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Master Handlers is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Dock Levelers that can be used for a wider variation of purposes and are well suited for loading and unloading operations with a wide variety of vehicle heights and widths.


  • 1. Master Handlers Group Company Profile Master Handlers Docking Equipments 17 of 17/1B, Kothrud Industrial Estate Pune 411038. Maharashtra, India +91-20-25465604/9011042502

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Brief Overview Master Handlers started operation in 1982 as a manufacturer Material Handling solutions Today the company is an established supplier of special purpose machines & turnkey handling solutions for automated process (e.g. assembly & testing lines, surface treatment, press/machine/paint shop) with 500+ installations Majority of the customers are in the automotive industry; company has installations with most of the automotive OEMs and major ancillaries The group is organized as four business units each catering to a different solution area: Master Automation & Robotics Material Handling & Automation Master Zippel Cleaning Systems Industrial Component Cleaning Systems Master Handlers - Jiviba Paper Impregnation & Lamination Machines Master Handlers Docking Equipments Full range of Loading Bay Equipments 2 3. and cost management The Corporate Mission Mission Statement One Stop Shop for all Loading bay Equipments, Valued Engineering, Excellent Service, Customer Satisfaction Achieve leadership in each of the SBUs where we have / will have presence, by being among the top three players of that business Growth focused organization increasing revenues and profitability continuously, through volume growth, efficiency improvement Be a customer delight driven organization, providing customers speedy, quality and optimum solutions and supporting them timely and effectively Be a preferred employer by building a boundary less, learning and process driven organization Build partnership with suppliers and be a preferred customer to our suppliers 3 4. Master Handlers Docking Equipments (MHDE) Brief Overview 1982 Company started to manufacturer Scissor lift as commitment to loading and unloading initiatives company has under taken ( 300+ installations) 1985 Company started to manufacturer Hydraulic Dock Leveler ( 150+ installations) 2011 Company started to import Dock Shelter , High Speed Doors and Industrial Sectional Doors 2012 As organizational re-structure and increased growth company has decided to form separate subsidiary called Master Handlers Docking Equipments (MHDE) under Master Handlers Group Products Ranges Dock Levelers Dock Shelters Scissor Lifts High Speed Doors Industrial Sectional Doors 4 5. Dock Levelers (Brief Overview ) A Dock Leveler is installed at the loading bay & used for bridging the difference in height & distance between the bay & the vehicle floor It serves as an adjustable platform that allows for the fast & easy movement of forklift & other means of material handling for loading & unloading from the vehicle The MH Dock Leveler is a hydraulic dock leveler with a hinged lip, which conforms to the highest European Standards for performance & safety It not only provides for the most efficient loading & unloading process, but also comes with the best safety features to reduce the risk of any accidents The dock leveler can accommodate different types of material movement across its platform as well as adjust to many different vehicle sizes. 5 6. Dock Levelers (Specifications and Features) Standard Dimension Platform Width - 2000 to 2250 mm Platform Length - 2000 to 4000 mm Lip Length 400 mm Construction Height 600 mm Effective working range - Capacity 6 ton +/- 300 mm Features Safety Provision Specially designed imported power with motor Easy single push button operation pack Fully hydraulic safety stop button & emergency Non-retractable sliding toe guards Completely closed hydraulic system Robust lip keepers for transverse unaffected by dirt or dust Suitable for different vehicle widths Safety markings Automatic height adjustment movement Black/Yellow safety marking Non-removable maintenance strut Built-in hose burst valve 6 7. Dock Shelter (Brief Overview) A Dock Shelter is used for sealing the area around the door & the vehicle docked at the loading bay The special design & construction ensures optimal sealing & durability It accommodates different truck & vehicle sizes at the same opening It isolates the internal & external environment & protects from harsh weather conditions It effectively seals the openings from wind, rain, & snow and also prevents entry of dust & other contamination through the openings The Dock Shelters are essential for temperature-controlled environments as they prevent the movement of air & conserve energy The curtains are made of special material with high tear resistance, tensile strength & temperature durability The special material & fabrication process used for the curtains ensures long-life 7 8. Dock Shelter (Specification & Features) Standard Dimension Overall Dimension - 3400 (W) x 3400 (H) Projection 600 mm Width of side curtain 600 mm Height of top Curtain 1000 mm Curtain Construction 3000 gr/m Features Front & rear frame manufactured from thermally galvanized steels Facility for water drainage on the top side Curtains made of double-layer polyester fabric & resistant to UV radiation Highly wear resistant curtains with hard antistatic PVC coating Approach markers on side curtains for visual guidance Our range of dock sealing solutions also includes Dock Seals, Inflatable Dock Shelters & Various dimensions are available to accommodate different size openings & vehicles Dock Houses. 8 9. Scissor Lifts ( Brief Overview ) A Scissor Lift is an elevating platform that assists in the process of raising & lowering goods to different heights The surface moves up & down by the closing or opening of crossed supports pivoted like the two halves of a pair of scissors The Scissor Lift matches the level of the goods with the floor & allows for easy transfer of goods into the building The MH Scissor Lift is hydraulic operated & designed with fail-safe systems It provides for easy movement of goods by matching the floor level. Its built-in safety features reduce the risk of any accident It has been designed to accommodate various different types of material movement across its surface The surface can be customized to match the handling requirements (for example with rollers) 9 10. Scissor Lifts (Specifications & Features) Safety Features Fully hydraulic safety stop button Built-in hose burst valve No rubber hoses & emergency Standard Features Specially designed imported power pack with motor Zero Leak Valve prevents downward creep Knuckle joint avoids undue stresses Stress analysis ensures long life of the equipment Easy push button operation Compact & maintenance free hydraulic system The MH Scissor Lifts are available in various different sizes & load capacity as high as 20 Tons to match the application requirements 10 11. High Speed Doors ( Brief Overview ) High Speed Doors are ideally suited for openings with high goods traffic Their durable construction allows fast opening & closing over a high number of cycles The doors effectively & efficiently isolate the two different areas while optimizing the traffic flow The high-speed operation controls temperature & pressure differences, reduces energy losses, & isolates dust & air-borne contaminants The built-in security systems ensure accident free operation at high speeds and high traffic flow The High Speed Doors are designed & built in conformance with the highest European standards for performance of safety The door is wound up on a shaft placed above the opening & require minimum space The complete system is installed behind the opening & enables use of the complete width & height to pass through 11 12. High Speed Doors (Spec & Features) Standard Dimension Frame Material - Galvanized Steel Curtain Material - PVC or Polyester Curtain thickness - 0.6 to 2 mm Heat resistance - -10 to +55 Celsius Opening speed - 3.1 m/s (max.) Closing speed - 1.0 m/s (max.) Door Size - 4000 (W) x 4500 (H) mm Features Safety Provision Sealing profile made of high EPDM rubber resistant Integrated photo cell to detect an obstacle & stop before con tact Additional safety contact bar to detect contact with an obstacle Double protection against downfall through self-locking worm gear & falling brake Fire proof curtains & IP 67 protection for safety devices 12 High wind resistance from a vertical flexible & horizontal rig id construction Self repair through automatic insertion of the curtain back into the guides Control unit with cycle counter, faults indication & reporting of service interval Self supporting galvanized steel frame 13. Industrial Sectional Doors ( Brief Overview) The Industrial Sectional Doors are for vertically industrialopening doors ideally suited applications The doors are designed to be aesthetically pleasing & provide high weather resistance The isolate the inside of the building & provide protection The Sectional Doors are constructed to provide maximum space both inside & in front of the door. the opening, thus providing full use of the availableThe whole system is installed behind door opening width & height This special design also minimizes the possibility of system damage The special multi-layer panel used in the door effectively isolates from temperature differences, wind & sound Along with the functional design features, their attractive design also makes the doors aesthetically pleasing 13 14. Industrial Sectional Doors ( Specs & Features) Features 40 mm thick sandwich panel Excellent resistance Strong core free of CFC Automatic insulation & corrosion of hard polyurethane foam control with integrated command buttons OPEN-STOP-C LOSE Inf