Diy seo how to do yourself step by step guide 2017

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<ul><li><p>DIY SEO: How to do Yourself Step by Step Guide 2017</p></li><li><p>Nekraj from </p><p>SEOFREETIPS.Net</p><p>You can learn all about SEO,keyword </p><p>research,link building and Google </p><p>Analytics at </p><p>So Lets Start</p></li><li><p>Four Mojor Technique for DIY SEO:</p><p>1. Write SEO friendly blog post2. Find how your competitor ranks for that </p><p>keyword.3. Get Social Signal4. Start link building</p></li><li><p>.</p><p>.</p></li><li><p>Types of backlinks you can build</p><p>1. Contextual links from guest posts.</p><p>2. Site wide links or footer links.</p><p>3. Forum links.</p><p>4. Profile links.</p><p>5. Website directory links.</p><p>6. Comment links.</p></li><li><p>Site Wide Footer Link</p></li><li><p>25 Days FREE SEO Course</p><p>.</p><p>1. Step by Step </p><p>Video Guide</p><p>2. Best SEO </p><p>Training OVer </p><p>Planet</p><p>3. Case Studies </p><p>and Tutorial</p><p>4. Advanced SEO </p><p>and Link </p><p>Building Hacks</p><p>5. And A lot more</p></li></ul>