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<ul><li><p>8/6/2019 Elive Plan B and Link for Guest Speakers</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Elluminate Live! (elive) Plan B and Link for Guest SpeakersThese instructions assume you have created an elive session for the entire semester. Dont worry about</p><p>the recordings, they will be listed by date.</p><p>How to set up an elive session:</p><p>1. In your Blackboard course shell, click Control Panel &gt; Manage Course Menu &gt; Tool Link &gt;Elluminate Live! Scheduling Manager &gt; Available for Student/Participant users &gt; Submit.</p><p>2. Click the elive link you have added to your Blackboard menu &gt; Create Elluminate Live! Session. Ilike to set mine for the entire semester and rename it something simpler.</p><p>To get a link to your elive session:</p><p>1. Click the elive link from your Blackboard menu then look for the meeting link you have createdfor your course in the Live Sessions list. Click Modify on the far right.</p><p>2. No need to make any changes. Click Submit.3. From the next screen, click the Send Email button. Send an email to yourself. I like to use the</p><p>subject {Course Name} Plan B. Click submit.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Elive Plan B and Link for Guest Speakers</p><p> 2/2</p><p>4. From there you can:a. Check your email, click the meeting link, and bookmark it. For you this is just a backup</p><p>plan because if you use this link to get into elive, you will not have moderator privileges.</p><p>b. Send the Meeting Link to a guest speaker to join your elive class.c. I like to send an email to all students in the class that includes something like this:</p><p>The primary way of getting into our elive class session is as follows:</p><p>Log into Blackboard &gt; click on the link for this course &gt; click Elive! on the menu on the left &gt; click the live</p><p>class meeting link (this may take a few minutes). If you have any trouble, try the same steps again using a</p><p>different browser (such as Mozilla Firefox).</p><p>Plan B: if Blackboard is down or you have other technical difficulties, use this link to get into our elive</p><p>session:</p><p>Log in as a guest; enter your email address and use your first and last names for the display name, then</p><p>click log in. Bookmark this "Plan B" link in case you need it later in the semester.</p><p>NOTE: If you want to invite someone when you are already in elive, click the Invite New Participants</p><p>button on the toolbar (or find the same option under the Session menu). Next, click compose email</p><p>to send the invitation and link to a guest speaker or other participant.</p><p>Here are some other helpful elive tips I add in a Blackboard announcement for students.</p><p>1. If one browser doesn't work, try a different browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).2. If going in through Blackboard doesn't work, try the Plan B link I sent via e-mail.3. Try updating your java at http://www.java.com/en/download/index.jsp4. Once you are in elive, some problems may be solved by changing your connection speed (Tools</p><p>&gt; Preferences &gt; Connection Speed &gt; choose one higher in the list) or decreasing your audio</p><p>sample rate (Tools &gt; Preferences &gt; Audio &gt; Sample Rate).</p><p>5. If you still have trouble, call the UAA call center at (907) 786-4646 or Toll Free (877) 633-3888.Here are instructions for students to watch recordings.</p><p>Click the Elive! link in Blackboard &gt; click the drop down arrow next to "live sessions" and change it to</p><p>"recorded sessions" &gt; click the "go" button &gt; find the recording you want to watch by date. (You mayhave to change where it says "this month" or "this week" on the far right.)</p>https://webaccess.uaa.alaska.edu/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=</li></ul>