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  • 1. Apps for Facebook TimelineGoodreads invited to be one of thefirst apps on Facebook Timeline.Own read when it comes to bookson Facebook.Goodreads is one of only a handfulof apps to have introduced abilityto add historical data to Timeline. 2

2. What is Goodreads? Goodreads is the largest site for readers and bookrecommendations in the world.We have over 7 million registered members, and were a top 10 social network according to the December Comscore report1.Goodreads is focused on the problem of book discovery.1TopSocial Networks (December Comscore)1. Facebook2. Twitter3. LinkedIn4. MySpace5. Tumblr6. DeviantArt7. sites8. Windows Live Profile9. Pinterest10. Goodreads 3. Example: Otis ShelvesGoodreads members build shelves of their favoritebooks and discover new books. 4. Deep Reading Data 250 million books shelved growing at 14 million a month 5. 5,750,000 Books Added To-Read InJanuary 2012Every second... 2 books were discovered on Goodreads 6. Goodreads Actions Posted to Facebook Started Reading50% of new Goodreads members connect to Facebook Finished Reading Made Progress Added to to-read Rated 7. Facebook Makes It Easy To Connect To Friends 8. Goodreads App for Facebook TimelineMonthly & Annual Summaries 9. Books You Read at Key Moments in Your Life 10. Newsfeed Drives DiscoveryUpdates go on your TimelineAnd on your friends newsfeeds 11. Add Historical Data to Complete Your Timeline 12. Goodreads App for Facebook Timeline Performance To DateMonthly Active Users Grew 122% 13. Goodreads App for Facebook Timeline Performance To Date75% more clicksin the same timeperiod 14. Mutual EcoSystem BenefitsFacebookGoodreads 15. Otis Y Chandler, 16