Digitisation of biodiversity collections: BOS Arthropod Collection workflow

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How digitisate biodiversity collections? This diagram shows the digitisation workflow used in the BOS Arthropod Collection (Department of Biologa de Organismos y Sistemas, University of Oviedo, Spain). You can learn more about it in the presentation http://www.slideshare.net/antonio_tb/iberian-odonata-distribution-bos-arthropod-collection and in our article in ZooKeys journal (which published the workflow): Torralba-Burrial A, Ocharan FJ (2013) Iberian Odonata distribution: data of the BOS Arthropod Collection (University of Oviedo, Spain). ZooKeys 306: 3758. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.306.5289 If you use the workflow, please cite the article.


<ul><li> 1. Digitisation of biodiversity collections: BOS Arthropod Collection WorkflowSpecimens from the CollectionPreparation &amp; preservation (deparasitation, extension, pinned, put in envelopment)NoPreservation status ok?Yes NoIdentification specimenYesIdentification label present?Review identificationDigitisation of biodiversity data specimen code, identification(s), det., locality, date, habitat, leg., sex, biological phase, observations ZOORBARRetrospective georeferencinglabels/primary publications georeferenced?NoDigital cartography &amp; gazetteerYes Complete locality data: coordinates, altitude, uncertainty radius, municipalityExport data:Fix dataDarwinCorev1.2Data quality control DARWIN_TESTGeographic data:Taxonomic data:Other data:coordinates format provinces in countries countries/provinces bounding-boxthesaurusASCII anomalous characters det./leg. date coherenceNo All OK? Yes Generalise sensitive species dataGenerate metadata DarwinCore ArchiveDataset releaseLocal GBIF IPTGBIF metadata repositoryCollection websiteDatapaperTorralba-Burrial &amp; Ocharan 2013. ZooKeys 306: 37-58</li></ul>