Distinctive Stone Statuary, Inc. 1 Color sample board 2 Fountains 3-38 Classic statuary 42-53 Religious statuary 54-55 Elves 56 Oriental statuary 57-59 Bird baths 60-65

Download Distinctive Stone Statuary, Inc.  1 Color sample board 2 Fountains 3-38 Classic statuary 42-53 Religious statuary 54-55 Elves 56 Oriental statuary 57-59 Bird baths 60-65

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<ul><li><p>It is with great pride and pleasure we present to you the complete line of</p><p>Distinctive Stone Statuary, Inc.</p><p>Come along with all of us, Greg, Sonny, Gary, Marvin, &amp; Jason, as we introduce to</p><p>you what we consider to be our family tradition.</p><p>Distinctive Stone Statuary, Inc. is a family owned and operated business with roots</p><p>in the manufacturing of ornamental concrete dating back to 1962. The heritage of the</p><p>Bechstein family runs deep in the state of Florida, spanning three decades of superior</p><p>craftsmanship in the art of statue making. It is this commitment to excellence in the cre-</p><p>ation of stone statuary products that has made the name distinctive synonymous with the</p><p>finest of quality hand crafted concrete products available throughout the southeast.</p><p>Color is the key to satisfying each and every customer no matter how distinguished</p><p>their tastes may be. It is here that the distinctive look can truly work for you. Make</p><p>your selections from the wide variety of unique products showcased throughout this cata-</p><p>logue. Choose from a distinctive original, sure to compliment any garden setting, or an</p><p>old standard, still popular after all these years. Every piece is depicted in its most compli-</p><p>mentary color based on sales popularity and our experience as artisans. However, we urge</p><p>you to choose any one of the finishes available on the items you select to ensure the most</p><p>suitable look for you and your customers.</p><p>We dedicate this book to the memory of the late Eileen Bechstein while thanking her</p><p>for breathing the lifeblood of pride in craftsmanship that we carry with us to this day.</p><p>Thanks Mom</p><p>The Bechstein Family</p><p>Distinctive Stone Statuary, Inc.</p></li><li><p>Introduction 1</p><p>Color sample board 2</p><p>Fountains 3-38</p><p>Classic statuary 42-53</p><p>Religious statuary 54-55</p><p>Elves 56</p><p>Oriental statuary 57-59</p><p>Bird baths 60-65</p><p>Wildlife 66-77</p><p>Water feature creatures 78-79</p><p>Pelicans &amp; seagulls 80-82</p><p>Pedestals &amp; Pump housings 83-87</p><p>Planters 88-92</p><p>Wall plaques 93-94</p><p>Finials &amp; Stepping stones 95</p><p>Distinctive Stone Statuary, Inc.The complete range of our 35 distinctive finishes are combined onto this attractive color sample board. Each and every</p><p>one of these finishes is a completely hand crafted two to three color process.* This process includes a U.V. stabilized clearsealer coating that provides the maximum protection available ensuring the enjoyment of your distinctive purchase foryears to come. The color sample board can be ordered as stock #9627.</p><p>*Each finish is a singular creation handcrafted by skilled artisans. No two finishes are exactly alike. Please note this is inpart what distinguishes each work of stone art as truly distinctive.</p><p>Table of Contents</p><p>1. ANTIQUE GOLD 3. CHARCOAL 5. VERDI GREEN 6. IMPERIAL RED 7. JADE 8. MARBLETONE 9. MIDNIGHT BLUE</p><p>11. PEARL GRAY 13. OLD LEAD 14. COPPER 16. COUNTRY BLUE 18. EMERALD GREEN 19. IVORY 20. AGED BRONZE</p><p>24. TURQUOISE 25. EARTH-N-WOOD 26. CHESTNUT 27. COLONIAL BRASS 29. RUSTIC IVORY 30. RUSTIC BEIGE 31. RUSTIC PEARL</p><p>32. RUSTIC TERRA COTTA 33. ROSE WASH 34. PEACH WASH 35. MARBLE WASH 36. VERDI WASH 37. TERRA COTTA WASH 38. AQUA WASH</p><p>39. ANTIQUE WHITE 40. OLDE WORLD SIENNA 41. OLD WORLD SANDSTONE 42. OLDE WORLD ROSE 43. OLDE WORLD GRAY 44. OLDE WORLD RUST 45. OLDE WORLD BROWN</p></li><li><p>42Classic Statuary</p><p>Classic Statuary</p><p>A) King Neptune1211 - White Concrete1212 - Painted (Marble Wash Finish)Ht. 42</p><p>B) Venus of the Sea1221 - White Concrete1222 - Painted (Marble Wash Finish)Ht. 42</p><p>C) Baroque Pedestal(Shown Under Both Statues)2181 - White Concrete2182 - Painted (Marble Wash Finish)Ht. 20</p><p>A) B)</p><p>C)C)</p></li><li><p>43 Classic Statuary</p><p>A)</p><p>A) Large Rebecca*0751 - White Concrete0752 - Painted (Old Lead Finish)Ht. 48</p><p>B) Rachel*0741 - White Concrete0742 - Painted (Aged Bronze Finish)Ht. 30</p><p>C) Cherub on Dolphin Planter1261 - White Concrete1262 - Painted (Turquoise Finish)Ht. 39</p><p>D) Bashful Lady1251 - White Concrete1252 - Painted (Marbletone Finish)Ht. 46</p><p>B) C)</p><p>D)</p><p>* Can be utilized as a statue or a fountain figure.</p></li><li><p>44Classic Statuary</p><p>A) Peasant Girl1091 - White Concrete1092 - Painted (Colonial Brass Finish)Ht. 35</p><p>E) Venus De Milo1231 - White Concrete1232 - Painted (Pearl Gray Finish)Ht. 26</p><p>I) Michelle1271 - White Concrete1272 - Painted (Ivory Finish)Ht. 38</p><p>M) Lg. Textured Twist Pedestal2211 - White Concrete2212 - Painted (Rose Wash Finish)Ht. 45</p><p>B) Round Fluted Pedestal2101 - White Concrete2102 - Painted (Colonial Brass Finish)Ht. 12</p><p>F) Cherub Pedestal2171 - White Concrete2172 - Painted (Pearl Gray Finish)Ht. 12</p><p>J) Ionic Cocktail Pedestal2251 - White Concrete2252 - Painted (Ivory Finish)Ht. 19</p><p>C) Boy w/Puppies1041 - White Concrete1042 - Painted (Peach Wash Finish)Ht. 24</p><p>G) Amy1291 - White Concrete1292 - Painted (Peach Wash Finish)Ht. 28</p><p>K) Daisy Girl1051 - White Concrete1052 - Painted (Peach Wash Finish)Ht. 24</p><p>D) Roman Pedestal2051 - White Concrete2052 - Painted (Peach Wash Finish)Ht. 15</p><p>H) Fluted Ionic Pedestal2231 - White Concrete2232 - Painted (Peach Wash Finish)Ht. 24</p><p>L) Angela1281 - White Concrete1282 - Painted (Rose Wash Finish)Ht. 24</p><p>A)</p><p>B)</p><p>C)</p><p>D)</p><p>E)</p><p>F)</p><p>G)</p><p>H)</p><p>I)</p><p>K)L)</p><p>M)</p><p>J)</p><p>D)</p></li><li><p>A) Boy with Bird1181 - White Concrete1182 - Painted (Country Blue Finish)Ht. 15</p><p>E) Little Girl PlanterDISCONTINUED</p><p>I) Sitting Angel1401 - White Concrete1402 - Painted (Rose Wash Finish)Ht. 10</p><p>M) Praying Angel1421 - White Concrete1422 - Painted (Rose Wash Finish)Ht. 11</p><p>B) Hunter Joe1241 - White Concrete1242 - Painted (Realistic Finish)Ht. 20</p><p>F) Large Fishing Boy1101 - White Concrete1102 - Painted (Realistic Finish)Ht. 28</p><p>J) Small Bashful Girl1031 - White Concrete1032 - Painted (Ivory Finish)Ht. 13</p><p>C) Dutch Boy1111 - White Concrete1112 - Painted (Realistic Finish)Ht. 22</p><p>G) Country Pedestal0243 - White Concrete0244 - Painted (Rustic Pearl Finish)Ht. 14</p><p>K) Fishing Girl1391 - White Concrete1392 - Painted (Realistic Finish)Ht. 27</p><p>D) Dutch Girl1121 - White Concrete1122 - Painted (Realistic Finish)Ht. 22</p><p>H) Shell to Ear Boy1011 - White Concrete1012 - Painted (Pearl Gray Finish)Ht. 13</p><p>L) Serenity Angel1411 - White Concrete1412 - Painted (Rose Wash Finish)Ht. 11</p><p>45 Classic Statuary</p><p>A)</p><p>B)C)</p><p>D)</p><p>E)</p><p>F)</p><p>G)</p><p>H)I)</p><p>G)</p><p>J)</p><p>K)</p><p>L) M)</p></li><li><p>46Classic Statuary</p><p>A) Indian Woman w/Wolves1351 - White Concrete1352 - Painted (Golden Brown Finish)Ht. 24</p><p>E) Indian BustDISCONTINUED</p><p>B) Sitting Gargoyle1331 - White Concrete1332 - Painted (Verdi Finish)Ht. 24</p><p>F) Confederate1071 - White Concrete1072 - Painted (Marbletone Finish)Ht. 22</p><p>C) Golfer1361 - White Concrete1362 - Painted (Old Lead Finish)Ht. 26</p><p>D) Conquistador1341 - White Concrete1342 - Painted (Charcoal Finish)Ht. 19</p><p>A)B)</p><p>C)</p><p>F)</p><p>E)</p><p>D)</p></li><li><p>47 Classic Statuary</p><p>A) Kneeling Clown1451 - White Concrete1452 - Painted *Ht. 19</p><p>B) Clown w/Banjo1441 - White Concrete1442 - Painted *Ht. 27</p><p>B)</p><p>A)</p><p>* Denotes realistic color finish.</p></li><li><p>48</p><p>A) Ivy Grotto4161 - White Concrete4162 - Painted (Realistic Finish)Ht. 36 x 21 Wide</p><p>B) Windancer1431 - White Concrete1432 - Painted (Colonial Brass Finish)Ht. 44</p><p>Classic Statuary</p><p>B)</p><p>A)</p></li><li><p>49 Classic Statuary</p><p>A) The Future Gargoyle1501 - White Concrete1502 - Painted (Colonial Brass Finish)Ht. 18 x 18" Wide</p><p>E) Feline Gargoyle1481 - White Concrete1482 - Painted (Golden Brown Finish)Ht. 18</p><p>B) Pan w/Flute1511 - White Concrete1512 - Painted (Aged Bronze Finish)Ht. 19</p><p>C) Manchester Gargoyle1491 - White Concrete1492 - Painted (Marbletone Finish)Ht. 17</p><p>D) Wizard w/Dragon1521 - White Concrete1522 - Painted (Old Lead Finish)Ht. 25</p><p>E)</p><p>A)</p><p>D)C)</p><p>B)</p></li><li><p>50Classic Statuary</p><p>A)</p><p>B)</p><p>A) Standing Angel1461 - White Concrete1462 - Painted (Rose Wash Finish)Ht. 31</p><p>B) Angel w/Book1471 - White Concrete1472 - Painted (Peach Wash Finish)Ht. 12</p></li><li><p>51 Classic Statuary</p><p>A) Gargoyle w/Wheelbarrow1531 - White Concrete1532 - Painted (Olde World Gray)Ht. 14</p><p>E) Louie1581 - White Concrete1582 - Painted (Olde World Sandstone)Ht. 10</p><p>B) Gargoyle w/Shovel1541 - White Concrete1542 - Painted (Olde World Rust)Ht. 14</p><p>F) Gargoyle w/Basket1551 - White Concrete1552 - Painted (Olde World Brown)Ht. 12 x 11 Deep</p><p>C) Lefty1571 - White Concrete1572 - Painted (Olde World Sandstone)Ht. 10</p><p>G) Gargoyle w/Lawn Mower1561 - White Concrete1562 - Painted (Olde World Sienna)Ht. 12</p><p>D) Gargoyle w/Garden Hose1591 - White Concrete1592 - Painted (Olde World Rose)Ht. 7 x 19 Wide</p><p>E)</p><p>F) G)</p><p>A)</p><p>D)C)</p><p>B)</p></li><li><p>52</p><p>Leave Blank for now</p></li><li><p>53 Classic Statuary</p><p>A) Conch Cherub (Looking Left)*0721 - White Concrete0722 - Painted (Rustic Pearl Finish)Ht. 21</p><p>E) Boy w/Turtle on Back*0701 - White Concrete0702 - Painted (Marble Wash Finish)Ht. 26</p><p>B) Conch Cherub (Looking Right)*0711 - White Concrete0712 - Painted (Rustic Pearl Finish)Ht. 21</p><p>F) Cherub w/Platform1021 - White Concrete1022 - Painted (Rustic Ivory Finish)Ht. 32</p><p>C) Cherub with Bowl*0681 - White Concrete0682 - Painted (Turquoise Finish)Ht. 24</p><p>G) Cherub w/Shell on Head*0691 - White Concrete0692 - Painted (Rustic Beige Finish)Ht. 32</p><p>D) Three Cherubs*0671 - White Concrete0672 - Painted (Midnight Blue Finish)Ht. 22</p><p>* Can be utilized as a statue or a fountain figure.</p><p>A) B)</p><p>C)</p><p>D)</p><p>E)</p><p>F) G)</p></li><li><p>54Religious Statuary</p><p>Religious Statuary</p><p>A)</p><p>B)</p><p>C)</p><p>D)</p><p>E)</p><p>F)</p><p>G)</p><p>H)</p><p>A) Large St. Mary4111 - White Concrete4112 - Painted (Realistic Finish)Ht. 34</p><p>E) Small St. Mary (Pictured in Grotto)*4031 - White Concrete4032 - Painted (Realistic Finish)Ht. 21</p><p>B) Praying Mother Mary (Kneeling)DISCONTINUED</p><p>F) Grotto*4021 - White Concrete4022 - Painted (Realistic Finish)Ht. 30</p><p>C) Baby JesusDISCONTINUED</p><p>G) Tiny St. Mary4091 - White Concrete4092 - Painted (Realistic Finish)Ht. 14</p><p>D) Praying Father Joseph (Kneeling)DISCONTINUED</p><p>H) Medium St. Mary4071 - White Concrete4072 - Painted (Realistic Finish)Ht. 24</p><p>*Grotto &amp; St. Mary are separate items.</p></li><li><p>55 Religious Statuary</p><p>A) Medium St. Francis4041 - White Concrete4042 - PaintedHt. 25</p><p>E) Large St. Francis4081 - White Concrete4082 - PaintedHt. 30</p><p>B) Small St. Francis4101 - White Concrete4102 - PaintedHt. 17</p><p>F) St. Anthony4011 - White Concrete4012 - PaintedHt. 31</p><p>C) X-Lg. St. Francis4121 - White Concrete4122 - PaintedHt. 49</p><p>D) Medium St. Jude4051 - White Concrete4052 - PaintedHt. 25</p><p>A)</p><p>B)C)</p><p>D)</p><p>E) F)</p></li><li><p>56Elves</p><p>Elves</p><p>A) Elf w/Accordion2521 - White Concrete2522 - Painted*Ht. 13</p><p>E) Elf Reading Book2551 - White Concrete2552 - Painted*Ht. 18</p><p>I) Elf w/Carrot2561 - White Concrete2562 - Painted*Ht. 13</p><p>B) Boss Elf w/Planter2541 - White Concrete2542 - Painted*Ht. 22</p><p>F) Sleeping Elf2501 - White Concrete2502 - Painted*Ht. 4</p><p>C) Mountain Climber Elf2531 - White Concrete2532 - Painted*Ht. 9</p><p>G) Tax Collector Elf2511 - White Concrete2512 - Painted*Ht. 17</p><p>D) Elf w/Lawn Mower2591 - White Concrete2592 - Painted*Ht. 14</p><p>H) Elf w/Basket Planter2581 - White Concrete2582 - Painted*Ht. 18</p><p>*Denotes realistic color finish.</p><p>A) B)</p><p>C)</p><p>D)</p><p>F)</p><p>E)</p><p>G)</p><p>H)</p><p>I)</p></li><li><p>56A Religious Statuary</p><p>A) St. Fiacre4171 - White Concrete4172 - Painted (Old World Rust)Ht. 20.5</p><p>B) Small Standing Angel1671 - White Concrete1672 - Painted (Olde World Rose)Ht. 26 x 12 Wide</p><p>A)</p><p>B)</p></li><li><p>56BOriental</p><p>A)</p><p>A) Large Sitting Buddha5311 - White Concrete5312 - Painted (Olde World Brick)Ht. 18 x 13 Wide</p></li><li><p>57 Oriental</p><p>Oriental</p><p>A) Standing Ho-Toi Buddha5071 - White Concrete5072 - Painted (Imperial Red Finish)Ht. 22</p><p>E) Oriental Girl5161 - White Concrete5162 - Painted (Antique Gold Finish)Ht. 29</p><p>B) Emperor5181 - White Concrete5182 - Painted (Jade Finish)Ht. 17</p><p>F) Medium Sitting Buddha5141 - White Concrete5142 - Painted (Jade Finish)Ht. 11</p><p>C) Small Sitting Buddha5151 - White Concrete5152 - Painted (Copper Finish)Ht. 10</p><p>G) Kwin Yan5061 - White Concrete5062 - Painted (Antique Gold Finish)Ht. 38</p><p>D) Sitting Princess5171 - White Concrete5172 - Painted (Imperial Red Finish)Ht. 15</p><p>H) Japanese Goddess5201 - White Concrete5202 - Painted (Copper Finish)Ht. 23</p><p>A)</p><p>B)C) D)</p><p>E)</p><p>F)</p><p>G)H)</p></li><li><p>58Oriental</p><p>A) Suki Two Tier Lantern5091 - White Concrete5092 - Painted (Jade Finish)Ht. 32</p><p>E) Suki Lantern5081 - White Concrete5082 - Painted (Antique Gold Finish)Ht. 24</p><p>B) Dragon Bow Lantern5221 - White Concrete5222 - Painted (Aged Bronze Finish)Ht. 48</p><p>F) Large Oriental Lantern5011 - White Concrete5012 - Painted (Copper Finish)Ht. 38</p><p>C) Ming Temple5251 - White Concrete5252 Painted (Old Lead Finish)Ht. 24</p><p>D) Peking Lantern5051 - White Concrete5052 - Painted (Imperial Red Finish)Ht. 35</p><p>A)</p><p>B)</p><p>C)</p><p>D) E)F)</p></li><li><p>58A Oriental</p><p>A) Tea Rose Fountain0925 - White Concrete0926 - Painted (Olde World Rose)Ht. 27 x 20 Wide x 21 Deep</p><p>C) Oriental Pedestal2461 - White Concrete2462- Painted (Olde World Rose)Ht. 14 x 10 Square Top</p><p>B) Tea Rose Pedestal2471 - White Concrete2472 - Painted (Olde World Sandstone)Ht. 11 x 9 Square Top</p><p>D) Oriental Bird Bath7261 - White Concrete7262 - Painted (Olde World Rust)Ht. 30 x 18 Diam. Bowl</p><p>A)</p><p>D)</p><p>C)</p><p>B)</p></li><li><p>58BOriental</p><p>A) Oriental Woman5271 - White Concrete5272 - Painted (Olde World Bronze)Ht. 50 x 10.5 Wide x 10 Deep</p><p>C) Temple Goddess5281 - White Concrete5282 - Painted (Olde World Verdi Gris)Ht. 19.5 x 14 Wide</p><p>B) Large Tiki5291 - White Concrete5292 - Painted (Olde World Umber)Ht. 38 x 20 Wide x 10 Deep</p><p>D) Small Tiki5301 - White Concrete5302 - Painted (Olde World Brick)Ht. 19 x 7.5 Square Base</p><p>A)</p><p>B)</p><p>C)D)</p></li><li><p>59 Oriental</p><p>F)</p><p>A)</p><p>B)</p><p>C)D)</p><p>E)</p><p>G)</p><p>H)</p><p>I)</p><p>A) Shanghai Lantern5101 - White Concrete5102 - Painted (Imperial Red Finish)Ht. 18</p><p>E) Pagoda5191 - White Concrete5192 - Painted (Jade Finish)Ht. 17</p><p>I) Narcissus Lantern5211 - White Concrete5212 - Painted (Antique Gold Finish)Ht. 14</p><p>B) Medium Foo Dog (Looking Right)5131 - White Concrete5132 - Painted (Imperial Red Finish)Ht. 12</p><p>F) Small Oriental Lantern5031 - White Concrete5032 - Painted (Jade Finish)Ht. 10</p><p>C) Small Foo Dog5121 - White Concrete5122 - Painted (Antique Gold Finish)Ht. 11</p><p>G) Small Bow Lantern5241 - White Concrete5242 - Painted (Old Lead Finish)Ht. 26</p><p>D) Medium Foo Dog (Looking Left)5261 - White Concrete5262 - Painted (Imperial Red Finish)Ht. 12</p><p>H) Knobby Lantern5041 - White Concrete5042 - Painted (Copper Finish)Ht. 10</p></li><li><p>60Bird Baths</p><p>F)E)</p><p>D)A)</p><p>B) C)</p><p>BirdBaths</p><p>A) Greek Swirl Bird Bath7051 - White Concrete7052 - Painted (Jade Finish)Ht. 24 x 18 Diam. Bowl</p><p>E) Greek Key Bird Bath7041 - White Concrete7042 - Painted (Old Lead Finish)Ht. 24 x 18 Diam. Bowl</p><p>B) Column Bird Bath7071 - White Concrete7072 - Painted (Copper Finish)Ht. 27 x 19 Diam. Bowl</p><p>F) Tree Trunk Bird Bath7011 - White Concrete7012 - Painted (Earth-n-Wood Finish)Ht. 26 x 18 Diam. Bowl</p><p>C) Skirt Bird Bath7061 - White Concrete7062 - Painted (Antique Gold Finish)Ht. 27 x 18 Diam. Bowl</p><p>D) Plain Round Bird Bath7081 - White Concrete7082 - Painted (Verdi Finish)Ht. 27 x 18 Diam. Bowl</p></li><li><p>61 Bird Baths</p><p>A) Raccoon Birdbath7171 - White Concrete7172 - Painted (Realistic Finish)Ht. 29 x 19 Diam. Bowl</p><p>B) Square Birdbath7181 - White Concrete7182 - Painted (Rustic Pearl Finish)Ht. 33 x 22 Diam. Bowl</p><p>C) Flamingo Birdbath7151 - White Concrete7152 - Painted (Realistic Finish)Ht. 29 x 19 Diam. Bowl</p><p>A)</p><p>B)</p><p>C)</p></li><li><p>62</p><p>A) Dove Birdbath7161- White Concrete7162 - Antique WhiteHt. 28 x 21 Wide</p><p>B.) Castle Bird Bath7191 - White Concrete7192 - Painted (Rustic Ivory Finish)Ht. 27" x 18 Diam. Bowl</p><p>Bird Baths</p><p>A)</p><p>B)</p></li><li><p>63 Bird Baths</p><p>A)</p><p>B)</p><p>New Colors!</p><p>A) Porpoise Birdbath7201 - White Concrete7202 - Painted (Aqua Wash)Ht. 30 x 19" Diam. Bowl</p><p>B) Manatee Birdbath7211 - White Concrete7212 - Painted (Olde World Gray)Ht. 30 x 19" Diam. Bowl</p></li><li><p>64</p><p>A) Dog &amp; Cat Birdb...</p></li></ul>


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