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  • Larry Davies, EdD Candidate, St. Thomas University07-A3-MAN-725-11, Professor Hunt Community DevelopmentJuly 11, 2007A Roadmap for Developing Online Communities for Community Development

  • R.O.A.D.M.A.PThis mnemonic device will help me to describe seven facets of community development and building that are available in online environments. Knowledge of how these facets function will help supplement real world (or Real Life/RL) attempts at organizing communities of people to take a more active role in their community development.

  • R Roleplay/Reality Secondlife (SL) vs. Real Life (RL)Role play aspects of avatars in SLAvatars are representations of alternative realities of peoples lives in RLThe SL/RL LINESome are purely for fantasy, others are exploring real roles for online based interaction

  • O Online toolsCommunicationChatting/MessagingPublic and PrivateSynchronous vs. AschynonusMovementWalkingFlightTeleportationObjectsCreated by usersLimited by imaginationScriptable

  • Multi-User Virtual Environment, usually represented by a three-dimensional space in which a representation of the learner, called an avatar, moves about in a virtual world and engages in actor/actor, actor/object and object/object activities.A - Avatars

  • D Design of 3D Spaces


  • M - MessagingIM Instant Messages (MSN, AIM)Offline IM sent to emailGroups and Group Messages (like chat rooms)Friends conferences (personal chat rooms)Notes

  • A Asynchronous Interactions Notice BoardsAdvertisementsRelated community websites and webpages

  • P Personal networksPrivate



  • Examples of Online Communities activism

  • Conclusions and Future DirectionsPeople most adept at learning and using these tools will be at an advantageReliability of the system is paramount for establishing and maintaining relationshipsDevices to access online environments will increase in functionality while decreasing in cost = democratization of online environments

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