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<ul><li><p>Drive Toys R Us Retail Velocity with Digital Advertising </p><p> Copyright 2013-2015 Indri All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks, service marks, referenced in this site are the property of their respective owners. </p></li><li><p>38% </p><p>45% </p><p>25% </p><p>22% </p><p>20% </p><p>4% </p><p>12% 5% </p><p>10% 19% Ad Spending </p><p>Time Spent </p><p>USA 2013 </p><p>Consumers Time is Increasingly Spent via Digital </p><p>TV Internet Mobile Radio Print </p><p>Most clients underspend on Digital by 20%-40% </p></li><li><p>94% Of Your Visitors Dont Convert On Your Site </p><p>Ability to Optimize via: Geo Targeting Weather Day Parting Retargeting Non-buyers Employing Drafting Strategies </p><p>Geolocated </p><p>Display </p><p>Ads </p></li><li><p>Drive Toys R Us Retail Velocity </p><p> Drives interaction and lifts brands </p><p> More efficient than traditional media </p><p> Essential to reaching an audience </p><p> More effective than you think! </p><p> Drives SEO Enhances effectiveness of </p><p>non-digital channels Effective across entire </p><p>customer journey Drives word of mouth at </p><p>scale </p><p>Digital Advertising </p></li><li><p>Drive Toys R Us Retail Velocity with Digital Advertising </p><p> 94% of retail sales still happen in person Online activities drive these transactions more than ever Theres a direct correlation between someone seeing an </p><p>online ad and then shopping in a brick-and-mortar store </p><p>Geolocated </p><p>Display </p><p>Ads </p></li><li><p>Drive Toys R Us Retail Velocity with Digital Advertising </p><p> Display advertising, especially when combined with remarketing, is a proven driver of retail velocity </p><p> By targeting geographic drive-time radii around the Toys R Us stores that carry your products, you engage with customers at the moment of purchase decision </p><p> Its a great reminder to them to look for and buy your products now that they are in-store </p><p>Geolocated </p><p>Display </p><p>Ads </p></li><li><p>Drive Toys R Us Retail Velocity with Digital Advertising </p><p> Toys R Us judges product success, sometimes harshly, on their velocity at retail </p><p> Not enough sales means the products get pulled from the shelf </p><p> So how do you use digital to push retail sales at Toys R Us? </p><p>Geolocated </p><p>Display </p><p>Ads </p></li><li><p>Drive Toys R Us Retail Velocity with Digital Advertising </p><p> First, different retailers have different customer profiles of their users and geographies For example, Toys R Us shoppers are different from CVS </p><p>shoppers </p><p> We start by understanding what the sales goals are at each retailer </p><p> Then we overlay a deep consumer segmentation as kids products are very different from health &amp; beauty items </p><p>Geolocated </p><p>Display </p><p>Ads </p></li><li><p>Drive Toys R Us Retail Velocity with Digital Advertising </p><p> How many impressions do we need to drive a sale at each retailer? </p><p> What are the top 20% of Toys R Us stores that drive the most sales volume? </p><p> Are there better days of the week? i.e., Kids products sell better on weekends </p><p> Are there other correlating factors to sales? i.e., Temperature, Weather, or Holidays </p><p> The result of a finely tuned retail campaign from Indri? </p><p>A 40% incremental increase in Toys R Us retail sales. </p><p>Geolocated </p><p>Display </p><p>Ads </p></li><li><p>What we do </p></li><li><p>Drive Toys R Us Local Shoppers Geo Display Ads to Drive Retail </p><p> Text Banners Rich Media Media Social </p><p>Advertising </p><p>Geolocated </p><p>Display </p><p>Ads </p></li><li><p>Repeatable Playbooks = Consistent Results </p><p>Geo Target Weather Day Part Non Buyer Drafting </p><p>Database of all major </p><p>US retailers to drive </p><p>traffic by store </p><p>Adjust media spend </p><p>by day by buyer </p><p>location </p><p>by weather </p><p>Mobile usage tends to </p><p>be highest early and </p><p>late in the day </p><p>96%+ of your visitors </p><p>dont buy. Retarget </p><p>them via </p><p>programmatic </p><p>ad buying </p><p>Draft off competitors TV </p><p>or media spend in </p><p>real time </p></li><li><p>Improve and Enhance Your Campaigns </p><p> Optimize Based On Thousands Of </p><p> Variables Locations Products </p><p> Real Time Optimized By Keyword </p><p>and Device Data Analysis </p><p>Constantly Improves Conversion Rates </p><p>Optimize Campaigns </p></li><li><p>Playbooks on Weather Adjust Media Spend by Day, by Buyer Location, by Weather </p><p>Seasonal Product Sales Lift 27% After Campaign is Optimized for Weather </p><p>Optimize Campaigns </p></li><li><p> Leverage is Delivered Through Automation Powerful and Highly Customizable Templates </p><p> Full CSS Control No IT Needed Code Free Visual Editor A/B Test Copy &amp; Images </p><p>Landing Pages </p><p> Drives ROI Sell Related Products Increase Brand and </p><p>Messaging Control </p></li><li><p>Setup an Introductory Phone Meeting! </p><p> </p></li><li><p>Thank You! </p></li></ul>