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  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) Matthew Forest
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  • Piracy
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  • Copy Protection
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  • Lock-out Systems 10NES, Hardware Trademark Security System (TMSS), Software EA License Model
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  • Media
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  • Music
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  • Consoles Cevat Yerli of Crytek: Similar games on consoles sell factors of 4-5 more.
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  • PC
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  • What do consumers want?
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  • Quotes [...] because if consumers are unable to obtain a legitimate copy without experiencing additional costs and/or delays, then piracy becomes a far more attractive option. 1.html 1.html The ideal DRM system is flexible, entirely transparent to the user, and [...] complex [...] to crack.
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  • So now what? Consumers dont like DRM Pirates will always pirate Need to find some middle ground Minimize inconvenience Provide additional convenience Tailor solutions to specific products
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  • Suggestions For small, portable files like music or small videos, opt for no DRM For moderate files such as movies, encryption works (so long as 3 rd parties can make players) For larger/domain specific media, such as games, minimize inconvenience of paying customers, and provide extra services to negate unavoidable inconvenience For Business use hardware and server based access
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  • Conclusions Piracy wont go away DRM is necessary, but must be handled carefully A well tailored DRM system can weather initial outcry and provide services for consumer and producer alike
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