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Learn to make easy cupcake and cake toppers for Easter, weddings cakes and more. Step by step guide to making lovebirds great for beginners and children too.


<ul><li> 1. Easy Sugarcraft Cupcake Toppers Six simple steps to make sugarcraft lovebirds, the perfect cupcake and cake topper. Create perfectly proportioned models using my unique Guide to Sizes*(*set available in my online shop) www.annpickardsugarcraft.com</li></ul> <p> 2. Bird BodyTake a ball of sugarpaste (fondant) any colour make it Size D* and make into a flat cone shape. 3. Wings and TailWINGS: Roll out sugarpaste (23mm) thick. Cut a large heart (35mm) across, cut it in half and mark lines, then cut off the tips. TAIL: cut a smaller heart (20mm) across, mark lines with knife blade then cut off the tip 4. Attach WingsUse the two halves of the large heart as wings. Stick them onto the body ball. Make sure they are on top so the head will cover the join. 5. Add TailUse the small heart as the tail and stick to the body at the back. 6. Head and BeakPush a piece of raw spaghetti into the body, ready to attach the head. Make head with ball Size E* and place firmly on the spaghetti. Make a big hole. Shape a small beak with a point and both ends. 7. Beak and EyesPush the pointed cone beak into the hole until secure. Mark eyes (not dots) using black past colour and a cocktail stick. 8. Create A CupcakePlace the bird on any cupcake or cake. Perfect for Easter if children make chocolate krispie cake nests. 9. BIRD VARIATIONS You can adapt the bird model for a variety of cake decorating ideas </p>