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  • 1. 1The Need for Speed Dave Weymouth - Optelian

2. The Need for Speed 2 What aspects of the telecominfrastructure are needed for ouri-communities? What advances have come about tomeet these needs? 3. High-Speed Networkscore router networkPoints ofPresence transportnetworkaccessnetwork3 4. Network infrastructure whats 4 needed? Bandwidth Voice/Video/Data Cloud Packet delays and delivery Assurance Reliability Service Costs Service access and turn-up 5. Core: Optical Networks 5 Packet switched Low latency High port counts Massively scalable core routernetwork 6. Transport: Optical Networks 6 High speed Agile / reconfigurable Long distances transportnetwork100 Gbps/wavelength80 wavelengthsreconfigurable add/dropamplified 7. Access: Optical NetworksPassive passive splitterGPON OLT video WDMWDM PON OLT videoWDMActive10 Gb/s100 Gb/smuxponder DWDM edgeswitches 7 8. Access: AlternativesADSL/VDSLcopper pairCable coax cableCellularWiFi 8 9. Fibre installation 9 Cables Installation costs Installation techniques 10. Other advances 10 Standards organizations Software Defined Networking (SDN) 11. Summary of Optical Network 11Advances Bandwidth: Transport Access Packet delays and delivery Assurance Reliability Low costs Service access and turn-up 12. Conclusion 12 We are at a new technological levelwhich can enable our i-communities There are innovative Canadiancompanies that are contributing andproviding much of this newtechnology