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  • First of all, though a little late, let us take this opportunity for wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year 2073 BS marked by good health and humour, as well as by some innovative ideas for uplifting the Nepal Mathematical Society (NMS). NMS is a professional organization established by Nepali Mathematicians, which regularly conducts various activities such as seminars, talk programs, national and international conferences and symposia focusing on the different aspects of mathematics such as subject matters, recent trends of teaching and learning, and research results. We are very much delighted to bring out the 12th issue of the NMS newsletter on the auspicious occasion of its 38th anniversary. This newsletter highlights the activities of the Society and its members during Ashad 2072-Baishakh 2073 BS. In this issue of the newsletter, we have included an interview of Prof. Dr. Dharani Dhar Regmi and a brief biography of Prof. Dr. Bhadra Man Tuladhar. From the past few decades, NMS is actively involved in various activities for the upliftment of Mathematics in Nepalese context. The main challenge for the stakeholders of Mathematics is to revive Mathematics as a popular discipline. So, each life member of NMS has to be active, sincere and convinced to strengthen the capacity of NMS to transfer the knowledge and to build the strong foundation of Mathematics. We are grateful to our valued life members, executive committee (EC) members, members of all the sub-committees, well wishers and other organizations who have supported us in many ways and also for their kind cooperation to strengthen the activities of NMS. At the same time, we would like to thank all those organizations who have expressed their best wishes on our 38th anniversary through this newsletter. We hope that similar support and cooperation will continue in the days to come.

    It is a special honor and privilege to undertake my responsibility since August 2015 as the president of the NMS. I would like to thank our valued NMS members for electing me and the NMS Executive Committee (EC). On behalf of the NMS and its EC, I would like to highly acknowledge the tremendous efforts of our predecessor presidents (D.R. Bajracharya, R.M. Shrestha, R.P. Manandhar, S.R. Pant, H.N. Bhattarai and B.M. Tuladhar) and EC members and all bona fide NMS life members for bringing diversified academic activities and collaborations to the society. The NMS has been dedicated for achieving the academic excellence in study, teaching, research and applications in mathematics. Promotion of the professional ethics, rights, welfare and increasing popularity of mathematics are the additional goals of NMS. NMS has been working in establishing academic links nationwide and abroad. The NMS has been organizing talk programs, seminars, workshops, conferences on relevant topics with its own initiations and in collaborations with other institutions of Nepal and abroad. The NMS, also a member of AMS and an associate member of IMU and SEAMS, welcomes the experts from abroad. It also celebrates its anniversary every year and publishes its newsletter highlighting the achievements. We feel the need to organize more programs on some crucial issues such as the role of mathematics in society, industry and various fields, developing students’ interest in mathematics and simplification of mathematical concepts in teaching and learning. The NMS, ANMA and the mathematics departments of Tribhuvan and Kathmandu Universities are jointly organizing the international conference AMNS-2016. I would like to heartily appreciate the great efforts by all members and wish a grand success of the event on May 26-29 in Kathmandu. This energetic NMS EC team has a vision that, there is a lot more that NMS needs to do and hence targets to increase its activities. The society is open and believes that it will get stronger and more efficient through the feedbacks and contributions of its members and well wishers. Sincerely yours, Prof. Dr. Tanka Nath Dhamala President, NMS

    Editorial Message from the President

    Chief Editor : Prof. Dr. Narayan Prasad Pahari

    Editors : Prof. Dr. Kanhaiya Jha : Mr. Parameshwari Kattel : Mr. Tulasi Prasad Nepal : Prof. Dr. Chintamani Pokharel : Dr. Samir Shrestha : Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Basnet : Mr. Jeevan Kafle

    Editorial Board

  • 2| Newsletter (Issue:12, 2016)

    A Glimpse of the ACtivities of NepAl mAthemAtiCAl soCiety (Nms)

    July 2015 – April 2016

    NMS 37th Anniversary

    Opening Session: l Date: August 1, 2015 (16 Shrawan, 2072) l Venue: Central Department of Mathematics, TU l Chief Guest: Prof. Dr. Hira Bahadur Maharjan, Vice-Chancellor, TU l Chair Person: Prof. Dr. Bhadra Man Tuladhar,

    President NMS l Welcome Speech: Mr. Bam Dev Jha l Vote of Thanks: Dr. Dil Bahadur Gurung

    During this session, Prof. Dr. Ram Man Shrestha, Prof. Dr. Shankar Raj Pant, Prof. Dr. Hom Nath Bhattarai, Prof. Dr. Santosh Man Maskey, Prof. Dr. Hira Bahadur Maharjan and Prof. Dr. Gajendra Bahadur Thapa also expressed their opinions on mathematics curriculum, teaching, development and the role of NMS in these matters.

    Felicitations: The following senior mathematicians were felicitated on the occasion of 37th Anniversary of NMS:

    1. Prof. Dr. Gajendra Bahadur Thapa 2. Associate Prof. Mr. Gyan Man Bajracharya 3. Associate Prof. Mrs. Nirmala Shrestha 4. Associate Prof. Mr. Surendra Prasad Singh 5. Prof. Dr. Dinesh Raj Pant

    General Body Meeting: The General Body adopted the following Reports:

    1. Annual Report presented by NMS Secretary Prof. Dr. Kedar Nath Uprety

    2. Financial Report presented by NMS Treasurer Dr. Urmila Pyakurel.

    New executive commitee members, 2015-2018

    Prof. Dr. Hira Bahadur Maharjan inaugurating the 37th Anniversary

    Handover program

    An Election commission was formed as follows to elect the new Executive Committee: Prof. Dr. Santosh Man Maskey Coordinator Mr. Baburam Chapagai Member Mr. Ramesh Gautam Member With the fare election among the candidates, the general body elected the new executive committee of NMS for the coming three years (2072- 2075). The portfolio of the newly elected executive committee is as follows: Prof. Dr. Tanka Nath Dhamala President Prof. Dr. Narayan Prasad Pahari Vice President Prof. Dr. Kanhaiya Jha Secretary Mr. Parameshwari Kattel Joint Secretary Mr. Tulasi Prasad Nepal Treasure Prof. Dr. Raj Narayan Yadav Member Mrs. Gita Shrestha Member Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Basnet Member Dr. Samir Shrestha Member Mr. Khagendra Adhikari Member Mr. Jeevan Kafle Member

    The following two members were nominated to complete the executive committee.

    Prof. Keshab Sitoula Member Prof. Dr. Chinta Mani Pokharel Member

  • Newsletter (Issue:12, 2016) |3

    Advisory Committee of NMS By the decision of the executive committee, an advisory committee was formed as follows: Prof. Dr. Bhadra Man Tuladhar Prof. Dr. Krishna Kumar Shrestha Prof. Dr. Shailendra Kumar Mishra Prof. Dr. Chooda Mani Joshi Prof. Dr. Kedar Nath Uprety

    Sub-committees of NMS By the decision of executive committee, FIVE sub-committees have been formed as follows: Sub-committee: Talk Program Prof. Dr. Narayan Prasad Pahari (Coordinator) Asso. Prof. Dr. Dinesh Panthi Asso. Prof. Dhan Kumari Thapa Mr. Puskar Raj Pokharel Dr. Santosh Ghimire Sub-committee: Technical Aspect Dr. Samir Shrestha (Coordinator) Asso. Prof. Dr. Gyan Bahadur Thapa Ms. Urmila Paykurel Mr. Gokul K.C. Mr. Ganga Ram Phaijoo Sub-committee: Profile Collection of Mathematicians

    Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Basnet (Coordinator) Mr. Ananta Acharya Mr. Sher Singh Raikhola Mr. Bishnu Giri Mr. Navraj Adhikari Sub-committee: Collecting and Updating the Contact Details Mr. Jeevan Kafle (Coordinator) Asso. Prof. Dr. Raju Ram Thapa Mr. Ishwar Mani Adhikari Dr. Deepak Basyal Mr. Rajendra Pant Sub-committee: NMS Activities Asso. Prof. Gita Shrestha (Coordinator) Asso. Prof. Dr. Ajaya Singh Asso. Prof. Kabita Luitel Mr. Parishwar Acharya Ms. Saraswati Acharya

    The Central Department of Mathematics, Tribhuvan University in collaboration with Nepal Mathematical Society organized a two-day seminar on Recent Developments in Mathematics and its Applications on September 21-22, 2015 (Asoj 4-5, 2072) on the auspicious occasion of 57th Anniversary of the Central Department of Mathematics. The main objective of the seminar was to provide a common forum for presentations and discussions of recent developments in the fields of Pure and Applied Mathematics as well as Application Oriented Mathematical Sciences among MPhil students, PhD Research Scholars, Faculty Members and Scientists. The program was divided into inaugural session, four scientific sessions and the closing ceremony.

    MATheMATiCS DAy 2072

    In September 21, the former Vice-Chancellor of Tribhuvan University, Prof. Dr. Hira Bahadur Maharjan inaugurated the seminar and Prof. Dr. Kedar Nath Uprety , the Head of the Central Department of Mathematics chaired the program. In the program, the two senior professors Prof. Dr. Ram Man Shrestha and Prof. Dr. Gajendra Bahadur Thapa (the Former Head of Central Department of Mathematics) were felicitated for their uninterrupted contributions in Mathematics. In the program, Prof. Dr. Prakash Muni Bajracharya and Prof. Dr. Hom Nath Bhattarai expressed some remarks about the present situation of teaching, learning and research in Mathematics. The felicitated personality Prof. Dr. Ram Man Shrestha expressed his view about the present status of Mathematics and its application in the global context. Accor