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EDRL 490/690 April 2, 2012


<ul><li> 1. EDRL 490/690Examining Curriculum for Spanish Speakers in U.S. Classrooms:The Schooling of Latino Students: A Socio-historicalPerspective Monday March 12th 2012 Storke</li></ul> <p> 2. Tonights AgendaHousekeepingDiscussion Circles ~ Sarah V., Shanlee, Gina,Bridget &amp; Katie Objectives The Schooling of Latino Students: A Socio-historical Perspective Taking Back the Schools (Mex-Amer. Civil Rights Movement) BREAKMexican-American Presentation Spanish Language~ Centers 3. Class Businesss Reflective Essay # 1s graded Quiz # 1 - gradeds Midterms Due 3/26 via Web Campus s Cultural Presentations- beginning today withMexican American Group (after break) 3/19- SPRING BREAK NO CLASSss 3/26-N.S.T.A Conference- NO CLASS (mid-termdue) s Anything else? 4. Discussion Circle Leaders- GinaShanlee Sarah VossKatie Bridget 5. s IDENTIFY barriers that hindered the educationalattainment of Mexican American students featuredin the documentary Taking Back the Schools.COMPARE/CONTRAST identified barriers to current barriers that hinder educational attainment for Latino students across U.S. &amp; LIST possible remedies. 6. The Underachievement Factor sAcurrent international issue is the underachievement of many language minority students. 7. Explanation ofUnderachievements Majority Language Competences Socioeconomic Backgrounds Material Home Conditionss Racisms Genders School Attendances Parental Encouragements Peer Influences Quality of Instruction 8. The CHICANO Movement 9. Taking Back the Schools(45)s Documentary showcasing the History of theMexican American Civil Rights Movement #3Documents the struggle to reform an educational system thatfailed to properly education Chicano students, causing morethan 50% to drop out, and leaving many others illiterate andunskilled.Focuses on the walk outs by thousands ofMexican American high school students in East. L.A. 10. Pair Share- Pairs Compares As you watch documentary-identify barriers that hindered theeducational attainment of MexicanAmericans during that time..s How does that compare to theeducational attainment of MexicanAmerican students now?s Discuss/List possible remedies 11. Taking Back the Schoolss Taking Back the Schools 12. BREAK ~ 15 minutes 13. Mexican AmericansPresentation 14. Language Learning Centerss 3 Centers (broken into 2 smaller groups- w/Spanish experts) (approx. 8 mins. Each)s # 1- Los meses del ao y los das de lasemana..Cual es la fecha?s (Telling WHEN)s # 2- El vocabulario de la escuelas (School Vocabulary)s # 3 Las rdenes! En la clases (Classroom Communication) 15. Instruccioness Centro#1Los dias de la semanaLos meses del aoLos nmerosCul es la fecha? 16. Instrucciones s Centro #2s Review the vocabulary words (emphasis onpronunciation)s Recall words in random orders Review words by playing Bingo- Makesure to repeat caller for every word 17. Instruccioness Centro #3s Review the Useful Phrases (emphasis onpronunciation)s Recall phrases at randoms Review phrases by selecting 5 phrases andassigning a Gesture for each (TotalPhysical Response)s Write out on chart with a visualdemonstration of gesture 18. s luness Mondays martes s Tuesdays mircoless Wednesdays jueves s Thursdays vierness Fridays sbado s Saturdays domingos Sunday Sung to the tune of: Where is Thumbkin? 19. s lunes s Mondays martess Tuesdays mircoles s Wednesdays juevess Thursdays viernes s Fridays sbados Saturdays domingo s Sunday 20. Los meses del aoSung to the tune of 10 LittleChoreography to the MacarenaIndians EneroFebrero Marzo AbrilMayo JunioJulio Agosto Septiembre Octubre Noviembre DeciembreEstos son los meses del aorepeat in either Spanish or English 21. Cul es la fecha?s *Remember to reverse the order s Ie: March 22nd is s el 22 (vientids) de Marzo s Cundo hay escuela?s Cundo es la reunin de los padres? s Cuando es el partido de ftbol? s A que hora se terminan las clases?</p>