• 1. Additional Designs For Magazine Advert Below are some further designs for my magazine advert, although some are just minor adjustments from previous designs. These are minor adjustments from previous designs. I have made the background image slightly larger than in the previous designs, and removed the part of the ceiling which had previously been showing in the top right hand corner, as this makes the image more professional. The enlargement of the image improves the product as the composition is more effective.

2. Here I have tried something quite different. I felt that my previous designs were perhaps too cluttered with text, which in turn may be difficult to read because of the image in the background. In this design I wanted to make the text really clear and bold so it stands out. The inspiration for this design again comes from Jean-Luc Godard, this time from the title sequence of Une Femme Est Une Femme ( A Woman Is A Woman) , in which the film is introduced by a series of coloured words in a large font against a blank background ( ).< This was my first attempt at the design, before refining the placement of the texts and switching to colour to make the design more instantly eye-catching. Nobodys Home is deliberately placed over the area where the mouth would be, indicating that hes singing as Nobodys Home is the title of the main song on the album. Also, only one review quote is featured and its source has been removed, due to the fact that the reviewer is the magazine in which it is featured.Above: Print-screens from the title sequence of Une Femme Est Une FemmeI am pleased with this design and I think it is the most effective of them all, it is likely that I will choose this as my final design. 3. The Outlet for the Magazine Advert I have chosen NME magazine to be the outlet of my magazine advert, as in my research I have found that NME is the most popular British music magazine and, more importantly, that it often runs features on up-and-coming British bands. NME also has a similar target audience demographic to my band: 73% male/ 27% female audience between the ages of 17-30.Furthermore, NME has a largely rock/ indie audience, with 63% of its readers claiming to prefer indie/ guitar bands, which is in keeping with the genre of my band, and 79% claim to like listening to new bands, which is important as the advert for a debut album by a new band will be more relevant when advertised to an audience who are interested in new bands as opposed to an audience who arent interested in new bands.

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