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  • HurricaneMatthew swept along the coast of the South- eastern United States in Florida, Georgia, South Car- olina and North Carolina on October 7 & 8, 2016. At it’s peak it was a Category 4 Hurricane. By the time it reached South Carolina it weakened to a Category 1.

    Hurricane Matthew left much damage in it’s path and is responsible for over 900 deaths in Haiti and at least 45 deaths in the United States.

    We have many clients and officers in the areas that were directly affected. There are still some areas that con- tinue to clean up and recover from the damage.

    We’d like to thank theWeiser Security Officers who vol- unteered to work and keep our clients properties secure.

    Here are a few officers who stepped up to help during and after Hurricane Matthew. Even though we can’t thank each officer individually, we do want to give a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you who helped during and after the storm!

    Weiser Officers Step Up During Hurricane Matthew

    December 2016

    Jacksonville Officer Jerron Duncan stayed at the residential community until the mandatory evacuation orders were announced to help the community prepare for Hurricane Matthew.

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    West Palm Beach Officer Thomas Kalogris stayed on site to ensure the safety of a six story building. He was in constant contact with management reporting conditions. Thankfully there was no dam- age to the property and Officer Kalogris stayed safe.

    West Palm Beach Officer Richard Barnes made sure that residents of a condo evacuated safely and reassured them of their safety.

  • Security Officers of the Month Atlanta

    BBeenn WWiilllliiaammss AArrcchhiiee CCuutthhbbeerrtt JJrr JJeerroommee HHaawwkkiinnss

    Baton Rouge GGlleennddaa TTaayylloorr VVeerroonniiccaa PPoollkk RRyyaann RRoobbiinnssoonn

    Birmingham JJoonnaatthhaann WWeessssoonn AAnnnniissee TTaayylloorr RRaannddyy EEaattmmoonn

    Charlotte KKaasseeyy SStteevveennssoonn--AAttootteecchh

    CCaallvviinn HHeeaatthh JJooee BBeellll

    Dallas JJeerreemmyy PPeerrrryy

    GGeeoorrggiiaannnnaa GGiibbssoonn LLaassaannddrraa NNeeaall

    Fort Myers AAlllleenn WWiilleeyy

    RRoonnaalldd DDeellvvaarrdd LLaannee WWiilllliiaammss

    Fort Worth JJoohhnn AAlleexxaannddeerr TTeerrrryy BBrroouulleettttee SStteevvee HHuuffffmmaann

    Houston North TTaammmmyy RReeeedd

    SShhaahheeeenn QQuurreesshhii

    Houston South FFrraanncceess TThhoommaass GGrreeggoorryy WWeebbbb BBiillllyy SSwwaaiinn

    Huntsville JJaanneennee RReeddffoorrdd GGaarryy HHaarrvveellll JJaammeeyy FFrraazziieerr

    Jacksonville JJeerrrroonn DDuunnccaann

    MMaaddaalleennee VVoooorrhheeeess RRoossaa AAsshhwwoooodd

    Las Vegas GGiillddaarrddoo MMoonntteenneezz DDoonnnnaa JJoohhnnssoonn DDaann HHaammbblliinn IIIIII

    Los Angeles CCaarrrroonn BBrroowwnn MMiiccaahh WWaattssoonn CCoolliinn GGoommeess

    Miami HHeerrbbeerrtt FFoorrbbeess EEddwwaarrdd GGoollddeenn DDwwaayynnee BBrraaddyy

    Mobile DDaann AAlleexxaannddeerr FFrraanncceess CCooaatteess AAsshhlleeyy DDaavviiss

    Nashville RRiicckk FFiinncchhuumm RRoobbeerrtt FFuulllleerr KKeerrrryy BBaarrnneess

    New Orleans KKeerrrrii FFoosstteerr

    GGoorrddoonn CClloowweerrss MMaarrkk MMccVViicckkeerr

    Orlando BBiillllyy HHoowweellll AAll SSuurrlleess

    JJaammeess DDeehhaattee Phoenix

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    Raleigh DDoonnaalldd BBuulllloocckk

    GGeerraallddiinnee SSaannddeerrss MMaarrkk OOssbboorrnnee

    Shreveport JJoohhnn FFoonntteennoott AApprriill GGrreeeenn

    RRiicchhaarrdd GGrreeeenn Tampa

    RRaayy LLyyoonnss AAbbeell PPeerreezz JJaammeess BBrroowwnn

    West Palm Beach JJooCCaarrooll BBiinneess RRiicchhaarrdd BBaarrnneess TThhoommaass KKaallooggrriiss

    As we approach the holiday season we look forward to many wonderful things: decorating, giving and receiv- ing gifts, spending time with family and friends and hav- ing fun. Rarely do we think that something dangerous could be lurking. However, there are many safety issues we should think about during the holiday season to keep ourselves and our families safe.

    HHoommee SSaaffeettyy:: • Prevent Christmas tree fires by removing fire haz- ards. Do not place tree near fireplaces, radiators or other heat sources. And select a fresh green tree. • Only use lights that are safety tested. • Check light strands for broken bulbs or loose con- nections. • Connect lights to a timer or turn off all lights when you go to bed or leave your home.

    SShhooppppiinngg SSaaffeettyy:: • Be aware of your surroundings. • Do not shop alone. There is safety in numbers. • Carry cash and credit cards in your pocket. Do not carry a purse. • Never leave packages or personal baggage unat- tended. • Shop during daylight hours. • Have your keys ready when returning to your car. • Conceal packages inside of your car while shopping.


    Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

    Safety Tips for 2016 Holiday Season

  • Security Officer Spotlight

    Houston South Officer Billy Swain

    BBiillllyy SSwwaaiinn,, HHoouussttoonn SSoouutthh Officer Billy Swain was on post one afternoon when he witnessed a client em- ployee stealing fuel from a tank which is used to fill up company vehicles. He im- mediately took action, stopped the employee and contacted management. Thanks to his dedication, he was able to stop a bad apple in the company. The CEO per- sonally thanked him for his outstanding service. Officer Swain has been with Weiser for over two years. He has proven to be a valuable asset over and over again. He is always setting an example in profes- sionalism for the entire security team. Thank you Officer Swain for being dependable and reliable!

    WWeeiisseerr AAmmbbaassssaaddoorr PPrrooggrraamm aanndd CCoonntteesstt

    Ambassador is defined as “a person who acts as a rep- resentative or promoter of an organization.”

    Weiser Security would like all of our employees to be Ambassadors by helping us with two things: Finding applicants to be great employees and new business.

    Not only do you get paid for referring new employees and new business, but for every person hired and every job sold, your name is entered in a drawing to be held December 1, 2016. There will be three prizes given at the end of the year:

    FFiirrsstt PPllaaccee -- GGoolldd:: $$11,,000000 SSeeccoonndd PPllaaccee -- SSiillvveerr:: $$775500

    TThhiirrdd PPllaaccee -- BBrroonnzzee:: 11 wweeeekk ppaaiidd vvaaccaattiioonn

    Ask your local branch for more information. Good luck and thank you for being a Weiser Ambassador.

    Houston South Officer Gregory Webb

    GGrreeggoorryy WWeebbbb,, HHoouussttoonn SSoouutthh Officer Gregory Webb was doing rounds in a parking lot and noticed a con- struction truck with unsecured tools and equipment in the bed of the truck. He continued to check the truck throughout the day making sure it was secure. Later in his shift he did notice some individuals scoping out the truck. He approached them and asked if they were customers, to which they said no and left. Because he continued to look out for the truck, he prevented a possible theft. Officer Webb has been with Weiser for over nine years. During this time he has worked many different types of posts, and always excels. Thank you Officer Webb for your attention to detail and observation.

    Officer Abel Perez being presented Officer of the Month for the Tampa Branch by Branch Manager Brian McGinity

    We are saddened by the passing of a dedicated Weiser team member.

    Amber fought a two year battle with ovarian cancer. She lost the battle on August 25.

    Amber Lowry was with Weiser for five years as a Security Officer then HR Admin.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family. Amber will be greatly missed.

  • Anniversaries October - December 2016

    33 Years

    Jim Farrelly, Support Center

    27 Years

    James Shallerhorn, New Orleans

    25 Years

    Ernest Whitcomb, Fort Myers

    21 Years

    Felicia Phillips, Houston N

    20 Years

    Thomas Converse, Baton Rouge

    18 Years

    Joseph Bryan, Birmingham Tonie Portlock, Houston S Kevin Watson, Houston S Gladys James, Mobile

    16 Years

    Willie Griffin, Birmingham Joann Curry, W Palm Beach

    15 Years

    Edward Muse, Baton Rouge Dolores Flowers, Jacksonville

    14 Years

    Weldon Walker, Houston N

    13 Years

    Charles Tate, Baton Rouge Hiep Huynh, Fort Worth

    Donald Williams, Fort Worth Eddie Williams, Fort Worth Larry Davis, Houston N Harold Allison, Houston S Harry Lyles, Shreveport

    Geoffrey Brenneman, Tampa David Dillon, Tampa

    12 Years

    Gregory Stanga, Baton Rouge Flechia Scott, Jacksonville Billie LeBlanc, New Orleans Charles Goodman, Orlando

    Amien Saint Juste, W Palm Beach

    11 years

    Kimberly Hawkins, Baton Rouge Cynthia Scott, Baton Rouge Glenn Jones, Charlotte Eddie Shedwick, Dallas

    Deterica Alexander, Houston N Felipe Escamilla, Houston N

    Chris Boyers, Miami Matilde Gar


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