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The tool which is measured Mean Opinion Score(MOS)


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DingLi products brochureWireless Network Optimization Solutions


DingLi Communications Corp., Ltd., is Asia's leading authority in wireless network diagnostics. Our product and service lines encompass network system benchmarking, maintenance, optimization, planning, post-processing & testing for all networktechnologies, including GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, CDMA IS95/1X, EVDO, TD-SCDMA, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and LTE. We are constantly improving and updating our product line to meet and exceed the expectations of our global clientele. DingLicom delivers the best return on your optimization investment, whether you are building a new network or maintaining an existing one. We offer the best value in the industry, not only through our lower operating costs but also our telecommunications expertise. DingLi has led the way in fields such as autonomous network testing and we are trusted by all three of China's major wireless carriers, which serve some 600 million users. DingLi is a publicly-traded company, with a team composed of over 1000 members. We have offices in nine cities in China and an expanding network of partners in the world's key markets. We have been in business for 10 years, and have the talent and experience to maximize your network resources, whatever or wherever they may be. DingLi is your partner for every stage of a network s lifecycle and ever

Pilot PioneerWireless Network Drive-Test Solution


Pilot NavigatorWireless Network Analysis Software


"At DingLi, people are our first concern."Joe Wang, Ph.D Chairman & CEO

Pilot FleetAutonomous Network Measurement Platform


Pilot WalktourIndoor/Outdoor Diagnostic Handset


InsightAutonomous Network Optimization System


ExploreNetwork Planning & Optimization Platform


Pilot ScoutAutonomous Network Measurement Terminal




Key Features

Device InteractivityHandsets: Tests up to eight terminals (handsets) simultaneously for voice or three for data. Data Cards: Supports a large number of data cards from all major vendors across multiple technologies. Test terminals - Samsung UMTS/HSDPA series. - Nokia UMTS/HSDPA series. - Sierra Wireless; Option/Merlin series UMTS/ HSDPA/HSUPA data cards. - HTC UMTS/HSDPA series test terminals. - Other UMTS/HSDPA test terminals based on Qualcomm Chipset. - Huawei E270/E172 UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA series.

Pilot PioneerWireless Network Drive-Test Solution

Pilot Pioneer is a flexible laptop-based diagnostic tool for indoor and outdoor assessment of a wide range of wireless networking technologies (GSM/UMTS/TD-SCDMA/HSDPA, CDMA/EVDO, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, LTE). It is a user-friendly, highly-scalable solution that accelerates returns on your network investment. Pioneer can display map-based data in real time and simultaneously export it for further analysis. The data it collects reflects subscriber perceptions, enabling engineers to maximize user satisfaction and your bottom line.

Test Capability Performs tests in - vehicle, in - building, and in pedestrian areas. Supported Technologies - GSM/UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA - CDMA IS95/2000/1X/EVDO - Wi-Fi & WiMAX - LTE Test Services - Voice & Data Testing, Suppl. Services - MOS testing (PESQ), Video Telephony and Video Streaming (PEVQ) - Benchmarking for multiple networks during MOS or data testing - Audio Quality Assessment: Mobile-to-Fixed - Forcing Functions - Scan Testing - FTP, HTTP, E-mail, Ping & VoIP testing for LTE

Replay & StatisticsReplay - Replays log data forward, backward or from any desired point at adjustable speed. - Synchronizes all presentation windows automatically during recording & data replay; synchronizes handset & scanner data for easy comparison and troubleshooting. Statistics - Computes statistics for network and scanning parameters. - Computes network event statistics for voice & data testing and supplementary services. - Generates reports for outgoing & incoming calls after voice testing. - Displays results in HTML or Excel formats.

Comprehensive Test FunctionsTest Services Data test: Implements simultaneously for UMTS/ HSDPA/HSUPA technologies. MOS test: Tests MOS over multiple networks, based on PESQ algorithm (compatible with ITU-P862 standard); supports Mobile-to-Fixed testing. Scanning test - CW - Pilot Scanner - Spectrum Analysis TCP/IP monitor: Monitors TCP/IP for data & supplementary service testing. Video: Telephony and Streaming (PEVQ). Forcing functions: Forced Handover, Forced Cell Reselect, Frequency Lock & Cell Lock. Test Methods - Customized Test Plans - Loop-Testing for Multiple Networks - Parallel Testing - Simultaneous Testing for Multiple Networks & - Technologies

Service Type Supplementary Services Data Tests

Test Name SMS MMS WAP Download WAP Page Video Phone Video Streaming Ping PDP Active Attach FTP Upload FTP Download POP3 SMTP HTTP



Pilot PioneerDisplay & ProcessingDisplay (Real-time) - Displays wireless parameter information, air interface messages, cycle times and test control information (start test, start dial, dial disconnection, etc.). - Displays dropped/blocked calls and other network events. - Displays multiple parameters simultaneously. Processing - Computes user-defined statistics. - Computes statistics for success rate, delay, speed & other results in real time. - Computes curves and graphs for any desired parameter.

User-friendly InterfaceProject Management - Imports & exports test plans. - Saves project together with detailed information such as UI, device connection status & log data. Robust GIS System - Supported Map Formats: 2-D and 3-D digital map, MapInfo, ArcInfo, Scanner & AutoCAD. - Site Database: Displays site databases for each network in the Map window automatically. - Real Time Display: Draws lines to display test routes between test points & serving cells in real time. - Parameters: Displays parameter tracks in the Map window comparatively. - Test Events: Displays events for each test service in the Map window geographically. Data Presentation - Displays various workspaces simultaneously for varied test data. - Data Windows: Map, Information, Graph, Event List, Message, Parameters, etc. - Displays test processes comprehensively along with classified parameters. - Displays decoded L1, L2 & L3 data in real time. - Supports predefined filters and searches for messages or events, which can be color-coded. - Displays key information and real-time statistics for each event in the Event window.

System StabilityIntelligent Device Status Detection - Device Connection Failure Alarm: System gives automatic alarms & prompts users through proper responses. - Hardware Check & Reconnection: Handles Windows RAS connection failures by checking ports automatically until device reconnects. - Customizable Settings: Customizes GUI (graphical user interface), saved log data partitions (by time or size) and other data storage options according to user requirements; applicable to any modest laptop. - MOS Devices: Supports MOS devices with selfloop and self-diagnostic functionality. Efficient Data Storage Algorithm - Real-time data storage. - Saves log data automatically by time or size. - Employs unique data compression (up to 40:1) to conserve CPU & memory resources. Alarm Messages - Raises alarms for abnormal events which can be displayed geographically. - Customizes trigger events as well as abnormal events based on Threshold Settings. - Defines event icons & voice alarm files in line with user settings. - Marks abnormal events automatically, such as Dropped Calls, Blocked Calls, Poor Coverage, Poor Quality, Time Outs, etc.



Pilot NavigatorWireless Network Analysis Software

Pilot Navigator is a complete software solution that meets all of your postprocessing needs. It optimizes, analyzes and evaluates GSM/CDMA/ EVDO/UMTS/TD-SCDMA/HSPA+/Wi-Fi/WiMAX/LTE networks through automatic diagnostic reports. Navigator illustrates current test-site network conditions, and identifies problems relating to interference, signal strength and conversation quality, after which it finds their causes and offers possible solutions.Robust GIS- Multiple Map Formats: Supports MapInfo (*.tab, *.mif), AutoCAD, ArcInfo & other digital maps (Height, Vector, Clutter). - Data File Tracks: The Map window displays data file tracks for multiple networks with adjustable shape, size and distance, allowing easy comparison between networks. - Auto-Associated Data: Site & Cell databases can be auto-associated for quick identification of serving cells for current test points. - Abnormal Event View: Presents positions for abnormal events such as Handover Failure, Blocked Calls and Dropped Calls. - Line View: Draws lines from cells to current test points or multiple lines drawn from a cell to any test point within its coverage region. - Cell View: Displays Co-Channel & Adjacent Channel Cells. - Single-Sector Coverage: Displays coverage for a single sector. - Over-Angle Coverage: Displays coverage for overangle (coverage beyond a specified angle range) area.

Statistics & Reports- Evaluation Reports: Presents statistical results, including Coverage Rate, Speech Quality, Call Established & Dropped Call Rates. - Event Reports: Total Attempt Duration, Call Established Time, Hang-Up Time & Serving Cell Info (LAC, Cell ID, BCCH, BSIC) for abnormal events. - Bins: Computes statistics by Region, Cell, Time & Distance. - Call Flow Reports: Finds missing key messages and quickly locates abnormal events. - Custom Reports: Displays info according to pre-defined template