cold war expands- bomb shelters/fallout shelters

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Cold War Expands- Bomb Shelters/Fallout Shelters. Bomb Shelters/Fallout Shelters. A way in which the people could protect themselves FCDA or Office of Civil Defense Radiation Limit casualties Materials used Bricks and concrete Sand and other dense materials. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Cold War Expands- Bomb Shelters

Cold War Expands- Bomb Shelters/Fallout SheltersBomb Shelters/Fallout SheltersA way in which the people could protect themselvesFCDA or Office of Civil DefenseRadiationLimit casualties

Materials usedBricks and concreteSand and other dense materials

Feared the idea of nuclear warfare

Brick, Concrete, and Sand-heavy2Shelters continueShelters were built to keep out the Gamma- Rays

Built under ground, in basement

Shelters not well constructedBad air ventilationWaste disposal

Ventilation from hand-cranked blower3Shelter MaterialMaterials neededCanned Food/Bottled Water

Batteries/Battery powered radios

First Aid Kits

Normal life itemsActivitiesClothesCleaning supplies

Sleeping Bags/Cots

Fuel Tank

Heat system

Communication devices


Bomb Shelters/Fallout Shelters

Bomb Shelters TodayTypically made underground or by steel

Built to protect from Natural disastersWorld coming to an endTechnology disasters

Now you have seen a Fallout/Bomb ShelterYour task is to create a Bomb shelterDecide what you bring into the bomb shelterNow that we have so many modern conveniences what would you decide to bringWhy would you bring these items?

What materials would you make your shelter out of and why?Usually in modern day shelters are not made of concrete


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