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  • 7/26/2019 Dr. Joseph Hirt


    8 June 2016

    To Whom It May Concern,

    Survivors of the Nazi eath cam!s eserve un"imite sym!athy for havin# ha to enure the$orst evi"s of humanity% Therefore, it is socia""y ris&y an no ou't un!o!u"ar to (uestion thetestimony of someone c"aimin# to 'e a survivor% )o$ever, there are count"ess accounts of !eo!"e$ho have fa&e such c"aims%1I am a history teacher in a !u'"ic schoo"% I am not a )o"ocaustenier * I 'e"ieve in truth, an if someone is not te""in# the truth, I $oner $hat the "ie iscoverin# +the rea"- truth.% I $as first hire as a teacher 'y a /o"ishmerican aministrator2$hoha survive the )o"ocaust cam! at er#ene"sen, $ho ha the scars 'oth !hysica""y anemotiona""y, an $ho I amire% When I sa$ an avertisement for a )o"ocaust survivor comin#to my area, I to" my c"asses an encoura#e them to #o% n I too& my o$n 8 th#rae au#hter'ecause I $ante her to hear the truth in !erson 'efore there are no more survivors to hearfirsthan% ut as I "istene to Mr% Jose!h ernar )irt, some thin#s in3t soun ri#ht * in

    !articu"ar his c"aims to have a !icture of himse"f in usch$itz +$hich he sho$e the auience *see 'e"o$. an, havin# #ro$n u! in 4ancaster, /, $here Mr% )irt no$ resies, his c"aim a'outmeetin# Jesse 5$ens in 4ancaster% So the net ay I 'e#an to chec& out Mr% )irt3s story%

    7irst, I o 'e"ieve Mr% )irt esca!e from uro!e urin# Wor" War II an arrive in the 9niteStates as one of the :82 refu#ees #rante #uest- status at the mer#ency ;efu#ee She"ter at 7ort5ntario in 5s$e#o, N

  • 7/26/2019 Dr. Joseph Hirt


    have not contacte Mr% )irt irect"y * I i not $ant him to have time to !re!are a efense forthe inefensi'"e% I $i"" "eave that to others% ccorin# to my sources, his aress a!!ears to 'e@

    Jose!h )irt/%5% o 2?G

    amsto$n, / 1:G01!hone@ either +E1E. 20801G0 or +E1E. G1E6608

    5n the face of it, Mr% )irt3s story contains many increi'"e c"aims% )is story is fi""e $ithmeetin# a "ot of famous !eo!"e an $itnessin# a "ot of famous events%?/erha!s ta&in# !arts ofstories he hear from other refu#ees urin# his internment at the 7ort 5ntario ;efu#ee She"ter, ita!!ears that Mr% )irt has inc"ue them an other historica" ti'its to a somethin# to his storyof esca!in# uro!e as a refu#ee urin# Wor" War II% In one 'rief intervie$,Bhe ro!s thefo""o$in# names an events, a"" of $hich are inc"ue in his !u'"ic s!ea&in# !resentationsG@

    1% reca""s attenin# the 1:?6 5"ym!ics $here he $as sittin# c"ose enou#h to )it"er

    to hear him is!ara#e Jesse 5$ens an turn his 'ac& on him +

  • 7/26/2019 Dr. Joseph Hirt


    ?% says he $as &ina!!e in e"#rae urin# a rounu! an 'ecame a !risoner atthe =erman Nazi concentration cam! in usch$itz-

    B% states that he came face to face $ith the soca""e n#e" of Death, Dr% JosefMen#e"e, $hi"e at usch$itz%-

    G% c"aims he esca!e usch$itz after ei#ht months 'y cra$"in# uner an e"ectricfence- $ei#hin# a mere 60 !ouns * Ka s&e"eton $ith s&inK * $as reca!ture 'utthen K$as a""o$e to "ive 'y one of the NazisK $ho "eft him to run a$ay

    6% c"aims his !arents an 'rother survive the )o"ocaust an came to the 9niteStates $here they $ere Kshe"tere,K arrivin# in Ne$

  • 7/26/2019 Dr. Joseph Hirt


    sa$ that )it"er turn his 'ac& to 5$ens as he receive his a$ars referrin# to the trac& star as aLhinter men#e3 or su' human%-10

    7irst, is it un"i&e"y that Mr%)irt +$ho $ou" have ust turne 6

    years o" in Ju"y 1:?6 * see!%21 'e"o$. or any othercommon s!ectator $ou"have 'een in a !osition to'e seate c"ose enou#h to

    )it"er to hear him s!ea&% 5therthan his #ran entrance, a"" of

    the !hoto#ra!hs of )it"erat the 1:?6 5"ym!icssho$ him seate in a

    s!ecia" section +see!hoto11inset., surroune'y hi#hran&in# Naziofficia"s an iso"atefrom the cro$% It is

    "ar#e"y for#otten that on the #ames3 o!enin# ay, the Nazi "eaer didinvite the $innin# mea"istsof each of the first three events to his !ersona" 'o, $here he $as seen con#ratu"atin# them% ut)it"er !ointe"y "eft the staium immeiate"y 'efore the a$ar ceremony for the ay3s fina"event, the hi#h um!, $here a"" three mea"ists $ere merican%-12

    More im!ortant"y, it is a $ie"y &no$n historica" fact that Jesse 5$ens $as not snu''e 'y

    )it"er +historians #enera""y refer to this story as a myth- or "e#en-.% Severa" historica" sourcesinva"iate the snu''in# story@

    10Mariano an Trea$ay +htt!@AA!ar&es'ur#%toayA!ar&es'ur#history#rou!hostsanevenin#$ithaeathcam!survivorASee a"sohtt!s@AA$$$%hi#h'eam%comAocA1/2?E8260?6%htm" . @ )e attene theer"in 5"ym!ics in 1:?6 $ith his father an sa$ o"f )it"er turn his 'ac& an refuse to sha&e the hanof 9nite States mea" $inner Jesse 5$ens%-

    11htt!@AA$$$%timesofisrae"%comAiconicnazi'ui"t'er"instaiumtohostmacca'i#amesA/ !hoto, fi"e%

    12Corne"ius Johnson an a 7or#otten 9S /rotest #ainst )it"er at the 1:?6 5"ym!ics,- Steven J% Niven, 2B7e'ruary 2016,htt!@AA$$$%theroot%comAartic"esAhistoryA2016A02Acorne"iusFohnsonFanFaFfor#ottenFusF!rotestFa#ainstFhit"erFatFtheF1:?6%htm"%


  • 7/26/2019 Dr. Joseph Hirt


    In the immeiate aftermath of the er"in =ames, a myth arose that )it"er,enra#e at the trium!h of an frican merican, refuse to con#ratu"ate 5$ens onhis victories 'ecause he fai"e to sha&e his han% )o$ever, the !ress re!orte thatthe =erman "eaer #ave the merican s!rinter a frien"y "itt"e Nazi sa"ute,- an5$ens sai that the t$o echan#e con#ratu"atory $aves% In fact, it $as the

    conuct of ;ooseve"t* $ho never invite 5$ens to the White )ouse orac&no$"e#e his trium!hs*that isa!!ointe the 5"ym!ic cham!ion% )it"erin3t snu' meOit $as our !resient $ho snu''e me,- he sai months after the=ames% The !resient in3t even sen me a te"e#ram%-1?


    veryone &no$s that at the 1:?6 5"ym!ics )it"er snu''e Jesse 5$ens% s thestory #oes, after 5$ens $on one #o" mea", )it"er, incense, storme out of5"ym!ic Staium so he $ou"nt have to con#ratu"ate 5$ens on his victory%

    Such a !erformance $ou" have 'een !erfect"y in character, 'ut it int ha!!en%Wi""iam J% a&er, 5$enss 'io#ra!her, says the ne$s!a!ers mae u! the $ho"estory% 5$ens himse"f ori#ina""y insiste it $asnt true, 'ut eventua""y he 'e#ansayin# it $as, a!!arent"y out of sheer 'oreom $ith the issue%

    The facts are sim!"e% )it"er i not con#ratu"ate 5$ens, 'ut that ay he intcon#ratu"ate any'oy e"se either, not even the =erman $inners% s a matter offact, )it"er int con#ratu"ate anyone after the first ay of the com!etition% Thatfirst ay he ha sha&en hans $ith a"" the =erman victors, 'ut that ha #otten himin trou'"e $ith the mem'ers of the 5"ym!ic Committee% They to" him that tomaintain 5"ym!ic neutra"ity, he $ou" have to con#ratu"ate everyone or no one%

    )it"er chose to honor no one%

    )it"er i snu' a '"ac& merican ath"ete, 'ut it $as Corne"ius Johnson, not Jesse5$ens% It ha!!ene the first ay of the meet% Just 'efore Johnson $as to 'eecorate, )it"er "eft the staium% Nazi s!o&esman e!"aine that )it"ers eitha 'een !rescheu"e, 'ut no one 'e"ieves that%-1B

    "en#thy artic"e focusin# on Corne"ius Corny- Johnson states@

    In er"in, the hi#h um! $as scheu"e for u#% 2, the first ay of trac& an fie"com!etition at the 5"ym!ic Staium% ;e!orts of the #ames su##est that most of

    the 100,000 cro$, inc"uin# )it"er in his 'o, !ai most attention to the victories

    1310 Thin#s

  • 7/26/2019 Dr. Joseph Hirt


    'y the host nation in the $omen3s ave"in an the men3s shot !ut, an 'y 7in"an3s1, 2, ? in the 10,000 meters% )it"er cou" 'e seen to 'e c"ear"y e"i#hte 'y suchryan- victoriesOthe 7inns $ere even '"oner an more '"ueeye than the=ermans% 5n"y the rousin# cheers from the cro$ as Jesse 5$ens $on his 100meter (ua"ifyin# heat a!!eare to istur' )it"er3s 'uoyant moo as the ay3s

    events re$ to a c"ose%

    y 6 !%m%, the hi#h um! fie" of B0 ha 'een reuce to four% The threemericans an a 7inn a"" c"eare a ne$ 5"ym!ic recor of 6%G feet% =ermanirector 4eni ;iefenstah"3s fi"m of the #ames sho$s the "on#"im'e Corne"iusJohnson "im'erin# u! for his fina" um!s, "oo&in# re"ae% "'ritton neee threeattem!ts to ma&e 2 meters% Johnson mae every one of his um!s $ith ease%9n"i&e "'ritton, $ho confesse his nerves to his frien Jesse 5$ens, Johnson$as, as usua", ca"m an focuse% Johnson $ent on to set a ne$ 5"ym!ic recorhei#ht of 6 feet 8 inches% "'ritton earne the si