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  • Drug Offender Reform ActSmarter Sentencing + Smarter Treatment = Better Outcomes and Safer Neighborhoods

  • What is DORA?A change in public policy Offenders with drug problems are identified earlyDrug treatment options are expanded in the community and in correctional facilitiesCrime is reducedVictims are spared

  • Why Do We Need DORA?85% of offenders have a drug problem that drives their criminal behavior

    Our prison system is at capacity

    Treatment works

  • Drugs & Alcohol Linked to Tragedy62% of assaults52% ofrapes80% of child abuse50% of spousal abuse20-35% of suicides69% of drownings49% of murders50% of traffic fatalities68% of manslaughtercharges

  • What is Smarter Sentencing?Occurs when judges have more information to craft better sentences. Under DORA, judges know an offenders drug history.Treatment is not mandatory, but becomes more readily available.

  • How Does DORA Save Me Money?$3,500 for treatment vs. $24,000 for a prison bed

    Decreased crime = decreased criminal justice and victim costs

    Increase in employment for treated offenders

  • How Does DORA Create Safer Neighborhoods? Upon Completion of Treatment:

    Dramatic decrease in criminal activity

    Substantial increase in abstinence for alcohol and drugs

    Increase in stabile living environments

  • The DORA ApproachRepresents a Shift in Public Policy

  • The DORA ProcessDrug problem?Drug problem?High risk?* Drug Assessment is the Addictions Severity Index (ASI) the Risk Assessment is the Level of Supervision Inventory (LSI)

  • DORAs Treatment StrategyHow Does it Work?

  • How Does Addiction Happen?Drugs cause long and short-term changes in the brainDrugs hamper a persons ability to make correct decisions and control compulsive behaviorTreatment helps offenders correct their behaviors, confront the problems associated with drug use, and recover from addiction.

  • How Does Treatment Work?RESIDENTIALINTENSIVEOUTPATIENTOUTPATIENTAFTERCARE& RELAPSEPREVENTIONSevereaddictionSeriousaddictionDependentCompletedtreatment

  • The 3-year DORA PlanPhasing in a New Way of Doing Business

  • YEAR 1YEAR 2YEAR 3screen drugoffenders1,600 treated$6.3 on-goingScreen all offendersAssess, if needed, for addiction severityAssess for risk to community3,349 treated4,479 treated$12.1 on-going$16.7 on-going

  • Is it Worth $16.7 million?Yes! Treatment Works

  • Economic ImpactThe costs associated with these offenders Justice systemMedical systemPublic assistanceWork-relatedVictimization

  • The Costs SavingsEvery tax dollar spent on treatment produces $5.60 in avoided costs to the taxpayer.

  • Summary of RecommendationsEventually screen and assess all offenders over a 3-year phase-in.Provide appropriate level of treatment services and new treatment slots.Evaluate our efforts.Realize cost savings by avoiding repeated incarceration costs and further victimization.

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