At the beginning of the year we made some changes to how we manage homework based on survey feedback and
research evidence. Put simply, we want all children to read at home every day and use Mathletics for Maths practice.
Children who are not yet independent readers, take home books at their level and we want you to listen to them read
these books for practice.
We would also love you to read to your child. Our school
library and the local library have a wide selection of quality literature that provides a great opportunity for you to read
and talk about books. By reading to your child AND talking about the book you can enhance language and vocabulary
development, improve comprehension and enjoy quality time together.
Research conducted by the Victorian education department has demonstrated that “the frequency of reading to
children at a young age has a direct causal effect on their schooling outcomes regardless of their family background
and home environment”.
Take the opportunity in the coming school holidays to stock
up on some great books and snuggle up in a warm house with a hot chocolate and a book – can’t think of a better
way to enjoy homework!!
Central Coast Dance Festival
Tonight I head out to the Laycock Street Theatre to watch
the Stage 2 dance group do their thing, and tomorrow night it’s Stage 3. Good luck everyone – I know you’ll have fun
and do us proud.
Mrs Hardy and I saw our kinder dance group last Tuesday
night and they were awesome! They opened the show and were an absolute delight to watch. Well done Mrs Fell, kids
and parents – what a team!
School reports go out on the last day of school next week, 26 June.
If your child will not be at school on this day and you would
like the report mailed to you, please provide a stamped,
self-addressed A4 sized envelope by 25 June to the office. Reports will not be handed out earlier.
5 Lands Walk
This term our students have been working on 1500 decorations that participants in the 5 Lands Walk will use to
decorate the path from MacMasters Beach to Copacabana
on Saturday.
The decorations, that take inspiration from the Indian ethnic community, are colourful and very symbolic of the
theme of the event – Connecting Communities.
Cross your fingers for fine weather and come along to see
our dance groups, choir and Aboriginal dancers of the Possum Pack who will be performing at multiple venues on
the day! Please come along to support them and share in the fun and excitement of this great community event.
Hope you had a great week at our great school. Enjoy the walk from Macs to Copa on Saturday – take a
brolly just in case!
KJ Taylah Gillin 1B Ben Stevenson 2C Eilish Smith 3A Lauchlan Chapman
KN Ava Rimene 1C Terence Cairns 2H Analisse Callan 3M Taylor Chateauvert
KP Kalan Ford 1E Michaela Bishop 2K Bethany Smith 3S Billy Crookes
MC Ashleigh Beilby Tyler Williams 2M Zahli Foran 3W Brodie Kilby 1G
2/3H Library - Indigo Pulley 3M Ella Campbell 1T Lachlan Pearman
Calendar Thursday June 18
Central Coast Dance Festival Laycock Street Theatre - Stage 2
Friday June 19 Central Coast Dance Festival Laycock Street Theatre - Stage 3
Saturday June 20 Five Lands Walk
Friday June 26 Last Day Term 2
Saturday June 27 Reconciliation Art Competition Gosford Regional Gallery
Monday July 13 Staff Development Day
Tuesday July 14 First Day Term 3 Students Return to School
Friday July 24 K - 6 Athletics Carnival Adcock Park
Friday July 31 Gold Assembly 2pm - 2.40pm New Date
P & C meet the third Monday of every month, 7.00pm - President P&C: Cherie Castaing
Avoca Drive, Kincumber 02 4369 1544
Email: [email protected]
the book Rain Dance.
The Rain Dance is about the hot, blazing, sticky, humid and
disgusting desert that a family lived in waiting for rain and
fresh water to drink. After a long time there was a cold fresh
breeze with some dark grey clouds on top of the sky. The
blazing sun shines on top of the tiny town.
By Emily
Rain Dance is about rain finally coming to the desert. The
scratches along the deep cracked sand and dust flow. The girl
is waiting for rain to come. Finally the wet rain filled the dark,
dusty ground with cold, wet and fresh water. The great
swirling sand was the start of the rain.
By Jarryd
Rain Dance is a story about people that live in a hot place
where the blazing sun makes the crispy sand burning hot. The
Dad went to the bank so they can keep their home. The rain
finally comes after two years. They were relieved that they
could keep their home and get some rain.
By Keeley
Rain Dance is about the hard breaking sand and crashing
wind. The girl was dancing to the crashing, thundering
lightning. The wind was shaking wildness and madness. The
rain is striking and thunder is rolling down her cheeks and
lightning bolts steam cracking sand with burning lava in
outside the classroom for being safe, respectful learners.
Every Goldie Gotcha earns a House Point.
Each week a K-2 and 3-6 student are drawn out to receive
a FREE TNT. Congratulations to these students:
This year the Aboriginal children in kindergarten entered a
piece of work in the Reconciliation Art Competition. Please join us in having a coffee (10am-11am) and
viewing the Reconciliation and 5 Lands Walk exhibitions on Saturday June 27 between 10am and 4pm.
Full program available at:
U N I F O R M S H O P H O U R SU N I F O R M S H O P H O U R SU N I F O R M S H O P H O U R S TUESDAY 8.30am to 9.30am WEDNESDAY 2.00pm - 3.00pm
THURSDAY 8.30am to 9.30am
Tuesday June 23 Lilly
Thursday June 25 Wendy
Class item
Don’t forget to use our online ordering, a great way to order your children’s recess and lunch.
Fleximeals on line: If you would like information on how Fleximeals works
please call Linda the school’s canteen manager
Cost - $300
Invoices and excursion permission note will be sent home this
Instalments can be paid at any time, no matter how small,
however there is a $10 minimum for credit card payments.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact
the school.
Karen Wardlaw
Assistant Principal 416549578, visit your library branch or phone 4304 7011.
Due to limited spaces please consider the age recommendation before booking into a program and note that
children must be attended by a responsible adult at all times.
Kincumber Public School does not endorse the products or services of any advertiser. No responsibility is accepted for the information contained in advertisements or claims made by them.
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