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Duotecno advantages - domotic


  • 1. DUOTECNO Belgian Manufacturer of Automation

2. Historical

  • Experience in the Automation Industry since 1997
  • More than 1.000 projects:
  • Private Houses, Apartments,
  • Offices, Public Places
  • Centre for Research, Development and Manufacturing in Belgium
  • 5 years Warranty + After-sales Service
  • Skilled Technicians DUOTECNO
  • Specialty: Total Integration

3. Indisputable Advantages COMFORT SECURITY FLEXIBILITY SAVE ENERGY RELAXATION COMMUNICATION Home Automation makes your Life much more easy and comfortable, you consumes much less Energy and you increase your Safety to maximum level. 4. Home Automation is the Heart of your Home Doors &Shutters HouseholdHardware Lighting SurveillanceCameras Projection HD, Tele & Multimedia Alarm &Videophone Computer &Home Manager Air Conditioning & Heating Music & I-Tunes 5. Comfort

  • A custom Scenario for every moment:
  • I come Homelighting, music
  • I leave the Houseturn everything off...
  • I want to readadapted lighting, CD player...
  • I want to watch Televisionclose the Curtains
  • I go to sleepclose the Shutters
  • I wake up at nightNight lights
  • Time to have BreakfeastShutters open, coffee machine on

6. Comfort

  • Interesting Applications
  • Automatic opening and closing of Blinds, Curtains and Gates
  • Automatic watering the Garden depending on the Climate
  • Closing Sun Tents at night or in heavy Wind
  • Control the Lights according to your presence

7. Comfort

  • DUOTECNO makes your Life easier:
  • The TOUCH SCREEN, Control Center of your home
  • Remote Controle and Multifunction Touch Buttons
  • Internet: HOME MANAGER with remote Control
  • BOSE interface: a two-way Interface between DUOTECNO and your BOSE Life Style Center

8. Security

  • 100% Security at all Times:
  • Videphone with mobile phone connection
  • Surveillance camera's
  • Simulation of Presence
  • Panic Button
  • Complete remote Control over the Internet
  • Interface between Home Automation
  • and your Alarm system
  • and more...

9. Flexibility

  • Decentralised Memory, independent from a Computer
  • Modular System, always scalable
  • Extremely fast response: CANBUS protocol
  • Adjustable and controllable by the user
  • Auto START after Power failure

10. Energy Saving

  • Unused Rooms do not stay lit
  • Temperature control in each Room individually
  • Air Conditioning stops when opening the Window
  • Automatic intelligent use of Household Hardware
  • One Button: I LEAVE THE HOUSE and everything is switched off

11. Communication & Relaxation

  • IPOD, iTunes & Playlists are integrated in the system
  • Integration HOME CINEMA
  • Different Music sources in each Room
  • HOME MANAGER system: remote Control over the Internet
  • Reply the Videophone with your cellphone + receiving a picture

12. easy to install* easy to program * easy to operate * makes your life easy * no maintenance * always expandable * energy efficient * increases the value of your property * relaxationcontemporary comfort * maximum security *WHOAW ! 13. DUOTECNO Belgian Manufacturer of Automation DUOTECNO DOMOTIC-Bob van Oijstaeijen +33 643 87 09 01[email_address] 6, Chemin des Cougoulins,06600 Antibes www.duotecnodomotic.fr 14. DUOTECNO