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The Decent cinematography Clip 3

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Page 1: Descent cinematography

The Decent cinematography

Clip 3

Page 2: Descent cinematography

Wide shotOut of focus then becomes focused, shows it is her daughters birthday cake. Also

this foreshadows the way the lights are seen in the cave, also the last scene is identical. This is a tracking shot.

Page 3: Descent cinematography

close up

This shot is a close up.This is used to show the actors expression and also a bit of the background to help the viewer understand what is currently happening. This shot is shot from above to make her look venerable and weak.

Page 4: Descent cinematography

Extreme close up/ Cut away

A cut away is used to distract you from the current things happening, also it makes the viewer contemplate if she is dead or not.

Page 5: Descent cinematography

wide shot

This is an wide shot due to the actress being barely

visible and swamped by the scenery. This is often used a

an establishing shot.

This is often used to create the feeling of a character being lost or in danger.

Page 6: Descent cinematography

Trombone shot

A trombone shot is used to show shock and major realiaation. This shot is used to show Sarah's sudden realisation that her daughter and husband are dead.

Page 7: Descent cinematography

wide steady cam shot

This is used to show Sarah running towards something or someone,

giving a sense of hope also running away from the darkness.

The second shot gives the impression of Sarah being chased by something from out of the darkness.

Steady cam is good to use in these shots as it is steady and crisp, it also gives the illusion someone is being

chased or running away.

Page 8: Descent cinematography

Wide shot with a 360

This is the first shot of Sarah entering the “real” world. She has noticed her friends and a 360 camera shot is used to show she is back to reality.Beth isn’t crying due to comforting her.

Page 9: Descent cinematography

Reversed mid shot

This shot shows Sarah letting her self go on her friend due to the realisation. The fact the shot has been reversed shows

Page 10: Descent cinematography

Close up

This close up shot shows Juno’s emotions. This shot is good for this as you cant concentrate on anything other than her crying face.Juno is crying due to her having an affair with Sarah’s husband and feeling guilty.