Decorate your wedding cake with custom wedding cake toppers

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<ul><li><p>Decorate Your Wedding Cake with Custom Wedding Cake Toppers </p><p>Bride and groom as cake toppers have become very trendy and popular these days. Adding some kind of </p><p>toppers on cake has become a recent fashion. Every couple wants to have something unique to make the </p><p>wedding day more special. Many people now-a-days are going for wedding cake toppers to make their </p><p>wedding cake look stunning. However, finding a good and a reliable company to make custom </p><p>bobbleheads is quite challenging. Choosing a right kind of bobblehead is sometimes difficult and </p><p>confusing. There are many companies online offering high quality bobble dolls in reasonable prices. You </p><p>can also customize bobbleheads of your dreams according to your individual tastes and preferences at </p><p>their website. </p><p>Adding a beautiful cake topper on your wedding cake is like putting some sparkling stars on a dark night. </p><p>You must select a unique wedding cake topper that will reflect the personalities of both the bride and the </p><p>groom. If you are going for custom wedding cake toppers then you must already decide what exactly </p><p>you want from them before you place an order. You can also have a cake topper that will match your </p><p>wedding theme. Carefully chosen wedding tops with great designs look absolutely special and marvelous. </p><p>To customize a cake topper you can specify any detail, shape and color to match your wedding theme </p><p>perfectly. </p><p>They look cute, adorable and are made with the help of computer generated 3D designs. They can serve </p><p>as perfect unique gifts for your special and loved ones. Their bobbleheads create such resemblance with </p><p>the original persons that you will surely love their work. They also offer high quality Groomsmen bobble </p><p>that can be used as personalized groomsmen gifts. The price will entirely depend on the body style you </p><p>choose. They offer standard delivery in 4-6 weeks. But if you are ordering a full customized body, it will </p><p>require 2 extra weeks. </p><p>You can easily order your Custom bobblehead dolls from their website by sending minimum 2 clear </p><p>pictures of Straight front and Side profile. The persons head in the photo should not be tilted or turned in </p><p>any direction and should be at the eye-level with the camera. First you need to choose the type of </p><p>bobblehead like male or female, girl or boy and so on. Thereafter, finding the body style you like from </p><p>their wide range of samples. You can also click on the images for a larger view. Then select the color of </p><p>hair, eye and skin and review the order. Choose one of the payment methods either via PayPal or Credit </p><p>Card. After the completion of the payment procedures you just need to upload your photographs. </p><p>If you are facing any trouble during the whole procedure, feel free to contact them. They offer excellent </p><p>friendly customer services 24 hours round-the-clock to cater all your needs and requirements. They offer </p><p>100% satisfaction guaranteed. Contact them online to buy credible, reliable and affordable bobblehead </p><p>gifts. </p></li></ul>