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<p>Easy Ways to Increase your Facebook Likes</p> <p>Most of you would have visited Facebook today, maybe just a few minutes ago. It is true that Facebook is somewhat addictive and people are drawn back once every few minutes, because they are sure there is bound to be something interesting that was just posted by one of their friends or friends friends. There are quite a few people who have traced their old school friends on Facebook and are in touch with them on an everyday basis.It gives most of us a deep sense of satisfaction getting what are called likes on Facebook. Even when the news is somewhat catastrophic, there is only the like button that you have to hit, because there isnt any sorry button or pity button. Of course, you cant have buttons for each occasion. Today this like button is being put to commercial use and helps marketers showcase their products effectively. So, how does one get more likes? Here are a few tips on increasing your likes in geometric proportions.Some natural methods to increase likes Tagging and Re-Tagging:Tagging is undoubtedly the best way to get likes naturally. Tagging can be done each time you upload an image or switch your profile picture whenever you feel like it. Of course, in case you are not aware, there is a limit on tags, and the current limit is 50 tags, which is actually more than enough. The best way to retain your old friends you find on Facebook is to never to forget to tag them in your pictures. This way, you are ensuring that your image is there on your friends timelines and is present in all further notifications. The best way to get over the 50-tag limit is to remove the tag and add a new image and tag that will last for another 50.</p> <p> In case you are Averse to Tagging:Suppose you dont like tagging very much, what do you do? There is another option called recalling the status, which simply means that any like or comment on Facebook will automatically show up as notification for all your friends. Each time you upload, or change status your friends get a notification. Every comment can be viewed by your friends. Once you change any status, the images remember the changes. You can simply reply to all the comments. Moreover, towards the end of the day you can even undo the actions (unlike the comments or pictures) and like all over again. Some unconventional methods to increase likes</p> <p>Some unconventional or forced means of increasing the like counts do exist. You can get such forced likes from any corner of the globe. There are a few websites that help you get likes easily. These include:1. Addmefast2. AutolikersAddmefast.comis a website that attracts millions of visitors at any given time. You can make use of this heavy traffic to get likes on Facebook. You will first need to create an account on addmefast and either buy or earn some credit points that you will need to use. If you dont like the idea of spending money for likes you can earn points by viewing, liking and sharing others posts and expect reciprocatory actions in return.Like4likeis another such excellent credit exchange platform that lets you earn likes on Facebook. Although like4like may not be as popular volume-wise, it can still generate considerable number of likes for you. It comes only next to addmefast as far as traffic is concerned. There are a few other such sites, though you may have to spend excruciatingly long amount of time on such sites for some meager quantity of likes.Autolikersis a fast way of getting Facebook likes. As the name suggests, it is an auto mechanism that is at work. It works on some sort of code that helps you gain likes on some exchange basis. You may want to create a new account rather than use your existing account for this. This is because you need to think of the security aspect as well when you share access tokens on Facebook, which is as good as sharing your password with a stranger. Here are a few autoliker websites:www.getfastlike.comwww.mg.likers.comwww.fb-autolikes.comwww.fbliker.in Buying Facebook likes is another option:Strange and surprising as this may sound, it is quite true. There are a few websites and software that allow you to buy Facebook likes. One such website is buy-cheap-social.com, which is rather good. This is a secure website with http protocol, and a package of 150 likes costs around $8. If you think it is worth spending that much money, go ahead and buy some likes. All likes are generated by genuine people who have legitimate accounts, and the best part is you can get all the 150 likes on the day you purchase itself.</p>