6 Ways to Increase Facebook Likes

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6 Tips to increase you Facebook Page Likes and improve your Business's Sales Performance.


<ul><li> 1. 6 WAYS TO INCREASEFACEBOOK LIKES</li></ul> <p> 2. 1. ADD LIKE BUTTONS TO YOURWEBSITE AND POSTSMake it easy for people to like andshare your content. Implementlike and share buttons and bringtrac to your Facebook Page.Follow this link to create a likebutton for your website or blog:http://shout.lt/hgjQ* 3. 2. RUN FACEBOOK ADSFacebook is one of the most cost-eective and accurate channels foronline advertising.For a more eective Facebook Adcampaign, consider rewarding theuser for their like. Free giveawaysare always welcome.Once you have built a relevant fanbase, you can use Sponsored Storiesto increase the number of qualitylikes.To know more about sponsored Stories:http://shout.lt/hgjT* 4. 3. BE AUTHENTICUse the same voice online and oine.Your brands personality must be relevant toyour customers and dierent from thecompetition.This will:Foster greater intimacy.Improve your relationship with your customers.Increase loyalty, engagement and virality, whichwill result in more frequent brand interactions.*Remember people befriend people,not businesses. 5. 4. EMBRACE BLOGGINGInfotainment is a building block ofsocial marketing. Becomecomfortable with publishing articles,stories, tips and learn to curate otherpeoples content. Expect reciprocity.Google algorithms seeks to findfresh keyword rich content and willgive your customers a reason to visityour website. It can also helpposition you as a subject matterexpert and reach new customers.* 6. 5. POST AT THE RIGHT TIMEDont talk to yourself. Identify whenyour target is open to listening and whatit is that makes them interact with you.Develop online buyer personas tobetter understand customer behavior.Ensure you use this newly acquiredknowledge to post according to theirhabits and use Facebook Insights toknow which posting times are receivingthe most engagement.* 7. 6. USE EYE-CATCHING IMAGESPosts with images get 50% moreengagement and Facebooks latestchanges enhance user experience bydisplaying larger images. Furthermore,the increasing use of smartphonesgives more relevance to graphiccontent.Use eye-catching images to get likes,shares and increase the likelihood ofyour content going viral.* 8. Thank you!www.stickidigitalmedia.com.auinfo@stickidigitalmedia.com.au+612 8256 3232We can help you increase Page Likes and increase salesperformance. Ask us how!Wed love to talk to you.</p>