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  • Dr. Pervez Ahmed, CEO & Managing Director of Max Healthcare

    Institute Ltd.

    Dr. Ahmed was born in Shillong, Assam and had his Indian School

    Certificate Examination completed from St. Edmunds School followed by

    Pre-Medical at Hindu College, New Delhi and MBBS from Armed Forces

    Medical College, Pune. After one and a half year residency at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi

    he proceeded to New York, where he had completed Residency in Internal Medicine and

    Fellow-ship in Cardiology. He is Board Certified in Internal and Cardiovascular disease and is

    also a Certified Medical Director. Since 1977 he has been involved in academic Medicine at

    SUNY, Downstate. He has been Physician In-charge of ICU and been Director of Critical Care

    Medicine at Brookdale Hospital Medical Centre. Dr. Pervez Ahmed has been an active

    participant in healthcare related fields especially in development of standards of critical care

    medicine in New York. He has been Course Director of many Internal Medicine and Cardiology

    review courses at Brookdale and participant in clinical studies. He was also responsible for a

    start up extended care Rehab facility in New York. He has extensive experience in Healthcare

    Management. Dr. Ahmed Perez was a Board Member of Max Healthcare Institute Ltd. from

    2005 to 2007, and then Executive Medical Director from 2007-2009, and now CEO & Managing

    Director of Max Healthcare Institute Ltd.

    Mutasim M. Y. Z. Alireza, Managing Director, Magrabi Hospitals &


    Mutasim Alireza, is a Saudi national, born in 1960 in Jeddah Saudi

    Arabia. He completed his High school education in the U.K.,

    undergraduate and graduate studies in management from the U.S.A

    ending with an MBA from the University of California, Los Angeles

    1984. Mutasim has been working in the healthcare Industry in the Middle East for the last 25

    years. Thirteen years at AMI Saudi Arabia LTD, to eventually become its CEO.AMI had the

    management contracts for six of the largest specialized & general governmental Hospitals in

    Saudi Arabia with a total of 2100 beds. In 1997 AMI& Mutasim partnered with Magrabi

  • Hospitals &centers (MHC),the leading specialized provider of Opthalmology, ENT & Dental

    services in the Middle East. Under his leadership as CEO of MHC since 1997, MHC expanded

    the number of its locations from 6 to 24 hospitals and surgical centers in six different countries

    across the Middle East & Egypt, achieved JCI accreditation, and quadrupled the turnover& today

    treating more than 600,000 patients annually.

    Mutasim is also the elected head of the Healthcare committee at the chamber of

    commerce in Jeddah as well as being on the healthcare Board of Makkah region & founding

    Board member of Ebsar charity organization for the blind as well as the not for profit, Saudi

    institute for health services.

    MHC vision is to be the leading, most reputable & recognized sub specialized provider of

    Ophthalmology, ENT & Dentistry services throughout the Middle East and Africa.

    Dr. Alejandro J. Ayn, Chief Medical Officer, Hospital


    Dr. Ayn is currently CMO of Hospital Metropolitano in

    Managua where he is in charge of Medical structure and relationship and

    quality standards. In addition, he has established the Committees of the

    Medical Staff encourage the compromise of doctors with the hospital; actualize the bylaws and

    reglamentation of the medical staff. He is involved in all the Committees of the Hospital and

    was also involved in the accreditional process with the International Joint Commission (IJC). He

    is a Member of the Hospital Innovation Committee. Organize and proposes new ideas for the

    Strategic Planning. Prior to taking this position, Dr. Ayn was Chief of Pediatric Service at

    Hospital Metropolitano, from July 2002 May 2006 He also held the position of Dean at

    Catholic University Redemptoris Matter in Managua, Nicaragua

  • Dr Nayeem Azim, ACOMET Hospital,


    A graduate of Kabul Medical Institute, Dr

    Nayeem Azim arrived in the United Kingdom as a

    refugee from Afghanistan in 1993. Through hard

    work and perseverance he qualified to work as a doctor in the UK in 1997 and in 2000 completed

    his postgraduate training in family medicine. He managed his own medical practice in North

    London and, with the support of the British Medical Association, the UK National Health

    Service and others founded a college for overseas doctors called North Central London College.

    In 2002 Dr Azim returned to Afghanistan, initially as an adviser to the WHO. He went on to

    develop a new hospital and training center, ACOMET, adjacent to Kabul University. ACOMET

    opened in 2007 and is already one of Kabuls most trusted private hospitals and training centers

    its medical training course having received accreditation from the UK Royal College of

    General Practitioners.

    Dr. Jacob Bergsland, Co-Founder, BH Heart Center

    Dr. Bergsland graduated from the University of Oslo Medical

    Faculty in 1972 and completed his residency in Cardiothoracic Surgery

    at SUNYAB in 1983. He is currently Medical Director at the BH Heart

    Center, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prior to this, he held the

    position of Cardiac Surgeon, at the Interventional Center, Rikshospitalet and was Director Center

    for Less Invasive Cardiac Surgery, Kaleida Health, Buffalo, New York from 1997 to 2001. He

    has received certification from the American Board of Surgery in 1992 and the American Board

    of Thoracic Surgery in 1993. He has undertaken many consultancies, including: Cardiothoracic

    Systems Inc, Cupertino CA (Consultant for Off pump coronary bypass surgery product line);

    Guidant Corporation Inc , Minneapolis, Minn. (Consultant for Off pump coronary bypass

    surgery product line and Medtronic Inc , Minneapolis, Minn. (Consultant for Off pump coronary

  • bypass surgery product line). Dr. Bergsland has 123 publications in peer reviewed journals and

    more than 50 published abstracts and numerous international and domestic presentations.

    Anthony Cabrelli, Development Director New Markets, Bupa


    Following university, where he obtained a BA in Business Studies

    with Comparative Economic Development, Mr. Cabrelli began his career

    in 1985 as a management consultant. He worked for three years for

    Management Horizons, a leading international strategic consultancy, and

    then Verdict (now part of Data monitor).

    He joined the Group Strategy Department of Axa PPP Healthcare in 1990, where he

    became involved in new business developments, business process re-engineering, acquisitions

    and international healthcare development. In 1994, he moved to Bupa to progress the Groups

    international development agenda. This role involved him in a wide range of projects covering

    new business start-ups, acquisitions and joint ventures across Europe, the Middle East, Latin

    America and Asia. Notably, he project-managed the start-up of Bupa Middle East (Bupas

    specialist health insurance company in Saudi Arabia), and Bupa Ireland (Bupas previous

    specialist health insurance business in Ireland).

    In 1999, Mr. Cabrelli began working for Bupa International (Bupas expatriate medical

    insurance business) where he focused on the development of strategic distribution alliances and

    the management of new ventures. He was subsequently responsible for global distribution and

    development and, when Bupa International acquired IHI Danmark in 2005, took global sales and

    development responsibility for the enlarged business. Since January 2008, he has been

    Development Director New Markets for the Bupa Group where he has been accountable for

    shaping the strategy for Bupas entry into new international markets. His exceptional work

    during his career at Bupa was recognized in March 2008 when he received the Bupa Groups

    Chief Executive Award for his contribution to the Groups international expansion.

  • Seema Chaturvedi, Managing Director, Accelerator Group LLC

    Ms. Chaturvedi has over 17 years of capital markets and financial

    management experience. As an entrepreneur, investment banker and an

    investor, she brings forth a unique perspective to the strategic planning

    process. She is founder and Managing Director of Accelerator Group,

    LLC a strategic advisory services firm focused on providing high quality

    investment banking advisory services in areas of business combinations, mergers and

    acquisitions and raising growth capital. While catering to broader industry segments, the firm has

    developed core expertise in the industry areas of healthcare, manufacturing (focus automotive

    & aerospace), food & agriculture. It also provides customized knowledge services in areas of

    business intelligence and market research. Ms. Chaturvedi has served on the Boards of The

    IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE) Global, TiE Detroit, Marygrove College, International Business

    Council within Automation Alley. Ms. Chaturvedi was named to Crains Detroit Business 40

    under 40 list, Crains Detroit Business Detroits Most Influential Business Women list,

    Detroits Enterprising Women list by the Detroit Historical Society. She has been recognized a

    Woman of Dist

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