do your beauty products contain genetically modified crops?

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  1. 1. DoYourBeautyProductsContainGeneticallyModifiedCrops? Postedbyinfo@mybeautycompare.iton20140228We have all heard about genetically modified crops and the health scares that surround them. You may not beaware that thesegmcropscanfindtheirwayintoyourcosmeticsandskincare products. Genetically modified crops are crops which have had their DNA changed to make them bigger, pestresistant and stronger. These changes arent always for thebetteraswellas the environmental factors, the health risks associated with eating gm cropsis constantly under scrutiny.Source:Pinterest Skin care products that contain vegetables, fruit or milk arethe onestowatchoutfor.Avocados are a popular choice in skin care products as they are knowntohaveskinboostingnutrientsas they contain essential fatty acids, which help to prevent dry skin. Milk is known for its calming properties and sois used frequentlyinskincareproductsdesignedforsensitiveskin.Whenyou are choosing your skincare products make sure that you check the label toensuretheproduct is GM free. Find your beauty match for skincareproductsthataretailoredto yourskintype,age anddiet. Celebrities including Miranda KerrandJessicaAlbamaintainthebenefitsofecofriendly,organic skin care and hair products such as natural shampoo. Former Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr has her own organic skin care range called Kora Organics. The model said that her reasons for starting the brand were that she could not find organic skin care products that she was completely happy using and so she decided to start her own range of organic skin care products. Actress Jessica Alba isknownforherbookTheHonestLifewhereshedetailstheins and outs of her ecofriendly life including the organic skin care products and natural shampoo that she uses. There are lots of great organic skin care and beauty brands available out there such as Trilogy. Compare beauty products ontheMyBeautyComparewebsitetoensurethatyou areusingthebestskincareproductsforyourage,skintypeandbudget. It is important to be aware of the ingredients that go into skin care and beauty products. Make
  2. 2. surethatyoucheckthelabeltoensureyouknowexactlywhatyouareputtingonyourskin.