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CoCo San Sustainable Farm CoCo San Sustainable Farm A Project of A Project of AgLantis AgLantis TM TM Carolyn Phinney, Ph.D. Carolyn Phinney, Ph.D.

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CoCo San Sustainable Farm is a project of AgLantis 501c-3). We are an14.8 urban farm using recycled water. We are a "Green Incubator" on Central Contra Costa Sanitary District. We will be growing salads4schools and the food bank in a high-tech greenhouse donated by AgraTech and teaching high-tech greenhouse management, soils science, water science and other hands on science, and integrating the farm into community college and JFKU curriculum. We are using recycled agricultural grade water and believe greenhouse growing of produce in urban farms on buffer land of water reclamation facilities is going to help with the increasing food shortage on the planet.


  • CoCo San Sustainable FarmCoCo San Sustainable Farm A Project ofA Project of AgLantisAgLantis TMTM Carolyn Phinney, Ph.D.Carolyn Phinney, Ph.D.
  • Northern Waterfront
  • 33-Acre Buffer Land: Aerial View
  • Where Have We Been? March, 2011
  • January, 2012 70 Volunteers Remove Debris and Rocks
  • November, 2013: Green Manure Crop Planted
  • Spring 2014: Green Manure Crop Grows
  • July 2014after 4 yearsa Lease!
  • 80-90% of Ground and Surface Water
  • 868 MILLION
  • Up to 25% of Global Warming
  • The BIG 3 Global Crises 1. Global Warming 2. Water 3. Food
  • Ag & Food Systems Causing Global Warming 1.80-90% of Ground and Surface Water is used for Ag (USDA) 2.19-29% of GHG emissions are due to Ag & Food System (CCAFS.CIGAR) 3. 56% of non-CO2 emissions are due to Agriculture (CCAFS.CIGAR) 4.32% of GHG are due to Electricity (much pumps water for Ag) (EPA) 5. 1.5 to 2% of GHG are due to fossil fuel based Fertilizer production and distribution (UN) 6. 18% of GHG emissions due to Deforestation and other land use changes due to Ag (UN) 7. 28% of GHG are due to Transportation (much moves Ag) (EPA) 8. Up to 40% of Agriculture Spoils between field and mouth (UN) 9.Up to 25% of Global Warming is due to Agriculture (UN) IT IS UNSUSTAINABLE
  • Global Warming is Causing a Water Crisis UC Davis, July 15, 2014 3rd driest year in CA on record More drought years ahead Demand for water at all time high Surface water reduced by 1/3 6.6 million acre-ft shortage of surface water (2+ trillion gallons) (1 acre-foot = 325 851.429 US gallons; 2,150,619,431,400 gallons) Ag pumped extra 5 million acre-feet of groundwater at a cost $454 million Groundwater use increased from 31% to 53% of Ag needs $810 million lost in crop revenue 2.2 Billion Total loss in revenue to California 17,100 Jobs lost (most seasonal and temporary) 428,000 acre decrease in CA cropland predicted in 2014 alone IT IS UNSUSTAINABLE
  • Global Warming is Increasing the Food Crisis Food Bank Serves about 160,000/Month, 28% Children Mt. Diablo Unified School District Serves 3,750,000 Meals/Year, all with produce, fresh produce prices increased about 20% recently Household Food Insecurity in 2008-2010 in California: 15.9% 1 in 8 are hungry; 12%; 868 million (UN: FAO 2010-2012) UN says worldwide food production must increase 70% in next 50 years Yields from rain-dependent agriculture could be down by 50 percent by 2020 (IPCC) CURRENT Ag CAN NOT SUSTAIN THE WORLDS POPULATION
  • Part of a Solution? 1. Locally grown, Urban Ag 2. Close to water reclamation facilities 3. Recycled Water (preferably high in nitrogen) 4. High-tech Greenhouses 5. Bio-intensive, Permaculture methods
  • CoCo San Sustainable Farm: Green Incubator 1. Sustainable Urban Farm in H1 2. Unused public Buffer land 3. Recycled Water for Ag 4. Water high in nitrogen 5. Existing local Transportation distribution systems 6. Low Carbon Footprint 7. Fresh Produce for Schools and Food Bank 8. Hydroponics Greenhouse 9. High-Tech Ag Job Training 10. Sustainable Ag and Food Systems Degrees 11. Hands-On Learning in Science and Engineering 12. Showcase Green Technologies 13. Center for Sustainable Living 14. Replicable Model
  • Sustainable Ag in Heavy Industrial Zone
  • We Cant Use Our Water Just Once: Recycled H2O
  • We Cant Grow All Our Produce in Fields: Conventional Ag Tomatoes
  • Hydroponic Greenhouse Tomatoes
  • Hydroponic Greenhouse Tomato Vines: 6 months Growth
  • Root Boxes, Vines, Tomatoes, Hot Water Pipe
  • Hydroponic Tomatoes Staked with Wire and Plastic
  • Aisle of Hydroponics Greenhouse Tomatoes
  • AgraTech Solar Light Agra Tech Greenhouse (Ours will be 144 X 42)
  • Hi-Tech Urban Ag with Recycled Water (Annual Yield can be 500 heads of lettuce/sq yard)
  • Clad Solar Light Agra Tech Greenhouse
  • Green Job Training: Hi-Tech Ag in Japan 10,000 Heads of Lettuce Per Day
  • TURKEYs Greenhouses Feed Europe 4th in world for fresh vegetable cultivation 11th in world for fresh fruit production Agricultural exports nearly tripled in 8 years -- from $1.7 billion (2002) to $5 billion (2010) (excluding processed food) About 135 acres of fresh produce grown in greenhouses Turkey took steps to boost its greenhouse production in 2000 by drilling 54 geothermal wells in the south-east Geothermal greenhouses in SE cover about 26 acres Europe constantly looking to increase its imports of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and herbs produced by hydroponics - demand is outstripping supply
  • Greenhouse Produce Production in Turkey
  • Hands-on Science and Engineering: Water Chemistry
  • Hands-on Science and Engineering: Soils Science
  • Showcase Green Technologies: Ecoloblue (Pacheco)
  • Demonstrate Green Technologies: Wind
  • Green Technology: Geothermal HVAC Illustration by Modern Geothermal HVAC
  • Sustainable Ag and Food Systems Degrees in Contra Costa County (Designed by Bethallyn Black, M.A.) Local Community Colleges: Certificate and AA Introduction to Plant Biology Water Science Soils Science Irrigation Integrated Pest Management Equipment Plant Identification Crops and Climate Intro Greenhouse Management Science of Compost & Compost Tea JFKU: Bachelors of Science History of Agriculture Intro to AgroEcology Hi-Tech Greenhouse Mgmt Food Systems and Food Justice Food Distribution and Marketing Introduction to Permaculture Advanced IPM Plant Physiology Advanced Water Science Advanced Soils Science Ag Business Ag Law and Public Policy
  • CoCo San Sustainable Farms Business Model SALES of: Produce (CSAs) Fresh Herbs Potted Plants Seedlings Other Peoples Products Other Business Products OTHER INCOME: CSA Membership Fees Facilities and Event Rental Advertising Space Rental for Green Businesses Classes most free; Special classes for a fee Major Gifts Donations Grants
  • Center for Sustainable Living Vision of Architect Peter Vatkov (Concord)
  • Center for Sustainable Living by Peter Vatkov