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<ul><li> 1. Editing Images ProcessDuring the editing process I change my mind about some of the images Iwanted to use as some didnt turn out the way I wanted them to and othersdidnt suit their intended purposeThis is an image I took at a later point of the editing process when I decided Ineed more images to choose from; I then decided I would make this image theback cover of the digipak as its creative and allows a lot of room for text.</li></ul> <p> 2. I edited most of my images using the same technique and effects. I wanted myimages to have a theme and look as if they link together, and with my musicvideo. This consisted of changing the colour balance and situation of theimagese.g. Using Photoshop I altered my images in this similar patternOriginal picture Picture after situation changedto black and whitePicture after black and whiteeffect and colour balancechanged 3. Editing Process on Photoshop.Step 1:I opened the image on Photoshop and positioned it to appropriate size and position.Step 2:I went to the Image option then selected adjustments, there was a variety of options,but I chose black and white. 4. step 3:After changing my image to black and white, I went back to the adjustments menuand used the colour balance option to alter and add colour to the previously blackand white image, this final result is one I used in all the images, but with differentcolours.Pictures before and after editing.This entire technique was used for all images in the booklet. </p>