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    DISC Training Outline _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Training Prep ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1.Check to make sure both Graphs are Valid (See last Page of Packet) 2.Print Worksheets & Handouts 3.Print extra copy of each Persons Graph I & II 4.Have green & blue Highlighter for each Person 5.Decide which DISC DVD segments are the best match

    Training Lesson Plan (Allow approximately 30 to 45 minutes)

    Timing Min Topic PPT # Packet / # Participants Resources

    __ to __ 15 Cover, 3 Ps, Outline 1 - 3 --- ---

    __ to __ 15 Part 1 - DISC Model 4 --- --- DISC Refers to? 5 --- --- Country DISC Story 6 --- --- Divide & Conquer 7 - 9 Divide & Conquer / 1 2 DISC Report e-Graphs - Pg 5 DISC DVD Pure Styles 10 11

    __ to __ 30 Part 2 Your Style 12 --- --- Write on Pg 5 13 Debriefer-Script / 3 DISC Report e-Graphs- Pg 5 (If you did prior one-on-one DISC Debriefs, ask attendees what you had them write on their Page 5.) Style High D 14 21 --- --- Overview of YOUR Graph II 22 24 Overview YOUR Graph II / 4-5 Worksheet - Tool Group Breakdown- Graph II 25 Group Breakdown-Graph II Handout - Reference __ to __ 15 Graph I & II Comparison 26 33 Graph I & II Comparison / 6-7 Worksheet Tool (If you did prior one-on-one DISC Debriefs, only review PPT Slide 26 & 27.)

    __ to __ 15 Part 3 All Styles 34 --- --- Strengths, Motivators, Tips 35 40 Summary of D Style / 8 DISC Report Summary Pg 12

    __to__ 45 Part 4 Practicing 41 --- --- How to Identify Styles 42 44 --- Job Aids - Distribute (Alternative DISC Report Four Basic Styles Overview Pg 14) DISC DVD 45 46 --- Job Aids - Reference (If a Management Training, select The Meeting. If General or Team Building, select Effective Communications.) What style is Joan? 47 50 --- Job Aids Reference Decoding Emails 51 52 Email Decoder /9 Worksheet - Tool Emailing a D,I,S,C / 10-13 Handout

    __ to __ 15 Part 5 Get Results 53 --- --- Identifying Styles Activities 54 60 Action Plan 4 Styles/ 14-15 DISC Report Action Plan Pg23 Summary, Thank You 61-62 --- ---

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    Divide and Conquer Category: Application Goal: Observing behaviors provides clues to anothers communication style. Materials: Flipchart Paper, Magic Springs from Oriental Trading Preparation: Post 1 flipchart sheet for each style in a corner of the room.

    Grouping: For majority of activity, participants are grouped by style. Timing: Total of 15 Minutes.

    (5 Min) Moving (5 Min) Explaining Pace & Priority (5 Min) Meeting Scenario

    Assignment: Ask Ds & Is to go to back and Ss & Cs to come to front of room. Assignment: After people move

    Ask Ss & Cs Describe how the Ds & Is got in line? (Typical Responses: They rushed over; some of them are still talking & laughing!)

    Ask Ds & Is Describe how the Ss & Cs got in line? (Typical Responses: Took their time, making sure they were standing in right spot.)

    State Youll find that we will be able to use our own training session today as a laboratory Allowing us to identify styles in real time.

    Assignment: Request Everyone move to the corner where your Primary Style is; D,I,S,C.

    Explain: Stand by Ds & Is, explain D & Is Paceis Fast, Charge..

    Stand by Ss & Cs explain Ss & Cs Paceis Cautious, Reflective.

    Explain: Stand by Ds & Cs explain Ds & Cs Priorityis Task

    (Mention: Ds more goal oriented, Cs did the goal get done correctly!)

    Stand by Is & Ss, explain Is & Ss Priorityis People. (Mention: Ss more team oriented, Is more PARTY!)

    D I C S Trainer

    C S

    D C

    I S

    D I

    Assignment: Ask Please circle your highest Graph II point(s.)

    D & I C & S Trainer

    (Back of room)

    (Front of room)

    D I C S

    D I C S

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    Divide and Conquer



    Meeting Stand in the middle of the room. Wonder why some folks initially have conflicts? Scenario: Heres an example that offers some explanation. Think about a non-productive meeting.

    Point to Ds: Get frustrated when others will never give you an answer? (YES!) Point to Ss: Ever feel youre being pressured to answer? (Yes.)

    Ask Large Group as you point Ss - Pace? (Cautious) Priority? (People) Ask Large Group as you point Ds -Pace? (Fast) Priority? (Task)

    Ask Ss: Would you be willing, when asked for an answer during a meeting, respond with something like? I will get back to you by end of day with e.g. timeline, budget. (Yes) Then take a step towards me, towards the center of the room.

    Ask Ds: Would you be willing to give them to end of the day to get an answer to you? (Yes) Then take a step towards me, in the center. So, if the center of the room represents the main objective of having a more productive meeting, then with just a little effort put forth, everyone is on target to make that happen.

    Point to Cs: Ever feel like people arent taking their work seriously? (Yes.) Point to Is: Ever feel like some people are taking work way too seriously? (YES!)

    Ask Large Group as you point to Is - Pace? (Fast) Priority? (People) Ask Large Group as you point to Cs - Pace? (Cautious) Priority? (Task)

    Ask Cs: Would you be willing to give the people who love to interact, 5 minutes of the beginning of the meeting to have a howdy-duty-time? (Yes) Then take a step towards me in the center.

    Ask Is: Would you be willing to try & limit yourself to 5 minutes of howdy-duty-time?(Yes) Then take a step towards me in the center. Now youre all closer to the center, the main objective of having a more productive meeting, with just a little effort put forth, , everyone is on target to make that happen.

    Closing: So with a little bit of effort/stretching - we all come closer to having what we all want

    more productive meetings. So, to inspire you to keep stretching, head on back to your seats & open your Magic Springs box and S-T-R-E-C-H. And note that as you stretch the magic spring.. it becomes easier to stretch. So the more you are willing to stretch, when needed during a meeting, the easier it becomes.

    Closing Option: Ask Please head back to your seat, but first do some stretchingand we all know It gets easier. Same process in stretching in styles, the more we stretch the easier it gets. Special Note: Sometimes someone will pop-up with Yeahbut, what if youre the only one

    stretching? Not fair! Ask themWho is the only person you can really control? You? And, I can guarantee you if YOU dont stretch, then the meeting or situation most likely will not get better, but, if you are willing to stretch, at least it takes the edge off of the tension for you.



  • DISCcert 855.459.6648 www.DISCcert.com bonnie@DISCcert.com Page 3

    The Debriefer - Script






    Instruct: To the right of your 2 Graphs, write D, then below an I, then S, & then a C. Next to D write Dominant, next to I - Interact, next to S - Steady, next to C - Compliant."

    Say: It seems that society has painted the word compliant with a negative connotation, so lets add, what I refer to as the Positive Ps.

    Instruct: Next to Dominant write Problem Solve. Next to Interact write People. Next to Steady write Plan, next to Compliant write Procedures.

    Say: We all have some D, I, S, C in us. The greater the intensity/intensities that is what determines our Primary DISC Style.

    Instruct: By The Adaptive Style, Graph I, write Snapshot of 1 Day at Work. Instruct: Go to your DISC Report Cover Page, to locate the date you actually took your DISC Assessment. Then transfer that date by your Graph I, as well. For example, if your DISC cover page says 01-16-2013 then write 01-16-2013 by your Graph I .

    Say: We all know each day at work is not always the same. The 3 main influencers for each day at work for us are - your actual Responsibilities, the Role you played & who you Related to.

    Instruct: By Natural Style, Graph II, write 24/7 & in CAPS write WORK AND HOME. Say: Graph II represents the combination of ones:

    Nature - the DNA we are born with & Nurture our environmental influencers from family & society.

    Intro Instruct: In your printed DISC Report, please turn to page 5.