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Welcome to Our Presentation

Welcome to Our PresentationWe are making sure that The whole Topic will be clearly understoodIntroduce to Group MembersName: Mohammad Jasim UddinID:11111007

Name: Al Amin KhanID:11111011

Name: Jewel IslamID:11111038

Name: Ashraful HasanID:09311007

Index 1.TOPIC TITLE 2.INTRODUCTION 3.TOOLS & TECHNIQUES: a. Colorful Files b. Files Cabinet c. Software d. Social Network e. Webpage 4.CONCLUSION Topic TitleDocumentation Tools&TechniquesIntroduction Documentation tools and techniques is a kind of technique through which we can easily find out Official documents, files, Softwares, Soft copies saved in PC etc. In this presentation we will learn to know that how easily we can maintain this process and we will try to discuss more efficient and upgraded techniques.

Lets see what kind of problem we face in office while filing official stuffs.

TOOLS & TECHNIQUESColorful files:There are several files which are extremely needed when we are there in official work. But sometimes people find it really hard to find a particular file for a particular need Because there are thousands of files there in officeTo overcome this problem we can use different colorful files for different segment.

Here is an Image of colorful Filing

Using different file Cabinet:

File cabinets are used in offices to keep files safe.But we can also use it to differ each file from another.For this we have to use label for each cabinet so thus we can make sure that all files of a particular purpose are there in that particular cabinet.10If we carefully look at the image below we can easily understand the point stated in the previous slide

Find Files Through software: In this age most of the official documents are saved in PC or Laptops.Official workers sometimes find it hard to find out a particular file from Computer.For this problem some of the software companies offers different software to make the searching of files easier.It is another faster way of documentation.Lets see a practical example of Searching file through software.

Some companies use software for filingNokiaSamsungBritish TobaccoNikeAdidas McdonaldsUPSNasaDocumentation Through Social Network: Now a days Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site. Many of official works can be done through this site. Its like a company can create a page there and attach there important documents and files.Official clients can swiftly get them from that official page.It saves time and energy so thus one can input less time to get an important official file or document.Documentation through webpage: Through webpage or blog an official company can easily maintain their filing system.The admin of the company can hold official Information and documents in a webpage.Clients can thus comfortably pass Information and file from one to another.