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E Dealing with Intense Media Scrutiny During a Business Crisis. For Washington RIMS By Joan Gladstone, APR, Fellow PRSA President and CEO, Gladstone International, Laguna Beach www.gladstonepr.com. Some Cases. County of Orange files for bankruptcy Suzuki sues Consumer Reports - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • E

    Dealing with Intense Media Scrutiny During a Business Crisis

    For Washington RIMS

    By Joan Gladstone, APR, Fellow PRSAPresident and CEO, Gladstone International, Laguna Beachwww.gladstonepr.com

  • Some CasesCounty of Orange files for bankruptcySuzuki sues Consumer ReportsLabor strike stops SoCal homebuildingToxic chemical spills into groundwaterD.A. arrests college coach for sexual misconductMilitary discovers cyber hack of personnel info and many others

  • What business crises could lead to media coverage?

  • What are the consequences of negative media coverage?**Surviving and Thriving in Uncertainty

  • The Good News

    Business crises usually provide warning signs, giving you time to plan

    With good planning, you may avert or mitigate media coverage of the crisis

  • Three elements of crisis communications planningThe Media The Message The Messenger

  • The Media

    Uncontrolled &Controlled

  • Uncontrolled Media

  • You can influence, but not control:Traditional journalistsPrint and broadcastStrive to be fair, accurate and balancedCitizen journalistsTwitter, Facebook, YouTubePromote personal opinions, dialogue and sometimes, controversy

  • Controlled Media

  • YOUR MediaCorporate websiteSocial mediaEmailPhone callsInternal media

  • Use a mix of mediaTo quickly provide persuasive, factual information

  • Product RecallWebsiteDark crisis pageConsumer/dealer letterCoordinated news releaseSocial mediaYouTube how to video Tell it once, tell it fast

  • Social Media

    Build Facebook, Twitter audiences before a crisisPost updates & website link Monitor your social media reputationDevelop internal social media guidelines

  • The Message

  • Messages = Persuasive Quotes Emphasize Factual informationAuthoritative opinionsConcise explanationsEmpathy statements (as needed)

  • On Easter Sunday, a customer told a restaurant manager that he found a foreign object in his soup

  • Immediate ResponseApologize for customers experienceDiscard all but small sample of soupKeep track of all actionsRequest object for testingRetain independent investigator to interview employeesConclusion: no employees at fault

  • Stand-by Media Statement We have found no evidence to support any of the allegations in a complaint filed by Mr. (name) against (restaurant).

    .continued with actions taken We do not believe the lawsuit has any merit and will fight this allegation.

  • Six weeks later, the plaintiffs attorney emailed the complaint to all Southern California media He has had many sleepless nightshe may have contracted any number of life threatening diseases or illnesses

    His wife claims damages for LOSS OF CONSORTIUM

  • That afternoon, the Orange County Register called for comment. We:1. Provided our statement 2. Posted it on the company website3. Informed managers

  • Next, two TV stations callShould a company spokesperson do the interviews?

  • KTLA segmentDirty Dish truth or a way to make money?

    KABC cancelled Your statement validated why we should not run the story.

  • OutcomeConan OBrien jokeNational reader, blogger comments 85% supportiveStory died in one weekRestaurant sales unaffectedSettled case one year later

  • Develop a Q&AGoal: Consistency

  • Media Questions in a CrisisWHAT happened?WHEN did you find out?WHO was responsible?WHERE did it happen?WHY did you chose the course of action?HOW will you resolve the situation?

  • Evaluate the wisdom of answering reporter questions in writing Reduces risk when communicating sensitive or litigation-related mattersYet when public health and safety is at stake, spokespersons offer credibility and build trustInterviews vs. Written Responses

  • The Messenger

  • Spokesperson: A Definition

    A spokesperson is a person who speaks for an organization

  • This is strictly off the recordThis

  • Choose the Right Spokesperson Former BP CEO Tony Hayward

  • In a crisis, a good spokespersonProvides reassuranceOffers critical facts/clear instructionsExhibits confidence

  • Risk Management & Public Relations

  • Crisis Communications Team

  • Crisis PR professionals can helpyou balance many prioritiesand meet difficult communicationschallenges

  • Crisis PR Consultant CapabilitiesCrisis communications plansMeets insurance requirementsSpecific issue crisis counselingInsurance pre-approvalSpokesperson media trainingMedia liaison/spokespersonMedia monitoring

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