical testing

Worked with Laundry Innovation group to identify new opportunity areas via qualitative and quantitative methods

Developed new methods to screen product concepts and key implicit drivers of product liking

Supported Product Development in all aspects of product testing (e.g., formulation screening, concept-product testing, product benchmarking, fragrance substantivity, product usage, sensory panels, claims testing and pack functionality)

Partnered with outside collaborators (e.g., Arizona State University) to research implicit processes involved in product evaluations and purchase behaviors of low-involvement products


Unilever HPC

Rolling Meadows, IL

Senior Project Scientist (Regional Antiperspirants & Deodorants)

Member of NA Consumer Technical Insight group that interfaced with Regional Marketing and R&D in planning innovation strategy for NA serving as the consumer research and product testing authority

Led projects to grow AXE business to increase body spray consumption as well as identifying new product opportunities using outcomes-based innovation framework

Independently conducted both qualitative and quantitative tests to garner consumer insights that meet underserved consumer needs for AXE and Degree brands

Conducted all product testing (early prototype and final) for male antiperspirant and deodorant categories

Designed studies to support Degree advertising claims and challenge competitor claims


Unilever HPC

Trumbull, CT

Senior Scientist (Global Cleansing)

Member of Global Consumer Technical Insight group that interfaced with Global Marketing and R&D to identify consumer/product insights that led to new product launches

Launched Consumer psychology platform that turns consumer insights into product ideas using diverse methods from psychology, human factors, sociology and anthropology

Worked with innovation teams (Marketing and R&D) as Consumer Psychology expert in designing studies and identifying new product opportunities through qualitative and quantitative methods

Promoted the role of psychology (cognition and affect) early on in product development

Independently conducted applied research studies to understand consumer perceptions of brand and product characteristics (e.g., Pathfinder networks and outcome-based interviews)

Influenced upper management to reevaluate current product development processes

Introduced fuzzy front end techniques that positively affected product development and marketing strategies

Executed varied consumer tests to validate product acceptability and product claims

Responsible for consumer insights and product testing for Global Personal Wash Liquids platforms (Dove, LUX/Caress, Axe and Vaseline)

2000-2002Avon Products, Inc.

Suffern, NY

Consumer Research Psychologist

Introduced new methodologies and techniques to map the voice of the customer onto new product generation

Guided new product direction in color cosmetics based on consumer data

Took the lead in bridging the gap between consumer and marketing within R&D

Used advanced statistical techniques to analyze consumer data and presented findings to upper management that changed marketing strategy

Worked cross-functionally with New Technology to tie in consumer data with sensory and physical properties data of existing products to guide new product formulation and development

Served as consumer research consultant to Product Development and New Technology

Independently conducted qualitative and quantitative research to support product claims and to generate new claims and product ideas

Worked on numerous projects (color cosmetics, fragrance, hair care and skin care) involving the understanding of the interface between the product and consumer

Mined archival data to improve the methodology of consumer product testing


Ph.D., Cognitive Psychology, New Mexico State University, 2000

M.A., Experimental Psychology, San Jose State University, 1995

B.A., Social, Developmental and Personality Psychology with Minor in Sociology, San Jose State University. 1992


Worked with Alliance for Consumer Education 2009-2011 on Heroes of the Health League online interactive game by doing all usability and consumer testing prior to launch

Member of Association for Psychological Science since 1995Page 2