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<ul><li> 1. Trip to the majestic cathedral of Durham with Stephen Oates on 24th May 2014 </li></ul> <p> 2. Map of Durham Cathedral 3. Where is Durham Cathedral? Durhams majestic cathedral sits on a hill overlooking a loop in the River Wear. The Cathedral has been a house of pray for 900 years and the site is still their today for visitors to enjoy when going up the tower. 4. What river Is the cathedral on? A: Wear B: Tyne C: Tees What year was the cathedral found in? A: 978 B: 1093 C: 995 What saint was first buried here? A: Cuthbert B: Aidan C: Bede 5. Brief History Durham Cathedral was built in 995Ad as a little white church to house the relics of Cuthbert. In 1093, a cathedral was built on the house of this white church, this became Durham Cathedral. In 1100 Bede was buried after 200 years in Sunderland. In 1547 after Henry VIII knocked down all the abbeys, he ordered this to be a cathedral on the River Wear. 6. TICK the following questions!!!...... Which two saints are buried here? A: Wifred B: Aidan C: Cuthbert D: Bede What year was this cathedral built? A: 1100 B: 1600 C: 1093 D: 1700 Who ordered this to be a cathedral? A: Henry VIII B: Mary I C: Elizabeth I D: King Charles I 7. How many towers are their? A: 4 B: 2 C: 6 D: 3 What year did this become a Uk Heritage Site? A: 2000 B: 2007 C: 2010 D: 2009 Where is the cathedral located? A: College Street B: Kings Street C: Docks Street D: River Street 8. Features in Durham Cathed The main features in this ch St Marys and St Cuthbe Durham has a lay out of d objects and places in the ca The main 2 features are the and Holy Altar. The first pa Holy Altar is the church a second is where Cuthbert h for centuries. 9. Durhams Holy Altar: The Holy Altar supplies the main front of the cathedral. The first part is for communion in church. The second part is where Cuthbert lays and today many people visit this amazing and spectacular holy site. Durhams Chancel The Chancel is the main part where you drink the wine after communion. When on a trip, you can visit this amazing chancel with your camera and eyes. 10. What event happens at the Holy Altar? A: Communion B: Celebration C: Feast D: Show Who is buried near the Altar? A: Cuthbert B: Aidan C: Bede D: Oswald What can you do today near the Altar? A: Take Pictures B: Videos C: Dvd D: Be Quiet 11. Other Features at Durham Cathedral The high end of this amazing church has the choir stalls leading down where the choir sings every Sunday. The stall are located near the Altar and you can also see the vestry where the vicar and choir get dressed. 12. Cathedrals Bells Durham Cathedral has 10 amazing bells. The bells are weighed very heavily and they rang at the top of the tower each day of the year when services are on in the church. 13. Where are the bells found in the cathedral? A: Tower B: Chancel C: Spire D: East End Where are the choir stall? A: Altar B: Tower C: Chancel D: Nave What times are the bells rung at? A: Services B: Guide Tour C: Easter D: Birthdays 14. Organ The organ is the main source of the cathedral. This rings at all services that happen in the cathedrals daily life. Durham has a number of services when the organ is played. The organ is also played when there is reflection time in the church at lunch times on a Tuesday or Thursday. 15. Cathedral Tower Durham has 3 spectacular towers baring the fact of the cathedrals past of Durham. The top 2 towers are the most heaviest and steep of 218 steps to the top to have a view over the city and the river. 16. Gailee Chapel The Gailee Chapel represents the time when Jesus went to Gailee. The chapel also includes the special relics of Bede. Today many visitors can see his remains in this chapel at Durham. 17. What the meaning behind the Gailee Chapel? A: God B: Satan C: Jesus D: Cuthbert Where is Bede Buried? A: Durham B: Canterbury C: Westminster D: Lincoln What happens today in the chapel? A: Peace B: Praying C: Services D: Visting 18. St Cuthbert Shrine IN 995 Ad, the monks buried St Cuthbert at Durham in a little white church. In 1093, his remains were looked at and were buried in a majestic high tomb overlooking the Altar. It stands today in the Altar so people can look at is amazing tomb. 19. Where did Cuthbert Die? A: Lindisfarne B: Durham C: Chester D: Lincoln Who brought Cuthbert to Durham? A: Monks B: Vikings C: Saxonx D: Danes What year was Cuthbert buried? A: 995 Ad. B: 1083 C: 1044 D: 1093 20. Caf &amp; Shop THeir is a majestic caf and shop selling local produces from Durham and the local places nearby. The caf is open from 9am to 5pm. The shop sells gifts and amazing things from your trip at Durham!. </p>