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Developing an Inspiring Career Vision. Presented by The Lawyers Assistance Program Facilitated by Robert Bircher. Career Vision. Do not wait for a blinding flash of inspiration-this is rare-most people have to work at finding this out - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Developing an Inspiring Career Vision</p> <p>Developing an Inspiring Career VisionPresented by The Lawyers Assistance ProgramFacilitated by Robert Bircher1Career VisionDo not wait for a blinding flash of inspiration-this is rare-most people have to work at finding this outAccept the reality that most Lawyers do their career planning 3-10+ years after callWhat standard of happiness should I shoot for?-A job that has the following 3 characteristics:You accept the parts of the job you find tedious or boring</p> <p>2Career VisionYou enjoy the job much of the timeYou are enthusiastic about what you doTolerating a job for the money, prestige, or recognition or simply so that you are employed is a waste of your talent and timeJoy-o-Meter exercise: on average what is your level of happiness in your present situation?3Career VisionHow can I find my dream job?-(see attached method)For those that like the short version : Personal assessment followed by a vague sense of general areas of work or jobs that would fit followed by reality checking and informational interviews followed by networking and marketing yourself4Career Vision-ExercisesWhat fascinated me as a kid (usually between 5 &amp; 12)What was my all time favorite job? What was it about this job that made it so great?Petal # 1-What kinds of information, subjects, bodies of knowledge , ideas ,or languages, do you like to use your mental skills with? What things or products interest you the most? (i.e. Computers , kitchen appliances, shoes) What problems or needs do you like to help people with?5Career VisionPetal # 2-Where would I like to live? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the places I have lived? Be aware that law jobs are not distributed equally nor are salaries. You will pay a heavy price for the delusion that the Lower mainland is the only place to practicePetal # 3 What kind of people do I want to be around? Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional66Career VisionPetal # 4-My Values-what is most important to me-see values exercisePetal#5 My favorite working conditions-Dream job exercisePetal # 6 Level in the organization-CEO-Manager-Team member-work alone-Salary minimum and maximum7</p>