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Its amazing to me that our competitors think the customer is the dealer. -Michael Dell

( start with in the name of Allah who is the most benficial and merciful )


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Presented To : Mr. Salman Ali SbPresented by : SAFDAR HUSSAIN 31 BBA BZU layyah Topic : Dell Company

Safdar Hussain

Dell traces its origins to 1984, when Michael Dell created PCs Limited while a student at the University.Dell Computer Corporation became official in May 1984.Dell is the industry leader in direct sale of personal computers to consumers.It was founded on the Direct Business-to-Consumer Model.It is the fastest growing among all major computer systems companies worldwide. In July 1999, Dell became the #1 PC dealer to businesses in the US

1/16/20164 PROFILE

Safdar Hussain

Dell traces its origins to 1984, when Michael Dell created PCs Limited while a student at the University of Texas at Austin. The dorm-room headquartered company sold IBM PC-compatible computers built from stock components. Michael Dell started trading in the belief that by selling personal computer systems directly to customers, PCs Limited could better understand customers' needs and provide the most effective computing solutions to meet those needs. Michael Dell dropped out of school in order to focus full-time on his fledgling business, after getting about $300,000 in expansion-capital from his family.In 1985, the company produced the first computer of its own designthe "Turbo PC", sold for US$795. The company never had to look back from then and with the develop of technology they spread their business worldwide in some few years. Today Dell is one of the biggest Multinational companies of the world.4


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StrategyOur strategy is cost effectivenessEstablish in customize to order low cost with good quality, direct to customer. 1/16/2016Safdar Hussain6

Major Competitors areLenovo



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To look out for the well being of all employees of the company.Provide leadership and direction to employees of the company.Career Development planning for all employees of the company.To provide employees with solutions to their problems.Maintaining data records of all employees of DELL (Human Resources information System).OBJECTIVES:1/16/20168Safdar Hussain

1/16/2016Safdar Hussain9DEPARTMENTS

HRM is function that help out the organization in achieving goals by obtaining and maintaining the successful employeesHuman Resource Management

1/16/201610Safdar Hussain

The Goals of HRM

Overall Goals

Productivity Quality of Working Life Competitive Advantage

Bottom Line

Survival Competitiveness Growth Profitability FlexibilityHuman Resources Management ActivitiesSpecific Goals

Attract Retain Motivate Retrain

Understanding the environment Human Resources Planning Recruitment and Placement Training Performance Management Compensation Management Career Management

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HR Planning & Strategic Factor


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DELL employs through both formal and informal ways of recruitment. Departments tell their need to HR department. And then recruitment is done on the requirement by the project. All candidates send their CVs by post; they are then short listed and called. So those candidates then report at the DELL from where they are sent to the Human Resource DELL for further interviews. But recently DELL has devised a new way of recruitment i.e. online Applications. They give Ads in leading newspaper and use some other mass media communication channels and then receive applications and CVs online.RECRUITMENT

1/16/201616Safdar Hussain

Internal Methods: DELL usually prefers Job Posting in which employees from with in the organization are preferred but if the organization feels that the employee is not competent enough then they go for external methods. External Methods: DELL usually prefers advertising through newspapers and their official website for their recruitment purposes. They give an open invitation to everyone to apply, so people who are interested come and if they are capable enough they are hired. They dont prefer any specific universities or colleges to get the applicants, what matters are the potential talent and caliber of the person and his commitment to work. Last year a scheme is started in which team of HR professionals visits different colleges and universities to recruit fresh and passionate candidates.

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The recruitment process is likewise the same but minutely varies in the organization depending upon the ranks. In recruitment DELL keeps certain things in front e.g.What the person was getting (in terms of salary) prior to DELLs Job.Whether the person is polished enough to adjust in their environment.Whether He/she has the required technical skills, the required qualification for the specific job. STRATEGIES FOR RECRUITMENT

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SELECTION pics1/16/201619

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In DELL, selection Criteria is based on numerous factors such as education, health, background and previous experience.SELECTION PROCESSThe Application : The employment application is candidates first chance to present his qualifications to the Organization. As such, it is extremely critical for his/her continued participation in the examination process.

1/16/201620Safdar Hussain

Written Exams: Written exams are usually obtained from one of several test construction firms available to them. These tests are designed to determine level of technical and/or analytical abilities associated with the particular position for which candidate had applied.Performance Exams: Performance exams test ability to accomplish specific job-related tasks by providing the opportunity to actually perform them. These tests are scheduled through the Human Resources Department office, with notification in writing of the date, time, location and duration of the test. Instructions will be given on the tasks to be completed and then asked to complete them. each candidate had applied. 1/16/201621Safdar Hussain

Specialized Testing : Some positions will require specialized testing, such as technical skills, agility and communication skills etc. These tests are scheduled just as like other tests.The Panel Interview : The results of this component of the exam process will be used to determine if candidate should be included on the List of Eligible Candidates forwarded to the hiring authority for consideration for a departmental Selection Interview. This portion of the examination is normally weighted 100% (or as indicated on the Job Announcement.

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Succession planning1/16/2016Safdar Hussain23

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Dell Succession plan


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DELL has trained and developed many of its senior and fast track managers and supervisors. For lower and technical staff the organization have a complete training calendar for the year, if organization thinks and feel that an employee requires training to update his knowledge about the field, he just have to report the HR department and he will be listed for the next training program.On-the-job Training: As compared to other competitive organizations the training program of DELL is quite different. It provides full opportunity to its employee to develop themselves and also train them according to the requirements of their job.

1/16/201628Safdar Hussain

External sources: A trainer, facilitator and/or subject matter expert are brought into the organization to provide the training session or an employee are be sent to one of these learning opportunities during work time. These training opportunities are provided in the form of seminars, classroom training courses and workshops

1/16/201629Safdar Hussain

The competent employees are rewarded in shape of promotions, bonus, increments and annual holidays and promotion. The results of an appraisal can be used to identify areas for further development of the employee. The organization also uses different questionnaires, which consist of numerous questions about the behavior of the employee, and then on the basis of these answers personality of the employee is judged. When evaluation is made the unsatisfactory performers are given warning. The employee after warning is put under observation, for some period of time and if the employees performance is still unsatisfied then are demoted or fired.

PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL:1/16/201630Safdar Hussain

Employee welfare and motivation

Happy employees mean a healthy organization. HR Department conducts various employee welfare activities which might includeemployees get together, annual staff parties etc.HR department also reviews organizational policies and its impact on the motivation of the employees.


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Dell provide several kinds of benefits that help to retain its employees1/16/2016Safdar Hussain33BENEFITS

Promotion: Promotion is direct shift only to the next level from the current grade, the employees performance is evaluated and if his performance is above average he is given promotion. DELL promotes only those candidates who are experienced and eligible for that particular vacancy.

Increments:The company decides at the end of the financial year, according to its financial condition, whether increments should be given or not.

1/16/201634Safdar Hussain

Free transport: DELL Company provide free transport to local employee.

Medical facility: DELL Company provide free medical facility to workers depending upon the position/rank of the employee.

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House loans: They give the facility of house loan only to deserving individual. The loan approval depends upon the post of the employee.

Overtime payment: Overtime payment is pay for only those workers who are working more than their working hours mostly overtime payment is given to low level staff.

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MAINTENANCE 1/16/201638

Safdar HussainRefers to maintaining employees commitment and loyaltyMan objective is to retain the productive employeesTo provide healthier and safe environmentProvide benefits and start employee assistance programs


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A gold medal ( successive 5 years with us )Certificates on exceptional performances Company LaptopsCompany Insurance Overseas conventionsSales promotion (e.g. On Rs10,00,000 sales, one LCD as a reward)Awards1/16/2016Safdar Hussain40REWARDS

COMPENSATION Dell make proper compensation packages for the employee1/16/201641

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CAREER COUNSELLING Dell Helps The Employees In Planning And Developing Their Career Inform them about their future career and promotions Career counselling helps to retain the productivity of employee 1/16/201642

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PLACEMENT Put the right person for right job.Employee placed on job according to their skills 1/16/201643

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1/16/201644Safdar Hussain

Strengths:Have an excellent staff for handling sales with strong knowledge of current productsStrong customer relationshipsWell-designed and successful marketing strategiesBusiness reputation of being innovativeGood research and development departmentWeaknesses:An inefficient record maintenance system in place.Less importance given to promotional activitiesCustomer perceive dell as a total only brand.

1/16/2016Safdar Hussain45

Opportunities:Products similar to yours in the market are expensive or of poor qualityCustomers in the market are loyal to our productsCould open more stores worldwide due to strong capital High demand for product due to technological advancementThreats:A lot of competitors in the market with similar products i.e. IBM, Acer and Compaq.The competitors opening new shop in a nearby locationNot enough stores in smaller cities

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Recommendation Our recommendation about dell is that it should hire experts and take help of specialists to train their employees so that they should focus on better quality, reasonable price and on attractive products.

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THE ENDMalik Safdar 31

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