edtech group short presentation, august 2013

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Short presentation of the edTech group in August 2013.


  • 1. edTech Research Group h"p://www.uef./edtech School of Computing University of Eastern Finland
  • 2. Numbers edTech 5 Senior researchers > 20 PhD students Extensive international collaboration network Over 8 M of external funding (since 2001) In average 23 peer-reviewed publications per year (since 2001)
  • 3. Research @ edTech Open & Distance Learning HIV/AIDS Educatio Computer Science Education Educationa l Games Leadership Story Telling & Text Mining Semi-automatic assessment of essays SURA YA UKMWI The Faces of AIDS Jeliot Mobile games in museums, UFractions 1) Minining opinions of customers via Social environments 2) Automatic analysis of customer feedback Smart Design Participatory, Strength-based design methods, Intercontextual design NETAIDS in Uganda Contextualised IT Education, Social tools in collaborative work/distance learning Hypercontextu alised game design Sentimental analysis - Detecting emotions in texts
  • 4. SURA YA UKMWI The Faces of AIDS h"p://www.surayaukimwi.com/
  • 5. Jeliot
  • 6. Mobile game example 1: Bagomoyo Caravan
  • 7. Mobile game example 1: UFractions
  • 8. Tools for special education children The CASCATE project Symbol recognition Story telling Modelling Physical gaming
  • 9. International Annual SciFest - Festival of Science and Technology h"p://www.scifest./home_en.php Outgoing activities - SciFest