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Overview of Eclipse 4.x on the Google Developer Day.


<ul><li> 1. Building Applications with Eclipse 4.x (e4)|Lars VogelTom Schindl</li></ul> <p> 2. About TomCEO BestSolution Systemhaus GmbHEclipse Committere4Platform UIEMFProjectlead: UFaceKit, Nebula Member of the Architectual Council 3. About LarsWorks as independent Eclipse and Android Developerand TrainerMaintains Java, Eclipse andAndroid related Tutorials with ~40 000 visitors per dayStarting to publish (e)books at Amazon 4. Presentation w Eclipse e4 Overvie Modelion Dependency InjectStyling r Compatibility Laye e4 JavaFX and Eclipse Q&amp;A 5. What is the purpose of theEclipse 4.x project? 6. Eclipse e4 ScopeMake development for Eclipse easier 7. It is not making developmentwith easier.Normal developer shouldsee no difference, except... 8. Eclipse 3.x - areas of improvement Testing Consistent way to define the UI Styling the application Easy way to use OSGI services 9. If I only had aconsistent view ofthe Eclipseworkbench 9 10. The e4 Workbench Model Workbench window Menu with menu items Window Trim, e.g. toolbarwith toolbar items Parts Sash Container Parts Part Stack (CTabFolder) Parts Handlers Key Bindings Commands 11. Limits of the e4 application model Only models the Application (frame)Modeled WorkbenchContent of theindividual Parts notincluded in the model 12. The e4 Programming Model 13. Dependency Injection in e4 JSR 330 compatible injectionimplementation @javax.inject.Inject Field, Constructor and Method @javax.inject.Named e4 specific annotations, e.g. @Optional 14. a Jav sClasServices are injectedvia the the e4frameworkpublic class ListView {@Injectprivate IEclipseContext context;@Injectprivate Logger logger;@Injectpublic ListView(Composite parent) {// ... 15. e4 CSS Styling 16. How to enable CSS StylingProperty "cssTheme for extension point"org.eclipse.core.runtime.products" selects the initial theme........ 17. Example CSSLabel { font: Verdana 8px; color: rgb(240, 240, 240);}Table { background-color: gradient radial #575757 #101010 100%; color: rgb(240, 240, 240); font: Verdana 8px;}ToolBar { background-color: #777777 #373737 #202020 50% 50%; color: white; font: Verdana 8px;} 18. Eclipse 4.2planned to bethe basis ofEclipse Juno SDK4.2 still has some issuesAnd there will be Eclipse 3.8 19. e4: Where to go from here:Eclipse e4 Wiki 4.2 Application Tutorial Lars Vogel 4.0 Application Tutorial Tom Schindl 20. Plugins zur Produkt / Feature Fgen sie die folgenden Plugins Ihrem Featurehinzu org.eclipse.e4.ui.workbench.addons.swt org.eclipse.equinox.ds org.eclipse.equinox.event org.eclipse.equinox.util org.eclipse.platform org.eclipse.ui.forms org.eclipse.ui.intro</p>